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Water Haller: In Praise of Leadership!

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As YOUR national association, the CWWA is a volunteer-driven organization.  While we do have 4 full-time staff (Robert, Kara, Adrian and Louisa), our direction and support comes from you the members. You write the articles, attend the conferences and make the presentations.  More importantly, you form the committees, review federal policies, formulate official comments, prepare position statements and guidance documents and create the conference program.

Then such a national association needs leadership and member representation. That’s where your Board of Directors comes into play. The Board determines CWWA’s "ends” or primary goals, sets policies to direct the staff and play that critical role of oversight. The board had met virtually over the past few years, but were able to meet in person in Halifax and re-initiate deep strategic discussions for the future of CWWA.

Members of the board represent every province and territory and each of the six regional associations - that makes for a large board that needs a leader. We have been overly-blessed with outstanding leadership over our 35 plus years. 

Normally, we get to praise these leaders each year at the National Conference as their term of office ends but, like so many things, Covid-19 put a pause on all of that. We were fortunate to have our last three Presidents at the conference in Halifax.  Clayton Tiedemann of EPCOR (2020), Rodney Bouchard of Union Water (2021) and David Main of AECOM (2022) led the CWWA through the challenges of the pandemic. They were all called to the stage to be recognized…and to congratulate our newest President, Vicki Campbell of EPCOR.

We also got to thank Greg Archibald of Pembina Valley for four years as CWWA’s Secretary-Treasurer. That role is now performed by Richard MacEwen of Charlottetown. A list of the current board for 2023 can be seen below. We have a run-off election to be held to select the next member for Alberta and Réseau Environnement is seeking a new liaison for us. 

On behalf of the staff and all the members, I want to reiterate that praise for all the members of the board, but especially the Presidents and thank you for your leadership.