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Water Haller: Anticipation!

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Anticipation, anticipation...Is makin' me late...Is keepin' me waitin'.  So go the lyrics of the Carly Simon song.  The anticipation around the federal infrastructure plan and how the funds will roll out is keeping us all in anticipation.  How do we apply for the funds?  What are the priorities?  What are the requirements?  How are the funding decisions made?  We at CWWA continue to monitor and will bring whatever news we can to you as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, a lot funds did roll out from Phase 1 for immediate projects and millions are flowing through the FCM through new programs.  The Green Municipal Fund is strengthened and there are two new programs to support us through the Municipal Asset Management Program and the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program.  You can get all the details and support at: 

Other federal/national issues underway:

Lead is a serious concern for our industry.  Not just the control and reduction efforts, but the public perception. CWWA has been following Health Canada’s review and proposed changes of the guidelines for lead. CWWA’s Drinking Water Committee submitted formal comments to the Federal Provincial Territorial Committee on Drinking Water. CWWA also participated in the guideline review and submission of comments from the Canadian Affairs Committee of the the AWWA. These guideline cut the Maximum Acceptable Concentration (MAC) in half while also changing the sampling protocols. While we support the reduction of lead in drinking water, we need the federal and provincial governments to recognize some of our challenges in addressing a problem that is largely on private property. At the same time, there is a Private Members Bill being considered to discuss what greater role the federal government can play in addressing lead. CWWA has submitted comments on this as well.

Our Canadian Affairs Council of WEF has been equally busy, working with WEF on public outreach campaigns and specific efforts to produce ‘Canadian’ materials. The committee is working with WEF to ‘Canadianize’ more of their materials to be of greater use to us all. The Wastewater Committee has a new Chair (Ed Von Euw of MetroVancouver) and Vice Chair (Beth Weir of York Region) and getting active on WSER issues.  We are also looking at how we renew our national leadership on biosolids.

Summertime....and the living is easy....NOT.  Always busy here at CWWA as we prepare for the National Water & Wastewater Conference - program and registration is now available. We are also working on a few strategic items while renovating the office following a very leaky roof situation. Sneaking holidays in here and there when we can, so please be patient if you don’t get an immediate response this summer.


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