CWWA Hosts Successful Conference

Opening Plenary - 49th Central Symposium on Water Quality Research and Wastewater Management ConferenceCWWA teamed with CAWQ to host our second joint conference exploring water quality research and wastewater management. The 49th Central Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research and Wastewater Management Conference was held from March 5–7 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.

With a theme of "Facing Water Quality Challenges Together" this Conference included presentations that demonstrated the cutting-edge research occurring in Canada in the water field.

Presentations also focused on management and regulatory issues including updates on the Wastewater Systems Effluent Regulation, the changes to the Fisheries Act, stormwater management and the ongoing debate over flushable products.

The opening plenary featured two keynote speakers who explored the potential impacts of climate change on water quality and on utilities in particular. Peter Vanrolleghem from the University of Laval spoke about the two-way street between wastewater and climate change, exploring not only the potential impacts on water and wastewater infrastructure and processes, but also how they are contributing to greenhouse gas production and climate change itself.

Craig Bonneville from EPCOR Water Services presented on the 2013 floods in southern Alberta, giving real-life context to the discussion of climate change and how it has and will impact wastewater utilities. It also provided interesting discussion points about how utilities can prepare for emergencies to ensure the best possible outcome.

During the Plenary, CWWA also awarded our final utility excellence award to the City of Windsor for their innovative stormwater management project. This project was also highlighted in the Spring 2014 issue of CWWA’s magazine, along with our other utility winners.

The Conference was an over-all success, delegates were impressed with the range and quality of the presentations and we look forward to refining our collaboration with CAWQ for future events.

Delegates and Exhibitors mingle during the Conference.








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