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CIC Surveying Industry on Corporate Social Responsibility at Meetings and Events
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November 12, 2012

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On The Move
The Convention Industry Council (CIC) is encouraging meeting professionals and suppliers to participate in CIC’s Volunteer Activities at Meetings Survey. Spearheaded by a Corporate Social Responsibility Task Force made up of CIC member organizations, the research project will uncover how organizations are incorporating social responsibility into events and how they track the value of the initiatives.

"CIC led a research effort several years ago to quantify the economic impact of events and now it’s time to measure the societal impact," said Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP and Convention Industry Council’s Chief Executive Officer. "We know that CSR has a presence at most events. What we don’t know is to what extent and how organizations measure the footprint within the community and among attendees."

In addition to the survey, CIC is collecting broader best practices, research and case studies on CSR at events. For those that would like to share relevant information, please email

The survey is open now. Planners, hoteliers, convention centers, destination management organizations and everyone connected with meetings and events is encouraged to participate. Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for two $100 American Express gift cards. To take the survey, visit:
CIC Seeking Healthcare Meeting Experts for Volunteer Opportunities in Developing New Certification

As a critical part of the development of the CMP Healthcare Subspecialty Certification, CIC is seeking CMPs to contribute their specialized knowledge in healthcare meetings by volunteering their time and subject matter expertise in this project. The certification will be built upon the CMP foundation and both general meeting planning knowledge and healthcare meeting expertise are prerequisites. The new certification will be a subspecialty of the CMP.

Certification development will begin in December 2012 and the exam is anticipated to launch in Q3 2013.

If you are interested in participating, please visit the CIC website to download the description of the activities and the questionnaire. The description of activities will outline the particular activities and time requirements of the different projects and any particular skills or interests needed. The questionnaire is designed to assist CIC in finding highly qualified volunteers and will ask you to summarize your experience, professional expertise and interest areas.

Chair's Corner
Chair's Corner: Insight from Your Peers

Karen Gonzales, CMP

One of my goals as your 2012 Chair for the CMP Board of Directors has been focused on engagement with the CMP community. This goal is critical as it helps the board of directors to understand the makeup of our CMP community, what your needs are and how our certification community plays a significant role for our industry.

With that being said, I took to the road to reach out to a few of your peers. I asked them why the need for the CMP credential? What has the CMP credential done for their career path? How have their employers been able to benefit from their knowledge of having the credential? Here is what they have to say:

Advocate for the Industry
"Being in the industry 20 years the value of the CMP became apparent early on. Although the associations I worked for had strong recognition, it was going to be my name and reputation that would get me to the next level. Having the CMP after my name gave me credibility when applying for a position, when networking and now when working with my clients as a HelmsBriscoe associate. My clients value the fact that I have a planner background and understand all meeting logistics - the CMP confirms that. As a CMP we have an obligation to the industry which is to be active, stay current on trends and most importantly mentor those with an interest to be a CMP."  -- Jeanmarie Kline, CMP, HelmsBriscoe, Manager, Global Accounts

Competitive Advantage
"In our competitive sales environment, my CMP certification illustrates my personal commitment to the meetings industry and allows me a professional edge when working with experienced meeting professionals."  -- Mary Lynn Novelli, CMP; Professional Convention Management Association Convene® Account Executive

Professional Development
"My CMP has helped in knowing more in detail of the US meetings market and a way-of-doing-business so I can be better prepared to promote meetings to go to Mexico from the US. It is also an asset (tool) to establish a better working relationship among meeting and incentive planners." -- Jose M. Barquin, CDME, CMP; Mexico Tourism Board, Director, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina & Caribbean

Each one of us may have a varying reason for why we obtained and continue the CMP credential. Regardless of why, we are a community that believes in the value of certification, investment in professional development and commitment to enhance our industry.

I encourage you to contact your CMP Board of Directors or me with any thoughts or suggestions; we are here for you.

