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Meetings Industry Advocacy Hub Makes Progress
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August 12, 2013

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"We have to justify our relevance."

That’s the biggest issue on the minds of meeting professionals today, according to advocacy expert Roger Rickard. It’s also the impetus behind the newly launched Meetings Industry Advocacy Hub, founded by the Convention Industry Council, in partnership and Rickard’s Voices in Advocacy.

The Hub was first announced during the CIC Conclave and then again at AIBTM, and while progress, by design, has been slow and steady, the group has been signing up supporters and starting to put the pieces in place to create an online, on-call advocacy channel; share communications, information and tools to help raise industry awareness both internally and externally; and expand the database of individual champions.

"We are building a grassroots database of industry advocates, open to all meeting industry professionals, whereby we can impact and protect our industry with the objective to educate, engage and move the meetings community to act when needed," said Rickard.

The reaction so far has been overwhelmingly positive. "There hasn’t been one negative comment so far - and why should there be," he said. " Every day we see new people joining the Advocacy Hub - our initial count is probably in the hundreds right now. Our goal is to gain as many people as possible. We need to form a broad-based inclusive coalition to achieve success. We are still in the beginning stages - this is a marathon, not a sprint. But we already are starting to communicate information on current legislation before the U.S. Congress."

Beneficial communications eventually will include:
  • Advocacy tools and tips
  • Industry action alerts
  • Legislative and media alerts
  • Industry position statements
  • Industry crisis management responses
  • Unified meetings industry messaging
Sometimes, the information might be as basic as who to call, when to call them, how to reach them, and what to say to make an impact and get the message across.

CIC, as an organization whose members represent the major meetings, conventions, tradeshow and travel associations, has long recognized the need for the industry to develop a unified voice and a unified message, so the Advocacy Hub made perfect sense.

The Hub is in the process of building out its community, which will include a website with landing pages for specific industry segments and a social media presence. The group also is in the process of bringing in more major industry partners.

While much of the work and focus of the Advocacy Hub is directed to efforts and responses to legislation affecting the meetings industry, another generic goal is to educate and inform about the value of face to face - an initiative that extends the boundaries of influence into the corporate world and gives direct purpose to many corporate meetings professionals.

To "join the effort," sign up as an advocate today. 

Don't Miss CIC at IMEX America!

The Convention Industry Council sponsors the
IMEX-CIC Inspiration Center, offering intimate sessions designed to provide stimulating education and training, spark fresh ideas and inspire new motivation. Make sure to stop by throughout the day and leave ready to drive your career and business forward.

Here is a list of additional CIC sessions at IMEX America:


Tuesday, October 15

Power Players: Findings from the CMP Census
11:00-11:30, Research Pod

The CMP Census, completed by the Convention Industry Council in late 2012, was the first major research to profile the professional interests and activities of Certified Meeting Professionals worldwide. Attend this session to gain new insight into the diversity, significance and influence of CMPs.

Learning Objectives
  • Gain greater understanding of the diversity, significance and influence of CMPs
  • Understand professional trends and concerns facing CMPs

CMP-HC: A Certification for Healthcare Meeting Professionals
15:00-15:30, Inspiration Center Campfire

The Convention Industry Council has developed the CMP-Healthcare, a subspecialty of the CMP, for meeting professionals who work in this highly regulated and specialized sector of the meetings industry. At this session, you will learn about how and why this certification was developed and information on the eligibility and application requirements to sit for the exam.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the benefits of professional certification
  • Understand the process of becoming a CMP-HC
  • Create a personal certification plan that works for you

Wednesday, October 16

High Speed Internet Access (HSIA): What You Need to Know When Free is Not an Option
12:30-13:00, Tech Hub

Device adoption rates have skyrocketed along with increased consumer demand for better connectivity and faster access. Internet access has gone from an amenity to a necessity both for event attendees and meeting professionals. Planners and suppliers need sufficient knowledge to ask the right questions to achieve desired outcomes. Event history is as important for Internet access as it is for F&B consumption, and planners need to understand bandwidth, device usage and service levels to ensure they get what they put in their contracts.

