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CIC Updated Manual

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Why is the Manual being updated updated?

Like any professional publication, the CIC Manual receives periodic updates to keep it current. The CIC Manual uses the CMP International Standards as the benchmark for currency in professional practice in the meetings industry. The CMP-IS is the body of knowledge on which the exam is based. In 2012, the CMP International Standards (CMP-IS) were updated. The changes to the CMP-IS have been incorporated into the CMP exam since July 2012. The Manual is being updated to reflect the changes to the CMP-IS.

What will be updated in the 9th Edition?

CIC has updated both the CMP exam as well as the Manual to ensure that it is more internationally focused. In addition, the CIC Manual and the CIC International Manual were combined in the 9th Edition. The 9th Edition is also now organized to follow the 10 domains in the CMP-IS. So now, for instance, the first chapter is about "Strategic Planning," which is the first of the 10 domains. Finally, CIC will be offering both a print and eBook version of the Manual. This will be the first time the Manual will be available in eBook format. These changes all reflect recommendations from diverse sets of focus groups including CMPs, recent candidates, international CMPs and those involved in facilitating structured exam preparation groups.

Who contributed to the 9th Edition of the Manual?

CIC asked an international group of subject matter experts from each of the 10 domains and 30 sub-domains to lend their knowledge to the rewriting of the Manual. A total of 51 content experts lent their time and expertise to ensuring that the text reflected current and best practices for each domain area. A second group of content experts reviewed the text to ensure that all areas of a certain subject were covered.

If a candidate has already bought the 8th Edition to study for the CMP, does she/he now have to buy the 9th Edition too?

No. Even though the 9th Edition is being rewritten and restructured to reflect changes to the CMP-IS and current practices, the CMP Board reviewed the 8th Edition and International manual and determined that they are adequate for study against the CMP International Standards.

Candidates who already have the 8th Edition may be concerned whether the exam will "change overnight" when the 9thedition is released. The CMP examination is under constant development and is always evolving. CIC and our testing partner Prometric carefully manage this process according to certification best practices in order to ensure a valid, fair, psychometrically sound exam. Questions written with CIC 9th as the reference will evolve over time. Candidates who have already purchased CIC Manual 8th Edition or International Manual 1st Edition or 9th Edition, can continue to use them during 2014.

What do candidates who havenít bought the Manual yet do?

Candidates who have not bought the Manual yet should, in the simplest terms, use the newest version of the Manual CIC offers for sale when they are ready to begin exam preparation Ė whether that is the 8th or 9th Edition. CIC and our testing partner Prometric carefully manage all parts of the examination development process, including the evolution of test items and when they are introduced into the exam.

How will the Manual help candidates prepare for the CMP exam?

As a CMP, you know that the exam is an experience-based exam designed to test applied knowledge not a candidateís ability to memorize. This means candidates need practical experience in the meeting management field to be successful on the CMP exam. The Manual will help them understand the body of knowledge and current and best practices, particularly any domains where they donít have direct experience. CIC highly recommends they start your study regime by reviewing the CMP-IS and making an assessment of their experience in each of the 10 domains. The enhancements to the 9th Edition listed above will facilitate this.

How else can candidates increase their chances of being successful on the CMP exam?

Besides the CIC Manual, it is also suggested that candidates use the APEX Glossary and the Professional Meeting Management 5th Edition. Although not required, the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) CMP® Online Prepô Course has been endorsed by CIC as the only official Online Course for the CMP exam. Finally, many people find study groups helpful. To find a study group, candidates should visit the MPI website.

How will people know when the updated Manual is available?

CIC will release that information on our website and through our normal communication methods including CMP Today, Pathway and our social media channels.


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