Warmest regards,
Karen Gonzales, CMP

Karen Gonzales is the Chair of the CMP Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of Membership & Operations for Destination Marketing Association International

CMP Events
CMP Conclave - Green Facts about the Spokane Convention Center
Built on the scenic Spokane River the Spokane Convention Center expansion site has great history in concert with the environment and is situated on site of Expo '74, the first environmental worlds fair. The Spokane Convention Center is a LEED Silver Certified building and here are some of their accomplishments this year:
  • Donating 3 tons of food to area food banks so far this year
  • Composting 20 tons of food waste since April 1
  • Increasing recycling rate for cardboard by 30% due to a new single stream waste program
  • Reducing water consumption by more than 30% through high efficiency water fixtures 
  • Purchasing green cleaning supplies that meet LEED standards
  • Purchasing paper towels that are manufactured with 100% recycled fiber
  • Purchasing trash bags that are 100% post-industrial recycled materials
You'll see this fantastic green facility when you attend the CMP Conclave, June 8-10 and you can find more green facts at

Plano CVB
Are You Up for Recertification This Year?

The end of the year is drawing closer, but you still have time to recertify. If your CMP designation expires in 2012, CIC is accepting recertification applications until December 31st. You don’t want the hard work and dedication that it took to obtain your certification to go down the drain.

Go to our recertification page to review the requirements and to download your application, recertification guide and the CMP International Standards. If you have questions on the process, our recertification video will take the guess work out of completing your application. You may discover that the process is simpler than you think. However, if you have questions about recertification, don’t hesitate to contact us at to get your questions answered.

Visit Orlando
Commentary: Meetings Industry Future in Excellent Hands

by: Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP

I have had two recent experiences to confirm for me that our industry attracts some of the most committed, talented and professional individuals. The first experience was during and leading up to the occasion of the Convention Industry Councils' Pacesetter Awards Luncheon during IMEX America This new awards program honors accomplished industry supporters and emerging leaders in the meetings and events community.

For our first presentation of Young Professional Pacesetters awards, I wasn't quite sure what would be the impetus for the nominations we would receive and how the honorees would react among the many industry icons and leaders in the audience. Maybe I was just thinking back to my younger days and what would I have been able to accomplish as a young professional to be honored by the Convention Industry Council, not even considering the fact that back in my 20's, I didn't know there was such a thing as a meetings industry and that I would soon be working in it. As Mike Meyer would say in Wayne's World, I'M NOT WORTHY. Cases in point:

Joe Capitanelli, Regional Marketing Director, Global Spectrum, was nominated by International Association of Venue Managers, for his leadership and influence to foster more involvement from local non-profits, city government, staff, and volunteers in "Helping Hands for the Holidays." The event seeks to provide food and services for those in need within St. Charles County Missouri and has grown from an annual event serving 150 people in its first year, to one of the largest charity events of its kind serving more than 1,200 meals, offering flu shots, winter coats, canned food, various health screenings, transportation, and family activities to those in need.

Krzysztof Celuch, Manager, Poland Convention Bureau, a member of International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)  was honored for his role in putting together the ICCA Forum for Young Professionals, and for his work helping organize the inaugural IMEX Challenge Poland, a biennial humanitarian event designed to promote the power of corporate social responsibility.

The Association of Destination Management Executives International
recognized the talent of Mary Catherine Tagg, DMCP, National Sales Manager, Destination King. After only five years in the DMC industry, Mary Catherine rose to president of the Memphis Attractions Association, earned a Fellow of Leadership Academy Memphis, serves on numerous ADMEI committees and earned a Rising Star Award.

Finally, Sarah Vining, Marketing Manager, The National Conference Center, and a member of the International Association of Conference Centers serves the IACC Board as a non-voting associate to advise on emerging trends from the Millennial perspective and chairs its Emerging Trends Committee. Sarah created IACC's first Social Media Guidebook. In addition, she authored "Meeting Discoveries," a series of white papers on compelling industry topics for her employer.

In preparation for the awards event I had told them that when they received their award, they could say a few words if they wanted to but it was by no means expected. Talk about poise. They all graciously thanked their employers, the CIC and the CIC members that nominated them. They were funny, engaging and passionate. It was a proud and inspiring moment for everyone in the room.

