September 15, 2020
Session #1 of 6: October 14th: MHEDA is offering members a FREE monthly interview-style presentation series to help plan during these unpredictable times. Learn from an expert at ITR Economics how to identify where you are in the business cycle and which inputs should guide your strategy to make the right decisions at the right time.
East Penn Manufacturing Co.,
CIT Group
Convention Focus
With booths usually available for reservation on or around the 15th of September many members are wondering if they may have missed the announcement this year, and the answer is no! MHEDA is looking at a number of different scenarios for the 2021 Convention and will keep the membership posted as we move forward. Live events such as the Convention are a cornerstone of MHEDA’s value to members. The networking, education and exposure to industry related products and services that happens at the Convention is of paramount importance to our members and we are investigating ways to bring that to you in a safe and responsible way. We are, as always, grateful for your interest and your support! 
News You Can Use
How is the U.S. economy surviving during the COVID-19 pandemic? With the government enforcing stay at home orders and the closing of business with phased re-openings, you might think that the U.S. economy was hanging on by a thread! In realty, Americans surprised Wall Street with a spending boom during the coronavirus. The American people have adjusted to working and living from home and their purchasing habits have reflected this necessity to create functional living spaces.  The companies that have really excelled financially during COVID-19 are the companies that have a strong e-commerce presence and have ramped their investments in automation and other digital supply chain technologies so they can be more agile and responsive to the change in customer demand.
WireCrafters Driver Access Cage
One of our most popular products is the Driver Access Cage. During this time of COVID-19, they have been especially useful. These cages are designed to keep unauthorized people from wandering around your facility.
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Virtual Showcase


Take a virtual walk through the MHEDA Exhibitors Showcase! You can search for companies by name, Product Category or Service Category, such as:

Sample of Product Categories: Column Protection - Engineered Systems - Safety Equipment - Material Handling Equipment

Sample of Service Categories: Insurance - Software - Management Solutions

This weeks featured exhibitors are: 

We encourage you to visit these virtual booths and learn about their company’s latest offerings.


Five-part Virtual Learning Event to learn best practices to manage your Parts and Service business. This Member-led program is designed to help you improve your relationship with your customers, bring out the best in your employees and tap into the resources available through technology and experience from the pros. $49 per individual session or $199 discounted bundle for all five sessions.

Dates for the 2020 Parts & Service Virtual Learning Event

September 10 – Service Team Metrics & Leadership Development - Available On-Demand
September 15 – Key Metrics for Parts Performance - Last Day to Register
September 17 – Maximize Revenue with Strategic Parts Practices
September 22 – Telematics: Pre, During and Post Implementation
September 24 – Creating a Culture of Safety

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Learn how to gain more control (and consistency) to your selling structures and processes.
AED invites MHEDA members to join a webinar and learn more about the latest guidance from SBA and Department of Treasury and issues to consider before applying for loan forgiveness.
Learn the differences between the credit and other relief incentives that will impact MHEDA members.
Learn how top performing sales organizations are re-imagining sales.
Hawker Powersource, Inc.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.
With salespeople relying more on digital assets, this session will teach you how to build impactful, robust email marketing programs to reach, connect, and persuade your audience. The greatest return on investment can come directly from the people you know: those in your owned database. Because of costs associated with email marketing, it’s a lightweight method to drive immediate sales. Matt Ford, president, and Melinda Aiken, marketing manager, of Site-Seeker will discuss deliverability, subject lines, rich content and other best practices to drive clicks, and conversions.
Cost Effective Hybrid Flooring Solution for Robotic Traffic
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products understands that robotic flooring needs can be complex, and there may be a variety of demands within a single project. Since ResinDek flooring panels are available with a multitude of options, Cornerstone can provide a hybrid solution that is customized for load capacities, required finish type, and volume of robotics traffic. The optimization of all these criteria provides an extremely cost-effective solution that is tailored to the specific project. 
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MVP/MVS Awards
Worldwide Material Handling,, earns the 2021 MVS Award for accomplishments in 2020. 
"This is our 6th consecutive year receiving MHEDA’s MVS award and we are so honored to be recognized once again. We take pride in all of our involvement with the MHEDA organization and the impact they have on our community. The material handling industry has faced many challenges this year but we’re thrilled to be here, still serving the industry in every way we can. Thank you once more to MHEDA for awarding us with this accomplishment, and many thanks to the Worldwide staff for their continuing dedication and hard work this year."  Vic Kedaitis, President & CEO

MHEDA Offers Two Award Programs
Applications are now being accepted for the MVP Award for distributors & integrators and the MVS Award for supplier and associate members. Both awards require companies to complete an application that covers key areas of business excellence, letters of recommendation, a company Give Back effort and documentation of involvement in continuing education.
Spotlight on MHEDA
MHEDA’s online Learning Management System (LMS) is a Member ONLY resource designed to provide you with a modern way to enhance your professional career development. This platform offers career tracks that include access to multiple courses focused on a specific area of your business as well as conference videos, archived webinars, and business skills modules as individual courses.
The DiSC Report is a profitability study of MHEDA members designed to obtain, understand and analyze “best practices” for their companies.This management tool is designed to provide the resources that enable MHEDA members to evaluate, plan, and better manage their businesses.
MHEDA Partners
The beauty of your MHEDA benefits is they're easy to unlock and activate! Visit our dashboard to access 25 cost-cutting opportunities. Select the opportunities best suited to lower everyday expenses and grow your business. MHEDA Members have the opportunity to save thousands every year through pre-negotiated rates on everyday expenses from our pre-vetted vendor network.
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