Making your event personal through innovation

Everyone wants to stand out these days. And it’s understandable why. In the events and meetings industry, the impression you leave on your attendees can make or break the whole experience.

Oftentimes, though, it’s easy to get lost in the sameness. Maybe it’s the layout of an event, maybe it’s the schedule of events, or maybe it’s the DJ you hire for your reception: we are creatures of habit. We go back to the things we know because they’re easy and safe.

In this edition of CMP Today, we talk to two people who broke out of their sameness. First there’s Beth Sumont, CMP, CAE, of 360 Live Media. Her company’s whole mission is to create experiences. They believe engaging your attendees’ feelings can be the key to making them remember your brand, and she gives readers tips on how they can implement experience design at their companies.

And we speak with Samantha Cribari-Starr, CMP-HC, who—despite having medical regulations on her meetings—went above and beyond. By integrating experiences into her events, she was able to promote her product as well as encourage the attendees to participate.

It seems scary sometimes to take a risk and change the way we do things, not only because it can be hard, but because it’s new. These women show us that when we take a chance to go outside our comfort zones, we can create personal connections. There are plenty of ways to accomplish that: Use new technology that encourages interactivity, turn an old meetings trope on its head, or find your own way to use your creativity to produce something totally unique.

When you’re brave enough to experiment and innovate, you open the doors to many possible successes.



Aleka Garcia, CMP 

Events Industry Council