Three days later, I facilitated a round table about certifications during the IMEX Future Leaders Forum. The forum consisted of meeting, hospitality and tourism majors from major university programs both in the US and abroad. In the course of the 90 minute session I met six to eight students every 20 minutes or so as they worked their way around the room among the various table topics.

The programs of study being pursued by these emerging leaders ranged from meeting management to tourism economics to hospitality and tourism technology with all types of minors and "emphasis" in between. At the risk of again, showing my age, when I was an undergraduate hotel and restaurant management was the only related major at my school, and clearly this demonstrates how far we've come in becoming recognized as a profession, one with identified competencies, skills and best practices consistent with all professions. And every single one of the students had heard about the CMP program and wanted to know how soon they could take the exam.

As I left the session with some of the other facilitators, we were all amazed at the composure, confidence and thirst for knowledge that we witnessed in these young students. We all felt good about the experience, and that the meetings industry indeed will be in good hands.

Karen Kotowski, CAE, CMP is the Chief Executive Officer of the Convention Industry Council.

Lucky Strike Entertainment
CMP Program News
CMP Census winner
Congratulations to Natalie Metallo, CMP, Wachovia, Charlotte, NC!  Natalie's name was drawn from the list of those who completed the CMP Census survey.  Natalie will receive a $400 Apple gift card. Completing the survey was the easy Natalie will have to pick between the iPad Mini and the iPad!

Computer Based Testing Delivers Speedy CMP Exam Results
With the advances in technology and the progress to Computer Based Testing, the days of taking the CMP Examination on paper are no more. This year’s transition to Computer Based Testing continues to enhance the CMP program in many ways. Notable improvements include access to exam centers worldwide, flexible scheduling, and quarterly test offerings over a ten day period. Now, CIC is pleased to provide CMP Candidates with immediate unofficial exam results upon completion of the exam. Before departing the test center, CMP Candidates will receive a printout of their unofficial score results that will become official upon 30 days of the exam date.
APEX - Standards and Best Practices
Strike up the Bandwidth - How Much Do You Know about Bandwidth at Your Events?
Michael Owen, EventGenuity; John Rissi, PSAV

At some point in every hotel or convention center contract negotiation, there is a conversation regarding Internet access.  Primarily, the dialogue involves providing access in sleeping and/or meeting rooms.  More often than not, these negotiations work out to the satisfaction of both planner and supplier. Given the pace of technological change and consumer usage patterns, the concern is whether either side is properly equipped to ask the right questions to achieve desired outcomes. 

What is Bandwidth?
Simply put, bandwidth describes the maximum data transfer rate of a network or Internet connection. It measures how much data can be sent over a specific connection in a given amount of time. Lots of data flowing through a narrow channel takes longer than the same amount of data flowing through a broader channel.  In the meetings and events industry, more bandwidth means more people doing more things online at faster speeds.  On the other hand, lack of adequate bandwidth can lead to slow loading web pages, video buffering and even disconnections.   Wireless (Wi-Fi) is the technology that distributes the bandwidth around a venue to wireless devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets.  

What does it mean to meeting professionals?
Planners know about the importance of event history and understanding projected needs such as food & beverage consumption, attendance numbers, etc., but many don’t know how much bandwidth they use, how it is being used, and what level of service is required to satisfy these requirements.

Technology moves at an incredible pace. It is hard to believe that the first iPhone was released barely five years ago, that the Android platform debuted in 2008, and that the iPad has only been around since 2010.  With these techie milestones, device adoption rates have skyrocketed along with increased consumer demand for better connectivity and faster access.  

