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April 30, 2014

ABC, WEF Join Forces to Help Accelerate Growth of Sustainable Organics Recycling

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The Water Environment Federation (WEF) and, the American Biogas Council (ABC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will help accelerate organics recycling by jointly promoting the value of resource recovery, specifically the use of energy and products produced from biogas systems at wastewater treatment facilities.

WEF and ABC believe that wastewater treatment plants are not waste disposal facilities, but rather water resource recovery facilities that produce clean water and, through the use of biogas systems, yield renewable energy, recover nutrients (such as phosphorus and nitrogen) and produce valuable, nutrient-rich soil amendments that reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers. Biogas Systems process organic materials, like the solids, fats, oils, and grease removed by wastewater treatment, in controlled, fully-enclosed, natural biological systems that capture the methane to create renewable electricity and fuel.

Specifically, the MOU partners support: the beneficial use of biogas, digested materials and biosolids as an economically and environmentally sound energy and waste management solution for communities; the use of proven technologies that facilitate energy and nutrient recovery; encouraging federal and state legislation that promotes the use of biogas as a renewable energy source; proactive communications and public outreach to continue to build a strong base of support for products made from digested materials; continued research and sound science in regards to biosolids management; and the development of state and federal regulations.

Click here to read the Statement of Principles.


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