Hewlett Packard
- We now offer preferred pricing programs with HP for both business and personal use. 
Call our HP National Representative Phil Doerr for MSP Special Pricing. Tell Phil you are an AFA Member. 
Phil Doerr
B2B Account Manager, HP Inc.

Why not save more...even if you have an existing FedEx account ?
Just register and start saving with FedEx.

AFA Business Insurance
Program - As the only insurance program created exclusively for AFA members, Alliant understands the unique risks and challenges you face. They know the industry and have tailored a range of insurance products that offer you better coverage, while saving time and money. In fact, most AFA members see a significant reduction in insurance costs with AFAssurance. Members have saved an average of 15% — in one recent case, a Texas member saved $70,000 annually.
Call Andy Stergiou at 212-603-0321.

Complimentary Risk Assessment - Picking and choosing the right solutions to match your risk profile can be complicated, that’s why Alliant is offering you a complimentary risk assessment. Andy Stergiou will get to know you and your business, review your current policies, identify your specific challenges, and then respond with a customized action plan to help you mitigate these risks. Call Andy Stergiou at (212) 603-0321 for a consultation and quote.

Synchrony Financial - AFA Members are closing more deals and increasing the average sale with Synchrony.

Learn how Synchrony can help you grow your business — they will even pay you $25 to learn about  consumer financing ! First, visit https://toolbox.mysynchrony.com/training. Then, register and start closing more business by connecting to our AFA Synchrony Program  @ https://tinyurl.com/ybsgkqhd.
Start your savings today at https://tinyurl.com/zq8vxh7.

AFA Payments Program - 3 Ways to Save -
Team Heartland  assists AFA Members at the FENCETECH 2019 show in Indianapolis 

Over 300,000 U.S. businesses and educational institutions trust Heartland credit card payment processing and payroll solutions to help them smoothly operate their business. Our Group Association Pricing Program gives your preferred pricing and savings. Get a quote for both Payroll and Credit Card Processing by calling Sheila Wyatt with Heartland at 404-273-6642 and tell Sheila you are an AFA member.

See all AFA MSP savings opportunities @ https://tinyurl.com/zq8vxh7

Ready to Get Started?
Call Mark Schiavone at (303) 963-6441 or Dan Pramis at (603) 628-2333 to learn more about the AFA MSP. Call Andy Stergiou at (212) 603-0321 for details on our Business Insurance Program.