So, how does this affect the meetings industry? Awareness of issues like Wi-Fi and bandwidth requirements reflect not only advances in technology and usage, but also ongoing changes and maturation in the meetings profession and what we as meeting professionals need to know in order to meet the diverse and growing needs of our events and participants.  The ways in which meeting content is delivered have advanced at equally rapid rates. Now, the hybrid meeting movement incorporates web-casting, streaming video, remote presentations, conference apps, social media, gamification, and much more to traditional meetings. Adding increased attendee demand to this content-provider need results in the necessity for a more detailed understanding of the ramifications of these usage shifts. Industry-wide clarity on the issue can only be achieved through an ongoing dialogue among all stakeholders. Bandwidth requirement is not just a "techie issue". It affects the entire global events industry and supply chain as a whole -- hotel/venue ownership, management, planner and attendee—everyone has a stake in this issue. 

What you need to know

Know the attendee demand

• How many people, how tech savvy are they, and how do they access/use the Internet? 

Are they basic web surfing users?  Are they heavy social media users, live blogging and tweeting your event as it unfolds? Are they using Skype or FaceTime during your meeting? Are they streaming video content or downloading large handout files?  Are they staying connected back at the office through corporate networks or VPNs?  These all take different levels of bandwidth and understanding the usage patterns and habits of attendees will help the planner make informed buying decisions.

• How many and what types of devices will be used? 

One attendee used to equal one or fewer devices, but in the age of smartphones, laptops, tablets, readers and other electronics one attendee can mean multiple devices.  In addition to bandwidth consumption, attendee Wi-Fi usage can also create another bottleneck.  If not anticipated, those multiple devices can overload the Wi-Fi network, leaving some attendees unable to connect.  

Know the presenter requirements
Content is king, so planners should make sure they are aware of the Internet needs of content providers and facilitators.  Will they be demonstrating basic web sites?  Streaming video clips from YouTube or Vimeo?  Will they be conducting live, online demonstrations, performing hands-on application training, or engaging in remote collaboration?  Much like attendee needs,  different uses require different levels of bandwidth.

Know about shared and dedicated bandwidth
Shared bandwidth is exactly that – a finite amount of bandwidth shared among any number of users. Depending on the venue, those users can be attendees, other guests, or completely different events. The more users on that shared bandwidth, the less available per individual user.  Shared bandwidth is good for casual web access for attendees and for systems that are not critical to the operation of your event, but might not meet more stringent needs.

Dedicated bandwidth is set aside and guaranteed for your use.  Planners and their technology partner can determine and control who has access.  This insures that critical or bandwidth intensive systems have what they need.  Dedicated bandwidth is recommended for very large events, presenter networks, hybrid meeting activities, and other systems that are critical to the operation of the event.

Know when not to share
As a recommended best practice, planners should always keep attendee bandwidth and access separate from the network used for event operations and systems like registration, presentation management systems, hybrid meeting efforts, backend file servers and staff networks.  This helps ensure that these systems operate smoothly...and securely.

Know and verify what you get
Check the speed that is available against what has been promised.  Verification sites like and provide a good starting point (although they are not perfect) to test your bandwidth.

Planners should ask their internet provider to deliver post-event reporting of how much bandwidth was used at peak times and throughout your event.  This information is invaluable when planning for future events.

Know what’s going on in your exhibit hall
If exhibitors are setting up their own private wireless networks in their booths you should be prepared for possible problems.  Wireless networks are all based on radio signals that operate on a limited number of "channels".  Too many wireless networks too close together can cause interference that can make those networks -- and the ones you provide to your attendees – unable to function.  For many shows this might not be a problem, but if it is, the solution is not easy.  Planners should talk with their service provider to find the solution that works best for their event.

Know the venue’s capabilities before you book
Begin asking about the venue’s network and capabilities during the site evaluation and selection process.  The APEX Event Bandwidth Workgroup plans to develop additional site inspection tools, but here are some of the questions planners should be asking.
  • How much bandwidth is available for events?  
    • How is it managed?
  • Who manages the venue’s network?
  • What’s the age of the Wi-Fi system, and which of the Wi-Fi technologies does it support?
    • Can the venue partition and separate Wi-Fi?  
  • What are the options for dedicated bandwidth and networks? 
Know what event apps are doing
What are the bandwidth requirements of the conference app?  Does the app store schedules and other information in the app, or pull them from the Internet each time they’re accessed?  Does it use photo or video uploading?  Is there gamification that requires check-ins, social media interaction, photo scavenger hunts, etc?  The app provider should be able to estimate how much bandwidth can be required.  