Learning Objectives
  • Make informed conference Internet decisions to meet content delivery and attendee expectations
  • Enhance budget forecasting through improved methods for calculating bandwidth
  • Heighten attendee satisfaction by providing adequate bandwidth to meet demand

APEX: Tools to Save You Time & Money
14:30-15:00, Inspiration Center

Working faster, smarter and more efficiently are critical to success for most meeting professionals right now. The Accepted Practices Exchange has tools and resources that can help you do just that. APEX created seven individual panels to look at business practices in key operational and logistical areas of the industry. This session will present numerous free resources that will quickly become an indispensable part of your toolbox.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about the APEX Practices Exchange tools and resources for working faster, smarter and more efficiently
  • Discover free resources, including three that will become indispensable: post-event report, the RFP workbook and event bandwidth resources
Visit the IMEX America website for more information and to register! 

Chair's Corner
Who Makes Up the CMP Board?

In my last article, I mentioned a team of subject matter experts who are committed and dedicated to guiding the CMP program. So who are these experts? You may already know some of them or recognize their names from the list below. It is my honor to introduce my fellow members of the CMP Board who represent the various member organizations of the Convention Industry Council (CIC). A detailed listing of our organizations and contact information can be found here on the CIC website.

CMP Board: 

 Joanne Joham, CMP, CMM (ICCA), Vice Chair  Karen Gonzales, CMP (DMAI), Immediate Past Chair
 Diana Hakenholz (ACCED-I)  Valerie Hershiser, CMP, DCMP (ADMEI)
 S. Kimberly Miles, CMP (AH&LA)  Phelps Hope, CMP (AMC Institute)
 Amy Ledoux, CAE, CMP (ASAE)  Eric Blanc, CMP (CSPI)
 Matthew DiSalvo, CMP (ESCA)  Cary Bradley, CMP, CMM (ESPA)
 Linda Shaw, CMP (FICP)  Janet Sperstad, CMP (GMIC)
 Lisa Laubgross, CMP (IACC)  Cathy Breden, CAE, CMP (IAEE)
 Erin Tench, CMM, CMP (MPI)  Bill Irwin, CMP (NACE)
 Dawn McEvoy, CAE, CMP (PCMA)  Michael Lynn, CMP, CEM, CME, CM, CPC (PDI-POA)
 Edward Scannell, CMP, CSP (IASB, NSA)  Melvin Worthington, CMP (RCMA)
 Michael Gunn, CMP (NCBMP)  Carol Krugman, MEd, CMP, CMM (Academic  Liaison)
 Eduardo Chaillo, CMP, CMM (International

What are we doing on your behalf? Several years ago, the board developed a Strategic Framework to use as an operational baseline to ensure the CMP program remains valuable to our CMP community in the future. The framework consists of three pillars with core functions being accomplished by the team. Below are some key points from each pillar to provide you an awareness of the work at hand.
  • The first pillar - "relevance" - focuses on best practices, professional standards and identifying ways to showcase the CMP Body of Knowledge to meeting professionals globally.
  • The second pillar - "expansion" - focuses on ongoing work to raise the global profile of the CMP and ensure that our industry’s "best and brightest" attain and keep the CMP designation. 
  • The third pillar - "value proposition" - focuses on continuing to build awareness of the value of professional certification with a return on investment of the CMP, both for the organization and the individual.
The board has a lot of work to do in the coming months and, to that end, has created Task Forces to help get the job done. Certainly, we can’t do the work alone and will soon be reaching out to the CMP community to serve. Be on the lookout for the "call for volunteers" from the CIC staff.  

I want to also acknowledge our Regional Representatives, who are part of the team serving on behalf of our CMP community in other countries. They are: Alda Egurrola-Wienke (Europe), Jose Ferreras (South America), Joanne Joham (North America), Chris Prieto (South Africa) and Richard Rheindorf (Asia Pacific). 

Now that you've had a virtual introduction to the CMP Board, I welcome you to reach out to anyone of us with your questions, to share your ideas or to let us know how you can be of assistance in serving our CMP community. If you see any of us at an industry event, just tap us on the shoulder and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

As always, I welcome your feedback and thoughts.   

Melody Kebe, CMP, CGMP
Chair, CMP Board of Directors
(Society of Government Meeting Professionals)
Tropicana Casino
Recertification Reminder - Recertify by August 30 and Save $25!
Did your CMP certification expire in 2012? If so, you can still recertify at the LAPSED status rate. Recertify now and ensure that all the hard work and dedication that it took to obtain your certification doesn't go down the drain. 

If you are due to recertify your CMP designation in 2013, please keep in mind that the recertification fee will increase from $225 to $250 on September 1, 2013; so don't delay, recertify now! 

