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April 28, 2016

Ottawa is REALLY Nice in June

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I’ll be honest from the outset that the following message is a complete sales job to get you to attend the revised WINDOW ON OTTAWA event.
But sales is an easy job when you have a great product. The "Window" has always been our premier event; and unlike any other in Canada. CWWA exists to advocate for its members at the federal level and to facilitate a dialogue between operators and policy makers. No event does that better than the Window. It’s been referred to as "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Federal Government and Water" or "National Water 101."  

For those who have attended the Window, you can attest to the value of this learning experience. For those who haven’t, we run this as a two-day plenary session - you get a good seat and hear from Environment Canada, then Health Canada, Public Safety Canada and all the other departments and agencies active in water issues that affect our utilities. You will also hear about the advocacy efforts of national associations like CWWA, FCM, CAWQ, CWRA and others.

But this is not just one-way communication. The sessions always provide an opportunity for our delegates to ask questions or provide comments...AND NEW THIS YEAR...most sessions will be followed by a face-to-face roundtable where delegates can chat informally with key federal policy makers. This is also an opportunity to talk amongst ourselves on the key topics and guide CWWA activity and responses.  Again, this is why we exist as a national association.

But if you need one more reason...Ottawa is beautiful in June...much nicer than our traditional November time slot. So I’m talking to every past delegate who ever complained about how cold and wet or snowy and miserable Ottawa was each November – you had better show up and appreciate this shift to spring time.  

I’m Robert Haller and I approve this message.

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