May 15, 2020
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Virtual Convention programs will provide you with a bit of the learning and connecting you would have enjoyed at MHEDA's Annual Convention. This series will feature 2020 MHEDA convention speakers presenting and answering questions live from the audience.
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MHEDA has partnered with Talent Exchange powered by ®, a nationwide marketplace connecting HR and business leaders to immediately employ associates whose jobs are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The platform serves as a bridge between organizations that need to quickly hire and their counterparts with employees who have been furloughed or laid off, allowing business leaders to collaborate across corporate and industry boundaries to fulfill the tremendous swings in labor needs.
We have compiled many resources to help you and those in your organization as we face this situation head-on. The information is updated daily so bookmark this link and check back often.
The shortage of skilled labor continues to plague the industry, particularly impacting companies that need to hire skilled technicians for forklift repair and for the repair and installation of automated systems. We are pleased to announce the recent launch of two certifications, the Certified Forklift Technician (CFT) and the Certified Technician in Supply Chain Automation (CTSCA).
WireCrafters Driver Access Cage
One of our most popular products is the Driver Access Cage. During this time of COVID-19, they have been especially useful. These cages are designed to keep unauthorized people from wandering around your facility.
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Break free from the traps holding you back from change.
Discuss what tasks to complete before implementing any telematic system. 
Alan Beaulieu presents a 90-minute update on economic trends in the distribution industry.
Build an organizational culture that can adapt.
Part of a quarterly webinar series planned with presentations by four of the top UID instructors.
How you engage and connect with your employees now may make a difference in the future.
Hawker Powersource, Inc.
Kinetic Technologies,Inc.
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Cost Effective Hybrid Flooring Solution for Robotic Traffic
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products, LLC
Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products understands that robotic flooring needs can be complex, and there may be a variety of demands within a single project. Since ResinDek flooring panels are available with a multitude of options, Cornerstone can provide a hybrid solution that is customized for load capacities, required finish type, and volume of robotics traffic. The optimization of all these criteria provides an extremely cost-effective solution that is tailored to the specific project. 
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