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July 24, 2014 In This Issue
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Fabco Plastics Ltd.
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No not that ‘L’ word... I meant ‘Lobbying’. I work with a lot of associations in Canada and I find it interesting how much of a negative connotation that word ‘lobbying’ has for most people. Many groups go out of their way to avoid the use of the word or make direct statements that they are not lobbyists. Instead we say we are representatives or advocates or, as we say at CWWA, the national ‘voice’ of the industry.
We would like to give a warm goodbye to one of our fellow employees. Ida Tsui is leaving us after 16 years of service. 

Ida's most recent role has been as our Membership Manager. She started full time with us in 1998, and moved to part time in 2013 after a year of parental leave. She's now decided  to dedicate the next few years to her daughter and will be a full-time mom. 

Ida was always punctual, dependable, cheerful, and approached assignments with a great attitude. We all wish her a great and beautiful life to come and thank her for years of dedication, loyalty, enthusiasm and team spirit.
A meeting between Infrastructure Canada staff and the Canadian Water and Wastewater Association was organized on July 15. The new Director of Policy, Stephanie Tanton, invited CWWA Executive Director Robert Haller and Manager of Government Relations Adrian Toth to their Ottawa offices. Stephanie and her team were seeking the views and perspectives of CWWA on priorities, existing gaps, pressures and innovative approaches to the municipal water and wastewater infrastructure challenges.
In the wake of recent fines levied in Alberta, CWWA’s Wastewater and Stormwater Committee will be discussing the issue and developing a strategy to advocate for better enforcement policies and guidance.
The 16th Canadian National Conference on Drinking Water is the national conference of the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water, and that group is an integral part of planning and setting the program. The event attracts water researchers, regulators and utilities across the country.

Learn the latest about:
- our exciting technical program
- our opening plenary speakers
- CWWA Climate Change Committee Workshop
- sponsorship and exhibition opportunities
The Canadian Water and Wastewater Association (CWWA) is pleased to announce its upcoming annual event Window on Ottawa to be held on November 19-20, 2014 at the Albert at Bay Hotel, Ottawa, ON.
Federal Initiatives
The Government of Canada has published the second issue of the Chemicals Management Plan (CMP) Progress Report. The Progress Report is published on the Chemical Substances website every six months. The CMP Progress Report, produced jointly by Environment Canada and Health Canada, has been developed in consultation with stakeholders to provide updates on activities and programs related to the CMP. Additionally, the report provides information about what to expect in the next six months including upcoming publications.
The Government of Canada has just launched a web page for an important and relatively new development program, the Canada-Asia Trade and Investment for Growth Program (TRIGR).
The Department of the Environment published in Canada Gazette Part I, July 12, 2014 edition, Notice with respect to the substances in the National Pollutant Release Inventory for 2014 and 2015, pursuant to subsection 46(1) of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). Within this Notice, several significant changes to reporting requirements have been made, which are in effect as of the 2014 calendar year.

