Program participants worked together to learn the latest in leadership theory, increase their leadership self-awareness, discuss the challenges of leadership in teams, and practice a process for leading innovation and change initiatives.

The Leadership Academy also showcased new tools and programs designed to improve the chapter experience and increase value of membership. "The Leadership Academy experience is an exciting way to engage our members and to provide them with a challenging learning environment where fence people can learn from one another," explained Barry Baker, Baker Fence Company, CPC President-Elect, who coordinated the development of the Leadership Academy.

This year’s event was held in conjunction with the mid-year board of directors meeting, and was attended by thirty chapter leaders from around the country.  Jon McCoy, American Fence and Supply, Carolina's Chapter President helped to facilitate the sessions on teamwork and had this to say about the program: "This was programming unlike anything I’ve done with AFA, we talked about strategies to make the chapter experience stronger and we talked about how to make our volunteers better leaders. We laid a great foundation for the next Leadership Academy program to be even stronger!"