Wait, Don’t Pull the Plug!
This might seem like a lot of information and an almost overwhelming list of new things to think about and manage.  Don’t "power down"!  The good news is that no one is suggesting that we all try to become experts in bandwidth, networking and data transmission.  The key objective is to raise awareness and impart some basic information and best practices planners and suppliers both need to consider when thinking about the events they plan, produce or host.  
Like everything else in our industry, when buyers and sellers are well-informed and have all of the information needed for negotiation and decision making, the end results are better whether you’re looking at attendee experience, customer satisfaction, return on investment or other measures.

More good news is that the APEX Event Bandwidth Workgroup is developing additional tools and resources to help you understand, plan for and manage bandwidth at events.  Some, like the easy-to-use Bandwidth Estimator are already available.  Others like a site evaluation checklist and glossary of important terms are in development.  You can find all of these resources and much more that APEX has to offer at

Questions? Comments?  Ideas to Share?  The conversation is happening on the APEX LinkedIn group.  Visit to join in!

Industry News
"By Celebrating History, We Are Inspired To Make It" – Announcing the 2013 Hall of Leaders Call for Nominations
For three decades, the Hall of Leaders (HOL) has been a symbol of industry excellence, achievement and inspiration, welcoming 106 pioneers into this exclusive club. The HOL represents intelligence and leadership, ideas and innovation, influencers and risk takers, but above all it recognizes forward-thinkers who have made a difference, shaped the industry into what it is today and whose body of achievement has influenced, inspired and improved the industry. 

As the premiere recognition program in the meetings, conventions, events and exhibition industry the 2013 Hall of Leaders Gala will be held in the Fall of 2013. Nominations are now being accepted for the prestigious Hall of Leaders and Pacesetter Awards. Forms and more information can be found on CICs website.  
PCMA Launches Industry Business Leaders Forum For Local Leaders Series

The invitation-only program is designed for global convention center and DMO executives and their local Board members and policy makers, with programming focused on how strategic industry business issues impact their organizations and local communities.
PCMA’s 2012 CEO Summit was the original incubator for the Forum series project – born out of lively discussion between leaders in destination and facility management focused on industry needs and information gaps.

The Forum program content was developed by PCMA staff and leadership along with the professional support and guidance from Bruce MacMillan, CA chief executive of Bandwidth Management, his new business venture focused specifically on DMOs, and Roger Rickard, founder of Revent and known industry advocate. MacMillan and Rickard will also function as the program moderators and will lead the panel discussions with noted industry leaders and client executives. "Bruce and Roger are the ideal contributors and facilitators for this program," said Deborah Sexton, PCMA President and CEO. "Bruce is particularly plugged into the challenges of DMOs and their constituents, backed by his years of industry experience and his previous CEO position in Toronto; Roger is a well-respected industry advocacy expert and excels in the development and deployment of actionable campaigns." 

Forum invited participants will be able to channel their energies into a series of direct confidential and informational dialogues with top industry experts as well as through group format discussions and case studies with their peers from around the world. Attendees will leave the Forum with key business knowledge on global industry trends and tools to articulate and deploy messaging on the value of the meetings industry in their respective community leadership roles as well as an enriched and ongoing network of global industry contacts.
The first Industry Business Leader Forum for Local Leaders will be held on Sunday, January 13, 2013, in Orlando Florida, at the Hilton Orlando and is sponsored by IMEX America; a registration fee of $395.00 USD will apply. Subsequent Industry Business Forums for Local Leaders will be held throughout 2013 with future dates to be announced in early 2013. 

