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The GHG Reporting Program (GHGRP)

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The latest GHG emissions data, covering 2004 to 2018, reported by facilities across Canada is now available.

  • Facilities that emitted 10 kilotonnes or more of GHGs in 2018 were required to report their emissions.
  • 1,706 facilities reported a total of 295 megatonnes (Mt) of CO2 equivalent emissions for 2018. This represents 40% of Canada’s total GHG emissions and 65% of total industrial emissions.
  • Learn more about these emissions by reading our 2018 overview report, or access the emissions data directly through our web site.

Read the Overview of reported 2018 emissions
Download 2018 Facility GHG Data

Canada’s Official GHG Inventory

Environment Canada also  released the latest GHG inventory for Canada – the National Inventory Report 1990-2018: Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada, which provides the country’s annual GHG emissions and removals estimates dating back to 1990.
View the latest official GHG Inventory for Canada