National News
Ecojustice has released a report "Waterproof Standards" reviewing the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines – and issuing a report card on how they are performing in comparison with other countries.
Faculty of Applied Science/ University of BC
Naylor, LLC
Provincial News
The Prince Edward Island government will be introducing a new water act. According the government it will provide a modern, comprehensive legislative and policy framework to ensure the sustainable management of the provinces water resources
Help is available for communities affected by the 2013 floods in southern Alberta and Fort McMurray so they can replenish their flood-readiness supplies and purchase needed equipment to prepare for future floods.
The Environmental Commissioner of Ontario released "Looking for Leadership, The Costs of Climate Inaction," his 2014 report on the government ’s progress in reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) and meeting the reduction targets contained in its Climate Change Action Plan.
The Government of British Columbia released two reports concerning flood risk along the Fraser River on July 11. The reports can be used to support flood risk management, and floodplain development and dike upgrade planning.
International News
As the world urbanises, demands on water resources will skyrocket. Not only will burgeoning cities increase their water use, more and higher quality food will be needed to sate urban appetites.
Millions of farmers are already responding to this new reality by using urban effluents to grow crops in peri-urban areas. Wastewater is a source of water all the year round, rich in nutrients and, if safely used, can be a highly productive resource.
Japan Water Research Center is going to host the 10th International Symposium on Water Supply Technology (IWA) from July 20 to 22 in 2015 at Kobe International Exhibition Hall, Kobe City, Japan.
Snippings and Clippings
Water Online
A new report confirms what water sector officials already know: Utilities are having a tough time breaking even.
Between regulatory compliance, aging infrastructure, and reduced revenue due to conservation, "you have a cesspool of financial worries," the Kansas City Star reported, citing a new research paper by the consulting firm Black & Veatch.
Water Online
Available water supply can be compromised by more than just drought— a challenge food and beverage manufacturers know well.
Calgary-based Pure Technologies Ltd. has won an $8-million contract to install a real-time water pipeline monitoring system for southwestern Ontario.The acoustic fibre-optic system will scan for leaks and failures for a major pipeline that provides treated drinking water for some 500,000 people in eight municipalities surrounding London, Ontario.
Two innovative Torontonians — an environmentalist and an engineer — want to revolutionize the way North American cities approach stormwater management by giving rain barrels intelligence.
Water Canada
The Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative has honoured Kingston, Ontario with an award for the Most Innovative Conservation Method for its utility management model and its commercial and multi-residential incentives.
President and CEO of Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters, Jayson Myers, wrote today to mayors of Canadian cities urging them to take immediate action to level the playing field for Canadian manufacturers negatively affected with the recent adoption of Buy American measured by the U.S. government.
Extreme weather events associated with climate change are expected to take a heavy toll on public and private Canadian infrastructure in the years ahead, and the Insurance Bureau of Canada is sounding the alarm on rising insurance claims as a result of extreme weather events like last year’s floods in Calgary and Toronto.
Depending on where you are, it may be getting harder to buy a bottle of water.
In response to concerns over the environmental, economic, and social impacts of bottled water, local governments in many parts of North America have enacted or considered restrictions on bottled water sales. Most notably, the City of San Francisco banned bottled water sales on most city-owned properties, making it the largest local government in North America to do so. But are outright bans the best way to promote sustainable choices?
Cleantech Canada
There was a time not long ago when Stefan Michalski knew regulators were happy to see him leave their office. As much as they supported the concept of biogas and green energy, it was more of a technology left to the Germanys of the world, from where Michalski hails, not the wilds of Alberta.
Alberta Release
Improvements and maintenance on irrigation infrastructure in southern Alberta saves water and improves farm productivity.
The Globe and Mail
Canadian insurance companies have made extensive changes to home insurance coverage in the year since massive flooding devastated thousands of homes, businesses and public spaces in southern Alberta. And as the water rises again, the industry says there is still much more to be done to protect against the damage of climate change.
Daily News
Evidence continues to mount concerning the costs and disruptive impacts that climate change will have on the economy, society and stability of the financial system, suggest finance sector groups that have published a guide to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) findings on physical, economic and regulatory impacts of climate change.
CBC News
After a year in which it paid nearly $1 billion in claims in Ontario and $1.7 billion in Alberta because of natural disasters, the insurance industry is testing out a new tool that will help identify where municipalities might direct their money so future flooding does not do as much damage.
Two research groups have recently released reports on contaminants that are regulated in drinking water. Last week the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences released a study that links lung cancer in mice to "human-relevant" doses of arsenic in drinking water.
Water Canada
The City of Regina has finalized an agreement with EPCOR Water Prairies Inc. to design, build, finance, operate, and maintain its new sewage treatment plant for 30 years.
Water canada
The Capital Regional District’s (CRD) attempt to build a Vancouver Island wastewater treatment plant has become a bureaucratic debacle as messy as the sewage it is trying to clean up.
Water Online
A recent Gallup poll found that "Americans in general are less happy with the quality of their water than those in many other countries," the Central Valley Business Times reported.
Some experts say that carbon neutrality is a more useful notion than water neutrality, which is nothing more than a vague and increasingly irrelevant idea, in their view.
The City of Regina has struck a deal with its partner on the new sewage treatment plant that will cost taxpayers millions of dollars less than expected.
The builder of a 100-unit residential complex on Washmill Lake Drive said Friday his scheduled August opening is at risk due to delays at Halifax Water.
In an investigative report released Wednesday, a national environmental group criticizes Canada’s drinking water standards, and recommends the country follow the lead of other industrialized nations by adopting a national approach to the issue.


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