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October 9, 2012

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Recertification applications are due by December 31 and the fee is $250. Please make sure that your application reaches the CIC office by December 31 to prevent your CMP status from lapsing. If your CMP is currently in a lapsed status it's not too late to get it back to a current status. Submit your recertification application and the $350 lapsed fee to bring your CMP status back to good standing.

If you have any questions about recertification, please check out our recertification video, our recertification tips or contact CIC at or by phone at 571-327-3116.

In Depth
CMP Profile of Candace Adams

This month, we are highlighting Candace (Candy) Adams, CMP, CTSM, CME, CEM, CMM. Candy is the President of her own trade show consulting company, The Booth Mom® and has been a CMP since 1997.

Tell us about your job and daily duties.
I work as a virtual exhibit project manager for companies who want to be successful exhibiting at trade shows but don’t have a professional exhibit manager on staff to help them reach their goals and objectives. I help them hone their strategy, messaging, budgets, promotions, exhibit design and production, staffing, shipping, and all other tactical elements of the show as their advisor, protector and "Booth Mom®". I also write a monthly column for Exhibitor magazine, "Exhibiting 101," and have been teaching at Exhibitor’s conferences three times a year for 15 years.

Are you on the supplier or planner side of the industry?
As a 3rd party independent planner, sometimes I am seen as a planner and sometimes I am seen as a supplier. Some people automatically put me on the "supplier" side because I’m not an employee of the companies and associations that I plan exhibits and events for. But, I’m a virtual exhibit project manager for a number of companies and associations, so what I do on a daily basis is act as a planner.

How has having your CMP benefitted you?
When I got my CMP, I already had the exhibiting side of event management in control, but felt helpless when asked to plan meetings, exhibitions and social events. The CMP gave me the tools and the confidence to move out of my comfort zone. It also got me hooked on industry education and I have gone on to earn four additional industry designations (CTSM, CEM, CME, CMM).

What are some of the invaluable lessons that you have learned during your time as a CMP?
There are three invaluable lessons that I have learned during my time as a CMP. I have learned to stick with doing what you’re passionate about, and don’t be afraid to tell a client that what they’re asking for isn’t your "A " work. Also, if your gut says "No," and your mouth says, "Yes," you’re asking for trouble and probably should have listened to your gut. The last thing that I have learned is that it’s OK to fire a client. In fact, sometimes it’s downright healthy if it’s a toxic one!

What is your greatest accomplishment professionally?
My greatest professional accomplishment is helping rookie exhibitors survive their first year or so of shows until they learn the ropes. I’ve been teaching and writing for industry publications for 15 years, gearing my content to all the things I wish I’d known when I started in the business – the things that really matter to make exhibit programs successful.

Candy lived in San Diego for 27 years, but is now living in Defiance, Ohio where she grew up. When Candy is not being the "Booth Mom", she enjoys napping in front of the fireplace with a cat on her lap and reading good books. Her ideal vacation would include going to Italy to wander aimlessly, without a plan, for a month. That would be really different than her usual regimented minute-by-minute planning!

Global Perspective
CMPs Collaborate in China at SITE International Conference

More than 400 delegates from 43 countries gathered at the Site International Conference in Beijing to experience all that Beijing has to offer as an incentive travel destination and to expand their knowledge, expertise and personal connections with colleagues worldwide.

CMPs in attendance were invited to get together during a breakfast. CMP Board Member Eduardo Chaillo, CMM, CMP and CMP Regional Representative Richard Rheindorf, CMP provided updates on the recent transition to Computer Based Testing and the progression of the CMP program globally.

The CMPs shared feedback and ideas with each other, and the outcome was a positive feeling and upbeat energy.


Emory Conference Center Hotel
Lucky Strike Entertainment
CMP Program News
Welcome July 2012 CMP Class
APEX - Standards and Best Practices
Sustainability Comes Naturally – For 2013 Conclave Host Visit Spokane

Visit Spokane, host for the 2013 CMP Conclave, recently brought the city’s destination experience to Washington, DC. The result? An elegant and straightforward event built around Spokane’s sustainability. They have shared their innovative ideas so you can put into practice these simple steps for your next event.

