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Prices for inputs to construction fell 0.5 percent in August but are 8.1 percent higher than at the same time one year ago, according to an ABC analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Nonresidential construction input prices fell 0.4 percent in August but are up 8.3 percent year-over-year. Softwood lumber prices plummeted 9.6 percent in August yet are up 5 percent on a yearly basis (down from a 19.5 percent increase year-over-year in July).


Texas Central Partners, the developer of a proposed $12 billion-to-$15 billion high-speed rail system between Dallas and Houston, have secured a total of $300 million in project loans from Japanese lenders.


The Oklahoma Transportation Commission on Sept. 10 voted unanimously to approve the state Department of Transportation''s eight-year, $6.1 billion infrastructure plan. The plan is updated each year according to expected funding, and projects are reprioritized so that the state''s most critical road and bridge needs can be met.

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Falls account for the greatest number of fatalities in the construction industry, especially among small businesses and businesses with Hispanic workers. In addition, fall protection violations continue to be among the most cited standards in the construction industry. AGC of America and TEXO are pleased to offer this COMPLIMENTARY one-day training program based on OSHA standards and best practices to answer the need for quality training within the industry.


Discover tendencies, develop goals and create purpose and mindful practice this season, bringing balance to your life.


Don’t be misled, this workshop is not only for Project Managers, but the skills and techniques of great PMs are available for any project contributor to the construction project. Why? Because Effective Project Management is about “Pre-Mid-Post” Project accountability. Every construction work needs to prepare to execute their tasks and responsibilities.


Lean Construction challenges all project stakeholders to develop and apply better ways to manage the overall construction process. Unit 5: Lean Supply Chain and Assembly is a full-day course that introduces the lean strategies and tools used to deliver materials, equipment and prefabricated assemblies to the jobsite in a manner that facilitates flow.


When: 9/27/2018 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Where: Billy Bob's Texas, 520 Rodeo Plaza, Fort Worth 76164


This course covers the safety and health hazards associated with permit-required confined space entry. Course topics include recognition of confined space hazards, identification of permit and non-permit required confined spaces, use of instrumentation to evaluate atmospheric hazards, ventilation techniques, developing and implementation of a confined space program, proper signage, and training requirements.

Failure to Lockout, Blockout, Tagout machinery and equipment before working on it is a major cause of serious injury. Lockout, Blockout means that any energy source – whether electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, compressed air, or any other source that might cause unexpected movement – must be disengaged or blocked, and electrical sources must be de-energized and “locked” or positively sealed in the OFF position. Even a locked-out machine may not be safe if there are parts of the machine that are not “blocked” to prevent inadvertent movement.

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Enterprise Fleet Management would like to offer an innovative program that drives value for every customer by including best possible pricing and special incentives on vehicle acquisition; providing a separate line of credit; creating a cycling strategy to achieve optimum performance and best resale value; all while reducing the Total Cost of Ownership. Contact Billy Backus today.

AGC of America and Willis North America are proud to offer a new, dynamic and cost-effective way for AGC member firms to offer quality health insurance and other employee benefits. The AGC Alternative is an employee benefits program built exclusively for AGC members. Recieve a quote by calling 1-800-210-5290.

Sam Pack's Chevrolet and Ford offers service discounts to TEXO members as well as additional offers. Check these TEXO specific offers out by clicking here.

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