Government investing to support community based climate action

The Government of Canada announced that it will invest up to $54.9 million in 58 community-based climate action initiatives from across Canada. The projects, funded by the Climate Action and Awareness Fund, will build capacity and awareness for local action on climate change.

Each community-focussed project will support Canada’s climate goals, including achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Among the recipients from the June 4 announcement, are Colleges and Institutes Canada, which will receive $5.3 million to help colleges and universities across the country reduce emissions by implementing climate plans on campus and sharing best practices for green buildings.

The Climate Action Awareness Fund was created in great part from the historic $196.5 million fine paid by Volkswagen, to the Environmental Damages Fund, for circumventing Canada’s environmental protection laws. The $196.5 million from Volkswagen is the largest environment fine in Canadian history – it is 26 times greater than the second-largest environmental fine.


Canadian Water and Wastewater Association