Water Haller: Read the rest of the e-Bulletin!

Seriously, if you want to know what I’ve been up to in the last month, just read the rest of this bulletin with articles on:
-The National Round Table on Flood Risk
-House of Commons Committee Hearings on lead
-Ontario Workshop on Decentralized Wastewater
-Indonesian delegation

I could write about the National Conference in St. John’s but you’ll be receiving a separate report on that.  

CWWA Office Closure:
I should let you all know that the CWWA offices in Ottawa are closed for the month of December.  We’ve had some leaking roof issues in our condo here (yes we are in Ottawa not Vancouver) which led to a lot of water damage that we need to address.  Some new drywall, new flooring and ceiling tiles, a paint job and we’re going to look brand new.  This has led to a packing up of the whole office and a LOT of purging of old files and magazines.  

FYI – CWWA owns its office space in a commercial condominium mall in the east end of Ottawa – just outside the gates of the city’s ROPEC wastewater treatment facility.  This space houses 5-6 full-time staff and some contracted support (accounting).  Ownership of such a property is an investment for the association, ensures some financial stability, and some assurance to the members of the board.  

Over the next month, a few of the staff are taking well-earned vacation time while a few of us will be working from home.  So have patience with us if you do not get quick responses.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays to all!

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association