In addition to the Forum, PCMA will also host their 4th annual CEO Summit immediately following the Forum on January 13. The CEO Summit brings together leaders in destination and facility management for high-level collaboration and sharing of information. The Summit is the only industry gathering that facilitates private discussion around the issues that are affecting the participants’ respective businesses and collaboration around forward-thinking industry initiatives. "In the dynamic global economic environment coupled with increasingly sophisticated needs of a changing meetings industry, the CEO Summit offers leaders a unique opportunity to share ideas, examine options and listen to experts on various topics that will equip Convention Center and DMO leaders" said Sexton. "This is an extremely important annual gathering where many topics, including the Industry Business Forum for Local Leaders, have been advanced for the betterment of the industry. PCMA will continue to hold this meeting each January." 

The Summit is sponsored by the Destination Marketing Association International.

IAEE Announces Recipients of 20 Under 30 Awards

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ launched its 20 Under 30 awards program earlier this year to afford young professional exhibition organizers who may not be supported by their companies the opportunity to attend Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition to be held 4-6 December in Orlando, Fla. The program provides education for professional growth in the exhibitions and events industry and helps program participants become better, more productive employees. It is sponsored by the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and Austin Convention Center.

"This really is the opportunity of a lifetime for a professional at this stage of his or her development," says IAEE President David DuBois, CMP, CAE, FASAE, CTA. "We cannot think of a better way to introduce young exhibitions and events professionals to the industry than by giving them the all-encompassing experience that is Expo! Expo! The abundance of education sessions, exposure to products and services providers, and networking opportunities is an excellent start to a fulfilling career in this industry.

More than 40 applications were received and reviewed by a five-person panel of industry veterans who were evaluating applicants’ answers to the following questions:

  • What influenced you to join the exhibitions and events community?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment to this day?
  • What do you hope to take away from Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition?
  • As a future exhibitions and events industry organizer leader, what area(s) do you deem necessary for future success in this competitive marketplace?

The following individuals were selected as this year’s 20 Under 30:

  • Jennifer Collins, Conference Manager, SHRM – Atlanta, managed by Meeting Expectations
  • Kristin Dacey, Marketing Specialist, IDG World Expo
  • Cindy Dixon, Digital Product Specialist, Hanley Wood Exhibitions
  • Jessica Gago, Associate Marketing Manager, Fast Forward Event Productions
  • Danielle Garvey, Assistant Manager, Convention Operations, National Restaurant Association
  • Holly Hart, Associate Marketing Manager, Hanley Wood Exhibitions
  • Vanessa Heavens, Conference Experience Specialist, MRA Services
  • Stacy Landers, Exhibit Coordinator, MP Associates, Inc.
  • Trinh Le, Meeting Planner, American Counseling Association
  • Kelly Maguire, Meetings Manager, International Sign Association
  • Elizabeth Malone, Dealer Market Supervisor, Orgill, Inc.
  • William (Bill), McGlade, Manager, Exhibit Sales, International Sign Association
  • Catherine Perkins, Event Services Coordinator, SmithBucklin
  • Sanjay Prasad, Sales Executive, SME Canada (Society of Manufacturing Engineers Canada)
  • Adam Royer, Manager, Exhibits and Sponsorships, NASSP
  • Monica Sober, Conference Manager, National Association of Home Builders
  • Katie Stern, Conference Manager, UBM Electronics
  • Cassie Thompson, Senior Associate, SmithBucklin
  • Christina Wade, Marketing Manager, Association of Equipment Manufacturers
  • Kimberly Zonca, Registration Manager, National Business Media, Inc.

In addition to receiving a complimentary full registration to Expo! Expo! IAEE’s Annual Meeting & Exhibition and lodging for three nights ($1,419 value), honorees will be recognized throughout the annual meeting and formally at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! General Session on Wednesday, 5 December 2012.

On The Move
CMPs On the Move

Una Kilberg, CMP is now the Meeting Services Manager at Oncology Nursing Society.

Stuart Ruff, CMP is now the Director of Meetings and Events at the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc.

Liz Schabowski, CMP is now Senior Meeting Planner at Omega World Travel/Omega Meetings and Incentives in Franklin, WI.

Make an awesome career move? Let us help you celebrate! Send the details of your latest career triumph to  And while you're at it, be sure to log into and update your official CMP record.


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