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Effective in August 2018, Robert L. Burton, President & CEO of Poly Vinyl Creations, has decided to begin the transitioning process of controlling interest of Poly Vinyl Creations to his daughter, Jessica Burton, who has been an integral part of the corporation since she originally joined the team back in 2001.

Although this was an extremely difficult decision, Mr. Burton has decided to step down as CEO and President and has appointed his daughter, Jessica Burton to the position. He will remain as an employee of Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc. in a new consulting and supportive role helping his daughter and the company as they make strides to continue to grow and expand.
"This has been the most difficult decision of my life. However, I am grateful to be able to step back and see what my daughter, Jessica, can do with our family’s business. For any father and entrepreneur it can be hard to let go. I am fortunate enough to have a unique opportunity that I must take advantage of. I have a daughter who has been involved in our company at my side for 17 years. She has the experience, education within our industry, and a knowledge of other industries and technologies to be able to continue to grow my legacy and Poly Vinyl Creations. I also am able to continue to be at her side and advise her in a consultative and supportive role, which is unique to these transitional processes," stated Mr. Burton.

Robert "Bob" Burton founded Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc. in 1996, and previous to that owned Burton Fence Inc., which opened in the early 1980’s. He has been involved specifically in the fencing industry since the 1960’s and was not only an active member of the American Fence Association but also a previous President of the organization itself.

Poly Vinyl Creation’s original location, now their corporate location, opened in 1996 in Hudson, FL.  Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc. has since expanded to Byron, GA (2004) and High Point, NC (2010). With Mr. Burton’s entrepreneurial spirit and strong dedication to the fencing industry, he is known for his expertise in fence installation, and more specifically, vinyl fabrication. Throughout the years Mr. Burton, expanded the company with the additional distribution of aluminum and steel, as well as other specialty products.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Burton will remain as an active employee within Poly Vinyl Creations – both helping advise Jessica, as well as all the locations. His vast experience in the industry is irreplaceable and it is a great and unique opportunity for both Mr. Burton and Poly Vinyl Creations to be able to work through this transition in such a positive manner. He has been a strong supporter of Jessica Burton’s efforts specifically over the last few years with acquisitions of two additional locations (Melbourne, FL and Ft. Lauderdale, FL), and moving forward on strategic goals to continued for growth.

Jessica Burton stated, "While I grew up within the industry, my time at Poly Vinyl Creations, has allowed me to study my parents strong entrepreneurial spirit. It was their dedication to quality and customer service that inspires and pushes me today. I started at the grassroots level in sales, accounting, and customer service, later spending time assisting in production, as well as the opportunity to studying processes, equipment and technology. During the last five years, I have expanded my knowledge in fabrication by listening to and learning from employees and our customers on fabrication, equipment knowledge, and field installation concerns hoping to build a better product,"

With her mindset for continuous improvement, Jessica also understands the importance and value of "real-life" experiences, learning from customer & employee feedback as to how to improve Poly Vinyl Creations and take it into the future. She is laser focused as she starts to lay the foundations of the transitional bridge into the future which will include: increasing capacity, manufacturing capabilities, marketing and incorporating new technology while never losing sight of quality control and customer service in order to continue to grow the legacy that her parents have entrusted her with.

Jessica Burton began working at Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc. in 2001 upon graduation from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing and Business Management. Throughout those years working full-time at Poly Vinyl Creations, she continued post-baccalaureate courses towards both her MBA and JD. Over the past year, in particular, with the passing of Ellen Burton, Jessica has been working along side of her dad, Robert Burton, to grow the support system and management teams at all the locations for overall growth.

Matthew VonKaenel, Vice-President of Operations for the Georgia location, who has been a member of the Poly Vinyl Creations family since January 2004 said,  "I have never worked for anyone that has been more knowledgable or dedicated to their industry than Bob or Jessica.  Both are exceptional professionals and it has been a pleasure to work the past 14 years alongside them. In assisting in growing of the company, I look forward to Jessica’s vision and her dedication to Poly Vinyl Creations future. "

A mixture of long-term and newly acquired staff members are now on-board to help the new transition and Poly Vinyl Creations grow.  With the entire team focusing on the basic ideals and foundations set forth since the beginning by its founders, Bob & Ellen Burton and the new innovative ideas and technology brought to the table with this generational transition with Jessica Burton at the helm, we anxiously look forward to the future of this new perfect "Poly-Blend".  

Rebecca Hall, Office Manager of North Carolina Operations, "I have had the unique opportunity to work alongside Bob for the past 6 years and absorb all the knowledge he could bestow upon me and train side-by-side with Jessica more recently these past few months during this transitional period.  I am very excited and looking forward to the plans in store for Poly Vinyl Creations and to Bob continuing to have a vital role with us in the Carolina Branch, where we already see him popping in every couple of days to check on us."

Steve Pleasants, Regional Sales Manager for D&D Technologies, Inc. commented, who has known and worked with the Burton’s family for over 15 years, " For as long as I can remember, Bob Burton has been a pioneer and driving force behind the fence industry.  Not only has he been a great business partner, he has been a mentor to me, and above all, a great friend. It’s nice to know that Bob can relax now and have some fun knowing that the company he started and built is in good hands with his daughter, Jessica Burton.  However, knowing the both of them, they will continue to collaborate on great projects together within the company for the betterment of the industry!  Jessica is too a good friend that is following Bob’s footsteps with her strong leadership, industry knowledge and good common sense.  I feel that with this transition, Poly Vinyl Creations will continue to be a leader and major player in the industry for a very long time."

"I fully support Jessica in her goals and dreams for the company and have full faith that she will help Poly Vinyl Creations continue to grow and expand. I know she takes my experience, views and opinions very seriously and determines the best course of action to take. With her diligence and dedication, unlike any person I have met, I look forward to this great opportunity and supporting my daughter and what she can bring to our company and this industry." stated Robert Burton, Vice-President of Special Projects.

Jessica Burton can be contacted via e-mail at, or customer service representatives from any of the five locations will be more than happy to assist you. Additionally, Bob Burton can be reached at (727) 423-8984 if anyone has any questions.

For more information, please visit For questions, please contact: Poly Vinyl Creations, Inc.’s  Marketing Department (727) 857-9618 or via FAX (727) 857-9304

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