CSA - Exploring Potential for Construction of Water and Wastewater Treatment Structure

CSA Group is determining the feasibility of developing a suite of standards dealing with the design and construction of water and wastewater treatment structures.

We are seeking your feedback on the following assumptions:
  1. Standardization is necessary to develop consistency in design and construction due to the number of gaps and that require adaptation of National Building Code of Canada and US documents;
  2. Not having clear standards leads to higher costs of repairing and retrofitting problematic facilities;
  3. The intended audience for these standards should be engineers who are responsible for designing the infrastructure, material producers, contractors, provincial and municipal engineers responsible for reviewing and approving designs, regulatory inspectors, and the municipalities/owners of the infrastructure

The design and construction of water and wastewater treatment systems within the structure (facilities) would be outside of the intended scope.

Much appreciated if you could forward this communiqué to others so that we can get a broad range of opinions.

Based upon your feedback and that of other stakeholders, CSA may organize a workshop in the Fall with the purpose of obtaining initial buy-in to develop CSA standards on water and wastewater treatment structures. Workshop would set out to accomplish the following:
Stakeholders could include:

Send your comments to Mark Braiter at mark.braiter@csagroup.org

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association