First, choose a GREEN Caterer. This meaning food was locally sourced from farms using sustainable growing practices, sustainable production processes and recycling. In addition, their caterer ensured that unused food was donated, trash was separated for composting, and a host of other important initiatives.

Next, do away with the individual menu at each place setting. Instead use a welcome display to showcase the evening’s menu. It can be written on a re-usable chalkboard and framed stylishly in a re-purposed picture frame.

When it comes to place cards, think outside of the box! Use re-purposed wine bottle corks and re-usable chalkboard tags if you have a specific seating arrangement. Simply flatten one side of the cork so it easily sits on the table without rolling and then slice a lengthwise groove on the top side to accommodate your name card.

Save water! Nothing could be easier. Ensure the caterer provides water at each the table for self-serving as desired, rather than filling glasses that don’t get consumed and require more water to wash later.

Decorate with items that are locally available and seasonally appropriate. Pumpkins and gourds were purchased from a local family farm and were donated to the caterer to be re-used at other events. Vintage canning jars with tea lights inside created the perfect harvest ambiance and the family story behind the jars made an even more meaningful impact.

Make eco friendly gifts your mantra. DID YOU KNOW... GLASS TAKES OVER 4,000 YEARS TO DECOMPOSE? Each place setting featured napkin rings made from recycled bottles by Bottlehood, We then learned these multicolored beauties could be repurposed into necklaces with a simple leather cord! Bottlehood works with restaurants, bars, and events to keep glass out of our landfills while at the same time creating jobs and stimulating neighborhood economies as it partners with neighborhood artisans.  Prize drawings that were once wine barrels were made into ornate cheese boards.

Be sure to read the next issue of CMP Today that will feature the Spokane Convention Center’s green initiatives you will experience in practice at the 2013 CMP Conclave held June 8-11 at the Spokane Convention Center.  For more information on the 2013 Conclave visit,

Industry News
IAEE Announces 20 Under 30 Program for Young Professionals

Expo! Expo!, IAEE's Annual Meeting & Exhibition, will be held December 4-6, 2012 in Orlando, FL.  IAEE's 20 under 30 program, sponsored by the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Austin Convention Center, provides industry education for professional growth in the exhibitions and events industry to individuals who may not otherwise have the financial resources to attend.  Additionally it helps participants establish a stronger career path and become highly-valued employees based on the opportunities and connections at Expo! Expo!  

Selected applicants will receive one full, complimentary registration to Expo! Expo! and lodging for three nights. As part of the selection process, applicants are asked to provide a YouTube video answering specific questions about the exhibitions and events industry, their background and why IAEE and Expo! Expo! are important on a long-term basis. Honorees will be recognized throughout the annual meeting and formally at IAEE's Expo! Expo! General Session on Wednesday, December 5, 2012.

IAEE President Steven Hacker, CAE, FASAE, said, "IAEE is proud to serve as the catalyst for select young professionals in the exhibitions and events industry who have not had the chance to experience Expo! Expo! There is no doubt that the rich content offered at the annual meeting, including education, networking, career building, certification and community building, will provide long-term benefits throughout their careers."

To be considered for IAEE's 20 Under 30 program, applicants must submit their application by Wednesday, October 10, 2012 and must be employed by an active organizer member of IAEE. No more than two applicants from a single member organization may be nominated, and a panel of industry professionals will review applications and YouTube submissions. IAEE will provide honorees with accommodations for three nights at the Hilton Orlando as well as a full registration to Expo! Expo! Honorees will be notified of the panel's decision by October 19, 2012.
Full details can be found at

Research and Trends
CEIR Releases New Report in the series

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) has released Purchase Process and Customer Relationships. This report is the third in a series which will be released over the next quarter from the landmark study, The Role and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction.

This document offers valuable insights regarding where attendees and exhibitors place high importance on engaging face-to-face at exhibitions at each stage of the customer continuum, including before a purchase is made, at the moment of purchase and customer interactions post-purchase. It identifies where attendee and exhibitor priorities are aligned and where there are gaps. It also identifies the face-to-face settings at exhibitions most preferred by both audiences.

