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February 26, 2015

Health Canada to Update pH Drinking Water Guidelines

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Health Canada’s Federal-Provincial-Territorial Committee on Drinking Water (CDW) recently assessed the available information on pH with the intent of updating the drinking water guideline.

The committee recently posted online pH of Drinking Water Document for Public Comment.

Proposed guideline: An acceptable pH range of 7 to 10.5 is proposed for drinking water in order to achieve water quality objectives and corrosion control. The Guideline Technical Document on pH of Drinking Water will be revised following evaluation of comments received, and a drinking water guideline will be established, if required.

 The existing guideline for pH, established in 1979, recommended an acceptable range based primarily on minimizing corrosion. The guideline was based on the knowledge and understanding of corrosion at the time of development; however, since that time the knowledge base of corrosion control has "dramatically" advanced and improved.

 The updated document recognizes the new science and widens the range of acceptable pH to allow systems to determine the most appropriate level for their specific water quality and treatment processes, while minimizing the release of metals that could affect human health throughout the distribution system.

CWWA’s Drinking Water Quality Committee is reviewing the document and CWWA will submit comments on their behalf if there are concerns or comments.


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