Sorry we're a little short!

You may notice that this month’s bulletin is a bit shorter than usual! All of our staff have been working overtime to prepare for the 16th National Conference on Drinking Water, so we haven’t been able to put 100% of our resources into the Bulletin. While we apologize for a leaner, meaner e-newletter we hope that the benefits of such an event far outweigh the sacrifice.

The National Drinking Water Conference is a pillar for the Association – bringing together water researchers, regulators and managers from across the country – and will provide a backbone for the Association as we build towards a national WATER and WASTEWATER conference in 2015 that will merge all topics under one umbrella, creating unprecedented national dialogue on everything from water research to wastewater and biosolids management to conservation and security.

We look forward to filling everyone in on the outcomes of the Conference next month.

Canadian Water and Wastewater Association