Congratulations to Elaine Samuel and Indra Maharjan, graduates of the 2020 Water Leadership Institute!

The Water Leadership Institute program is aimed at educating and training emerging leaders and providing them with opportunities to build strong, lasting relationships within the water sector. The intensive program allows participants to engage in management training and leadership development through a blended learning approach that includes examining complex challenges facing the water and wastewater industries and networking with public and private sector practitioners. There are 291 alumni of the program, which is in its ninth year.

As part of their final project, the graduates created a community outreach webcast series with activity guides that can be used to promote the water sector.  Each group will host a webcast to explain the outreach options they created for differing target groups ranging from elementary, middle, and high school ages through college and the public. See the series at

The application period for the 2021 Water Leadership Institute opens in November. For more information about the Water Leadership Institut visit the WEAO website:

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