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I have sat in on so many webinars about the “new normal” and the future of live events.  The repeated message was that, at worst, we would likely NEVER return to events as we once knew them and, at best, it would take years to build up confidence in travel and live events again. I always argued the opposite – that people were sick of webinars and craved real people and live networking.  I felt that people (like me ☺) would rush back to live events as soon as we could.  One-way information has its purpose and is perhaps best delivered virtually, but the true value of a professional conference is the gathering of individuals and the building of networks.  


We've already hosted great Window on Ottawa sessions on federal drinking water quality activies, biosolids and plastics/flushable products - recordings of these sessions will be available to registered delegates shortly..

The Window on Ottawa continues June 10 with our session on climate change. There is still chance to register for the remaining sessions or for access to the recordings.

Proven Technology To Produce Class-A Compost from Biosolids
Sustainable Generation®
Composting with biosolids can be a tricky business unless you have a proven technology solution. Sustainable Generation’s covered, aerated static pile composting systems can simplify the process, creating a Class A product. This process meets the most stringent air and water regulations, reducing odors and VOC emissions, all for the lowest total cost of ownership. Time to upgrade your biosolids composting operation with a Sustainable Generation Advanced CompostingTM Solution. 

The Conference offers a wide-ranging technical program covering almost all aspects of the municipal water sector, while offering the best networking environment for Canada’s water leaders.

Hydro Component Systems, LLC
Blue-White Industries

Jon Grant of Sentry Watertech is the proud papa of Eloise Rita Grant, their second child.  Eloise was barely a week old at the time of this picture.  Congrats Jon and family!


Proven, Trusted, Innovative Made in Canada Solutions
Biomaxx Wastewater Solutions®
For over 15 years, BioMaxx Environmental has been an industry leader in Municipal, Industrial and Food & Beverage water & wastewater applications; providing unparalleled quality products & services for odour control, solids removal, dewatering & filtration.  Our team of environmental technologists use proven & verified instruments and procedures to ensure your challenges are no more in the fields of Sanitary flow monitoring, Sampling, Camera work, Smoke testing and Leak detection.
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Federal Initiatives

On April 25, 2022, the government announced a $300 million investment in initiatives to support indigenous and remote communities. Applications for funding can be made through the Clean Energy in Indigenous, Rural and Remote Communities website.

The Strategy sets out the Government of Canada's sustainable development goals and targets and outlines implementation strategies and short-term milestones for achieving them, from an environmental perspective

Comment deadline: July 9, 2022. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada is conducting consultations to collect comments before finalizing the technical guide. Comment deadline: May 28, 2022. 

Reed Manufacturing Co.
Hoskin Scientific Ltd.
Provincial News

Ontario is putting processes in place to make it simpler for municipalities to report bypass and overflow instances so that system operators can focus more resources on preventing bypasses and overflows from occurring.

KGS Group
Integra Chemical Company / Vita-D-Chlor
Snippings & Clippings

Kimberly-Clark has agreed to pay a $20 million settlement to end claims its flushable wipes actually damage and clog pipes with the settlement potentially benefiting consumers nationwide. 


A river otter has been spotted in the Detroit River for the first time in a century.

Eric Ste Marie, a marine ecologist studying at Windsor University in Ontario, told CNN that the remarkable sighting happened after his partner suggested they go for a walk before starting work.

Ste Marie lives on the Canadian side of the Detroit River, which divides Detroit, Michigan, from Windsor, Ontario.

Water Canada

Each year, our sister publication ReNew Canada provides its report on the largest public sector infrastructure projects in Canada. This year’s report reached new heights: $273 billion in assets in the transit, transportation, energy, healthcare, and water industries, along with other public sector projects making the list, and nine of the 13 provinces and territories represented.

ES&E Magazine

Despite some marketing hiccups, a new City of Ottawa memo suggests that its sewer insurance program has been a success and will be renewed for another five years.

CBC News

$33M facility in Shoal Lake #40 First Nation honoured for top small drinking water facility in Ontario. A northwestern Ontario First Nation that was under a boil-water advisory for 24 years has received this year's award for building the province's best small drinking water system.

Water Canada

Take a quick scroll through the news or social media and you’re likely to see the term green infrastructure making an appearance somewhere on your feed. Sure, it sounds good and is probably something eco that you should definitely support. But what exactly is green infrastructure? And more importantly, how can Canada take advantage of this big idea?