Status  Due Date Fee Recert Year
Recertification Regular Fee May 1-August 30 $225 USD 2013
Recertification Late Fee September 1-December 31 $250 USD 2013
Recertification Lapsed Status December 31 $350 USD 2012

Please visit the recertification section of our website to determine the requirements and to download your application, recertification guide and the CMP International Standards.

If you have questions on the process, our recertification video will take the guess work out of completing your application for you. Recertifying is much easier than you think.

If you have questions about recertification, don’t hesitate to contact us at cichq@conventionindustry.org to get your questions answered.
Naylor, LLC
CMP Program News
Be One of the First CMPs to hold the NEW CMP-HC Designation!
If you are a Certified Meeting Professional working in the healthcare industry, then you should consider applying for the CMP-HC, the new healthcare certification, and a subspecialty of the CMP. 

First announced last fall, the CMP-HC will recognize the specialized knowledge required by professionals who manage healthcare meetings and provide additional professional benefits, including career enhancement and professional recognition. The certification is a subspecialty of the CMP; so only those who have already earned the CMP designation will be eligible to pursue the CMP-HC.

To be eligible for the certification, meeting professionals must hold a valid and current CMP, have three years (36 months) of experience in healthcare meeting management, and have 15 clock hours of professional development specifically related to healthcare meeting management. 

Eligible candidates may apply to participate in the beta test here, on the CIC website.

Beta Test
CIC plans to hold the first examination in May 2014; however, eligible professionals are encouraged to sit for the beta exam, which will be held October 7-21, 2013 at testing sites throughout the country and around the world. The beta test is limited to 150 individuals and those successfully completing the examination will become the first CMPs to be granted the CMP-HC designation. 

Please visit the CMP-HC section of the CIC website for more information, including the CMP-HC Standards, testing information, related fees, and a list of recommended literature. Apply now! 
Industry News
CEIR Annual Industry Outlook Conference
The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) will hold its Annual Exhibition Industry Outlook Conference on September 12, 2013 at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York City. Now in its third year, Predict: Inspiring Confidence in an unPREDICTable Time is "limited to C-level executives and will focus on the results of the CEIR Index which provides an objective measure of the annual performance of the exhibition industry, measuring year-over-year changes and predictions for all 14 industry sectors and the overall exhibition industry through 2015." Visit their website for more information and to apply. 
CMP on the Road
See Us At...
MPI | Southeast Educational Conference (SEC) 
August 21-24, 2013
Amelia Island, FL
More Information

Join us at the following session to learn more about the CMP program and the healthcare subspecialty: 

"CMP Information Session"
Wednesday, August 21, 2013, 2 p.m.-4 p.m.
Speaker: Gayle Dahlman, CMP Program Certification Director 

HSMAI's MEET National 
September 4-5, 2013
Walter E. Washington Convention Center
Washington, D.C. 
More Information 

Join us at the following reception: 

CMP & Senior Leaders Dessert Reception "Inside the MEET Studio with Jim Davidson"
(Advance Registration Required for CMPs) 
Wednesday, September 4, 2013, 1:45 p.m.-2:45 p.m. 
On The Move
CMPs On the Move
Jennifer Angebranndt, CMP, was promoted from Director of Meetings to Vice President of Meetings at National Multi Housing Council in Washington, D.C.

Trevor Bertoldi, CMP, has been promoted to Assistant Director of Catering and Conference Services at The Hotel Hershey in Hershey, PA.

Clare Conway, CMP, is now the Meeting and Events Manger at Alphatec Spine in Carlsbad, CA, medical device companies focusing on the development, marketing and sale of surgical solutions to correct disorders of the spine.

Christina M. Desmond, CMP, is now the Manager of Conferences and Member Services with the American Frozen Food Institute (AFFI).

Tracey Fernandez, CMP, was recently promoted to General Manager of Complete Conference Management (CCM), in Miami, FL. CCM specializes in continuing medical education conferences. 

Robin V. Hayes, CMP, was promoted to Senior Director, Conference Planning & Professional Education at the American Counseling Association.

KimMarie Larsen, CMP, has been promoted to the Events Director at ASEA in Salt Lake City, UT.

Amy Lehman, CMP, was promoted to Associate Event Director at ANTIBODY Healthcare Communications in Toronto, Ontario.

Victoria Seel, CMP, is the new Convening Associate at Lumina Foundation.

Gloriann Torres, MBA, CMP, was recently appointed as Associate Director of Catering & Events Services at the Caribe Hilton Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


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