This report reveals that the 'sweet spots' for exhibitions lie in the pre-purchase and post-purchase relationship management phases. More than a majority of exhibitors and attendees assign high importance to interacting face-to-face at exhibitions at all pre-purchase stages. Many attendees also place high importance on interacting for the purpose of maintaining relationships with vendors after they buy, with 63 percent of attendees assigning high importance and 76 percent of exhibitors.

When it comes to settings for face-to-face interactions at exhibitions, the most preferred are one-on-one interactions. Over half of attendees, 56 percent, and over two-thirds of exhibitors, 67 percent, rank this setting number one. No other setting comes close for top ranking, with product demonstrations the second most mentioned by 20 percent of attendees and 19 percent of exhibitors.

CEIR Research Director Nancy Drapeau, PRC, said, "This report provides a road map for exhibitors to understand attendee priorities, how to position information shared in face-to-face conversations with what is useful for attendees at the purchase stages they find important to discuss at exhibitions. It also clearly identifies the popularity of one-on-one interactions, which signals the importance of exhibitor training. Attendees want to meet the face or the people behind a company. This result suggests having the right staff with the right skill set and approach is essential to exhibiting success. An upcoming report will provide results relating to exhibit staff practices."

The Role and Value of Face-to-Face Interaction study series examines the long-term value of face-to-face marketing and exhibitions in particular in light of major economic fluctuations and the influx of technology and alternative marketing tactics, including digital media. More than 9,000 attendees and 800 exhibitors participated in this initiative. The study was made possible by a grant from the Exhibition Industry Foundation and is available at


Voices in Advocacy...Let Yours Be Heard

By Roger Rickard

We are the meetings industry and should be heard! This being 2012, you have a voice by casting your vote in the U.S. presidential election. This is your chance to voice your opinion and have a say in your government. If you choose to sit out this election, you will have no one to blame but yourself if you're unhappy with the results and the decisions that follow.

As we settle into the home stretch of what seems to be this never ending run for the White House, add one item to your checklist. Make sure you are registered to vote and make plans to vote, because elections matter. Use your voice no matter where you stand. Are you registered? If not, here is a web tool that enables you to register in any state.

Please be mindful that voter registration deadlines are fast approaching and the window to register to vote is closing quickly. If you are already registered - look ahead. Will you be home on Tuesday, November 6 to vote? Do you need to plan ahead to cast an absentee ballot?

Regardless of party, politicians listen to those who vote. They serve only with the consent of the governed, but only seek the consent of the governed who vote. Even in this hotly contested presidential election four out of ten people, who are of voting age, will forfeit their constitutionally provided right to vote. Please ensure that we, the people of the U.S. meetings industry, use our voice and vote.

Vox Populi is the Latin phrase meaning, the voice of the people or voice of the nation.
We are... Vox Populi.
We are... the voice of the nation.
We are... the voice of the U.S. meetings industry.

Roger Rickard – is the person organizations call when they need help with advocacy. Founder, Voices In Advocacy®, speaker, author of 7 Actions of Highly Effective Advocates. Roger can be reached at,,

CMP on the Road
CMP at ICCA Congress
CIC and ICCA invites all CMPs attending the Congress to join us at the CMP Breakfast on Wednesday, October 24. Please RSVP to Joanne Joham at if you would like to attend.
CMP at IMEX America
Don't forget that CIC will be in Las Vegas for IMEX America, October 9-11. Stop by stand #3025 if you any questions for CIC staff.
On The Move
CMPs On The Move

Donna M. Patrick, CMP, CMM is now Associate Director of Global Meeting and Conventions for UnitedHealth Group.

Matthew L. Marcial, CMP is now Director of Meetings & Education at NAFA Fleet Management Association.

Annie Mullins, CMP, CCMEP is now a Manager, Physician Education and Medical Libraries  at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.

Nancy Musa, CMP is the Vice President and  EproMeetingApps Specialist  at E-proDirect, LLC.

Laura J. Gray, CMP has been promoted to Director of Law School Events at the University of Michigan Law School.

Tisha Aldredge, CMP is now the Education and Events Coordinator for the Apartment Association of New Mexico.


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