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What was formerly the largest coal-fired power plant in North America is now generating energy from the sun! The Ontario Power Generation (OPG), in partnership with the Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation and the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, announced the completion of the Nanticoke Solar project in late March, 2019. (Photo courtesy of PCL Construction).
A 4-storey ultra green building is currently being slated for construction in downtown Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, and if completed, would be the first carbon negative building in Canada. The building will feature integrated solar panels, water recycling and will even have a greenhouse on the rooftop.
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Outback Power has long been an innovator of battery-based hybrid technology with highly-successful products like the Radian and FM charge controllers. Now with the SkyBox, Outback has combined their inverter/charger, charge controller and communication technologies to create a fully-integrated solution that gives installers a serious edge in the growing grid / battery market! Contact HES PV To Pre Order your SkyBox Today!
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The findings of a new study prepared on behalf of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA), predicts a bright future ahead for Nova Scotia with respect to residential solar electricity generation. The study, funded through support of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy and Mines, forecasts potential solar installations of 22,000 homes for a total of 178 megawatts by 2030. This corresponds to 190 gigawatt hours in annual renewable electricity generating approximately 1.8 per cent of the province's total electricity consumption.
According to the 2019 edition of IRENA's annual Renewable Capacity Statistics report, renewable energy now accounts for a third of the world's power capacity, with solar energy capacity increasing by 94 GW globally over the past year.

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Researchers at the University of Windsor are looking into how to make the greenhouse sector more environmentally-friendly through the use of solar and storage.

"There was a push for a while to see if we can try to reduce the environmental footprint for some of the fuels that normally dominate the greenhouse landscape," said Rupp Carriveau, Director of UWindsor Environmental Energy Institute. "It's not as simple as wanting to rule out natural gas."
Curious to know what Tesla's massive Gigafactory might feature? Once complete, the factory in Sparks, Nevada will be the largest building in the world, as well as the largest rooftop solar array. Once complete, the building is expected to host around 200,000 solar panels on its rooftop, consist of a specialized chilled water plant which utilizes the desert's nighttime climate (and also cuts water consumption by up to 60%), and also utilizes the desert's dry air for use in manufacturing, which reduces their use of dehumidifiers.
Grasshopper currently seeking to acquire FIT projects to expand asset base.
Grasshopper Solar Corporation
With over $1 Billion in solar assets and projects in various stages across Canada, USA and Japan, Grasshopper has a proven track record of helping developers and asset owners monetize their projects while maximizing value to all. Have a project in mind? Let’s connect! Please e-mail
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Whether you're buying a solar system outright or entering a long term agreement with a solar company, This guide will help you learn the basics of solar energy, investigate important considerations for items such as home insurance, and identify what questions to ask their solar professionals.

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