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Flooded Basement:
Last month I wrote this column from the airport. This month I write it from home amidst complete chaos – with a team of plumbers, public works crew and an insurance cleaning crew trying to get a foot of backed-up sewage out of my basement. I am getting a first-hand lesson in wastewater.
As a valued member or supporter of the Canadian Water and Wastewater Associationyour opinion matters to us! Please take a brief moment to fill out our communications survey. This survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete.
The attached report titled "Our Impact-Our Opportunity-Our Position" was prepared to share our advocacy efforts with you, our members.

Focusing on the federal government’s budget and infrastructure plans, this report speaks to what we’ve been saying, what are the next steps and what positions are we putting forward.

It’s a lengthy report for those who are interested in the details, but our positions are laid out in brief on just three pages (4, 5 &6). PLEASE review these and tell us what you think. Have we missed anything?

We asked for your comments by October 19th, but we welcome continuing comments and contributions. We will revise the positions based on responses and prepare a final submission to the Minister of Infrastructure & Communities immediately.
The National Water and Wastewater Conference is just weeks away. We've got a fantastic line-up of speakers and activities, including special screenings of our members movies, special guest speakers and social events - alongside a fantastic technical program.
A large and growing informal international consortium of wastewater services has recently published as a public statement its views on flushable products.

There are over 180 national and regional wastewater associations supporting the Consortium Statement, and they are asking for support from Canadian wastewater utilities.
CWWA Executive Director Robert Haller travelled to Australia with Peter Vanrolleghem and Yves Comeau of the Canadian Association for Water Quality (CAWQ) to make a pitch for Canada. The IWA hosted the World Water Congress in Brisbane October 8 to 13, inviting thousands of water experts from around the world. In advance of the conference opening, this Canadian delegation appeared before the IWA Governing Assembly to make its bid to host this event in Canada in 2022.
National News
The International Joint Commission (IJC) announced, September 16, 2016, the release of 2016 Progress Report of the Parties, a 100-page discussion document designed to launch over a year of public consultations to discuss progress by the governments of Canada and the US to restore and protect the Great Lakes and implement the provisions of the 2012 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. As part of the process, the IJC will host a series of monthly discussions on its online democracy platform called ParticipateIJC. The platform will include valuable information about the Agreement and provide opportunities for citizens throughout the Great Lakes region to contribute. It will also provide video from the Great Lakes Public Forum and other meetings held around the basin for those who cannot attend in person. Between the end of October 2016 and mid-January 2017, the IJC will write a draft of its Triennial Assessment Report. The draft report and its appendices will be posted at and on ParticipateIJC to encourage discussion and comments. A final report will be released in summer 2017 that will incorporate all scientific, policy and citizen input.
Provincial News
On September 23, 2016, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne released all of her ministers' mandate letters, outlining the government’s priorities for the coming sessions.
Ontario is taking action to protect the province's water resources for future generations by proposing a two-year moratorium on new or expanded water takings from groundwater by bottling companies, as well as stricter rules for renewals of existing permits. The proposed moratorium is the first of a number of steps the province will be taking to further protect Ontario's clean water. I
CWWA Member Profiles
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Snippings and Clippings
Water Canada
Over $5 million in funding has been granted by Sustain Our Great Lakes to 19 ecological restoration projects in the Great Lakes Basin. The funding comes from the U.S.’s National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) and will benefit projects both sides of the border.
Water Canada
Waterloo Region is planning the implementation of cogeneration facilities at their current wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) in Galt, Kitchener, and Waterloo. The cogeneration facilities will use biogas produced at the plants to produce heat and electricity. This heat and electricity will be used on-site to offset the energy requirements of the plants.
Water Canada
Barrie, ON, has begun a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Study to determine necessary stormwater infrastructure improvements required to reduce flooding on both private and municipal lands, resolve issues concerning public safety, and provide improved maintenance opportunities within the Sophia Creek watershed and Mulcaster drainage area.
Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change

Province Proposes Two Year Moratorium on New and Expanded Water Bottling Operations
Ontario is taking action to protect the province's water resources for future generations by proposing a two-year moratorium on new or expanded water takings from groundwater by bottling companies, as well as stricter rules for renewals of existing permits.
Calgary Sun
Weeks after Okotoks eradicated rogue fish in its ponds, Calgary is facing the same problem. And it's not simply an issue of dumping unwanted guppies — there are reports of people intentionally stocking the catchment ponds to allow for fishing.
Ground Water Canada
A summary of feedback from more than 250 respondents to the N.B. government’s water strategy consultations this past spring is now available online.

The main objective of the process was to hear New Brunswickers’ views on how the government can improve and plan for the future.
National Post
The Ontario legislature voted Thursday to ban cities from removing fluoride from their water supplies.
Though the motion brought forward by a Liberal MPP is non-binding —meaning it’s more symbolic than prescriptive —it could send a clear signal to cities and suggest where the government is headed next
Daily Commercial News
A study recently released in Ottawa says that water management is becoming increasingly complex, because of "intertwining stresses" like local budgeting, infrastructure planning, environmental considerations and climate change adaption.
Water Canada
The International Joint Commission (IJC) invites public comment on its Preliminary Recommendations on Microplastics in the Great Lakes for binational, science, policy, and education solutions to microplastic pollution.
Water Canada
The Fraser Institute has released a report on Ontario water rates derived from the BMA Management Consulting Group’s annual municipal studies data, describing the rate changes as rising faster "than residential property taxes since 2005."



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