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Proposal to transfer requirements from Ontario’s industrial effluent monitoring and limits regulations into Environmental Compliance Approvals and revoke the regulations

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The Ministry is proposing to transfer requirements from all nine of Ontario’s sector-specific industrial effluent monitoring and limits regulations into individual Environmental Compliance Approvals (ECA's), and then revoke these regulations, so that all wastewater operations in the same industrial sector are governed by the same legal tool to help create a level playing field within the sectors.

According to the government, revoking these regulations will not change any requirements applicable to the currently regulated facilities as the requirements will be first transferred into individual ECA's for the facilities. However, the revocation will enable the owners of these facilities to apply for ECA amendments to address changes in: production processes; production rates; raw materials used; and wastewater treatment processes, with consideration of the assimilative capacity of the water body receiving the treated effluent. Access the ERO notice at: