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Prince Edward Island: Bill 13, the Water Act.

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The Water Act was proclaimed in February 2021 for implementation on June 16, 2021. Four regulations needed initially to implement the Act were published on February 22, 2021. They comprise:


Under these regulations all water wells drawing above the level of domestic household consumption will require a permit. Under the changes:

  • the government’s water withdrawal policy for healthy stream flow and aquatic environments is included defining acceptable levels needed to allow or prohibit extraction;
  • the minister can require a drought contingency plan for selected, large water withdrawal programs;
  • a provision is made for the construction of high capacity wells for research purposes; and,
  • a provision is made to grandfather existing clusters of low capacity wells used for agricultural irrigation (e.g. holding ponds); however, no new clusters that have the same impact as a high-capacity well will be permitted.

The regulations continue to be available online for public comment at:

Access the Water Act at: