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The Nominating Committee chaired by Dean Durkee, Gannett Fleming and Immediate Past-President, announced the candidates for the 2021 open Board of Directors seats.
Electronic ballots will be distributed to the membership in early February for four open Board seats.
Announce your company job openings with USSD, which are posted on the website job board as well as on our social media sites.
Holidays are right around the corner. Looking for the perfect gift for that dam professional? Or just for you? Through the end of the year, special prices on the following USSD items.
Seismic Hazard: What it Means for Your Project
Gannett Fleming
Did you know that most older dams were designed using seismic design criteria and dynamic analysis methods considered obsolete today? Don’t allow your dam’s seismic safety to be an unknown risk. Contact Gannett Fleming’s nationally recognized experts in structural and seismic hazard analyses to discuss Seismicity and Concrete Structure Analysis.
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Hydro Component Systems, LLC
ICOLD Updates
Dr. Robin Charlwood, principal at Robin Charlwood and Associates. Dr. Charlwood, among many accomplishments served on the USSD Board of Directors as a Director and Vice-President, and Chairman of the ICOLD Concrete Dams Committee.
Tony Bennett is the Director of Dam and Public Safety at Ontario Power Generation and serves on USSD's Public Safety, Security, and Emergency Management Committee.  Bennett previously served as CDA's President and Co-Chair of ICOLD 2019.
As a member of USSD, you receive a complementary membership in ICOLD. USSD is the U.S. National Committee of ICOLD and this relationship affords access to international technical resources and contacts. You must register on the ICOLD website with the USSD committee code. Contact Tonia at to receive it.
Worthington Products, Inc. 18 Years, 62 Countries, One Company
Worthington Products Inc.
It's not about our experience.
It's how we use that experience to improve yours.
We started Worthington Products in 2001 because we loved dams and hydroelectric power plants. We've since grown to become the world's most trusted, and recognized, name for providing quality waterway barriers for Debris Control, Public Safety Around Dams, Boat Barriers, Ice-Booms, Fish Guidance Systems, Counter-Terrorism & Security.
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Industry Updates
Dams Sector reference publications include both open source and those designated as "For Official Use Only” (FOUO). Publications available to stakeholders include handbooks, guides, brochures, and fact sheets.
Kleinschmidt Associates
Flow Science Inc.
Applications are now being accepted through March 1 for the 2021 USSD Scholarship Awards.
Upcoming Events
2021 Virtual National Dam Safety Program Technical Seminar
Emergency Management Institute: 2/16-2/19/21
Inspect dam infrastructure while saving time and money.
CamDo Solutions Inc®
What if you could quickly and easily inspect dam infrastructure from above the water’s surface? Get crystal-clear quality and reliable live streaming with CamDo Solutions’ Drop Camera Underwater WiFi Inspection pack, allowing you to save time on safety and approvals… and most importantly, save thousands of dollars by simplifying an otherwise complex process.
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Schnabel Engineering
Burns & McDonnell
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