USSD Monthly News
Congratulations to the following directors that won a second term on the USSD Board of Directors.
Stuart Harris (Tennessee Valley Authority)
Phoebe Percell (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Amanda Sutter (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)
Marty Teal (WEST Consultants)
Their second term will begin immediately following the annual conference in April.
Seismic Hazard: What it Means for Your Project
Gannett Fleming
Did you know that most older dams were designed using seismic design criteria and dynamic analysis methods considered obsolete today? Don’t allow your dam’s seismic safety to be an unknown risk. Contact Gannett Fleming’s nationally recognized experts in structural and seismic hazard analyses to discuss Seismicity and Concrete Structure Analysis.
Learn more here
Hydro Component Systems, LLC
Industry Updates
On Feb. 14, 2020, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released six (6) new Malware Analysis Reports (MARs) and one (1) updated MAR related to malicious cyber activity from North Korea.
Deadlines are fast approaching to submit nominations for the USSD Awards to be presented during the USSD Annual Conference.

Congratulations to Lelio Mejia, senior principal engineer with Geosyntec Consultants for his election to the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) membership. Mejia was elected to NAE by peers and is considered one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer. 

William (Bill) Foos promoted to VP Director of Security and Safety Services at Gannett Fleming

Adda Athanasopoulos-Zekkos is now at the University of California, Berkeley

Mustafa Altinakar is a Senior Computational Hydroscientist with Argonne National Laboratory

Keil Neff is now associated with Stantec in Denver, Colorado
Kleinschmidt Associates
Flow Science Inc.
The Fall Workshop Series is scheduled for Oct. 13-15, 2020 in Denver, CO. There are seven workshops to choose from, with many scheduled so that you can maximize your travel to attend multiple.
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Calendar of Events
Apr 2020
April 4-10, 2020 New Dehli, India
Apr 2020
April 20-24, 2020 Hyatt Regency @ Convention Center Denver, CO
Oct 2020
Seven workshop options to chose: 10/13-10/15/2020 Denver, CO Registration will open Feb. 28, 2020