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Canada only recycles a tiny portion of the nation's plastic - Report

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A new Environment and Climate Change Canada report, posted on October 30, shows that less than 10% of Canadian plastic gets recycled. The report, by researchers and experts at Deloitte and ChemInfo Services, shows that 2.795 million tonnes of plastic waste end up going to landfills, while only 305,000 tonnes get recycled. Unmanaged dumps and leaks also account for roughly 29,000 tonnes of plastic waste. According to the report, Canadian plastic waste is mainly produced by factors such as "packaging (47% of total plastic waste), automotive (9%), textiles (7%), and electrical and electronic equipment (EEE 7%)”. Access the report "Economic Study of the Canadian Plastic Industry, Market and Waste” at:

With increasing concern over microplastics in water sources and entering wastewater streams, this study underlines a growing environmental problem. Finding alternative packaging and reusing existing plastic material should be a priority on both a corporate and individual level.