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The largest net-zero institutional building in Canada has opened at Mohawk college in Hamilton, Ontario. The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation spans 96,000 square-feet and is powered by over 2,000 solar panels.
The Government of Alberta has invested $15 million in the Solar for Schools program. The solar installations will not only help offset the costs of energy used to power school operations, but they can also be integrated into school curriculum to teach students about climate change and renewable energy technology.
Earlier this month, Canada has officially joined 159 other countries as a part of the International Renewable Energy Agency. As a member, Canada can help shape the ongoing dialogue on renewable energy, and demonstrate its expertise in the field.
Welcome Skybox – Battery-Based Grid Technology
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Outback Power has long been an innovator of battery-based hybrid technology with highly-successful products like the Radian and FM charge controllers. Now with the SkyBox, Outback has combined their inverter/charger, charge controller and communication technologies to create a fully-integrated solution that gives installers a serious edge in the growing grid / battery market! Contact HES PV To Pre Order your SkyBox Today!
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Ever wondered what happens to a solar panel at the end of its life? As countries and businesses begin looking into different methods of recycling, here are three different ways old solar panels are being given a new life in the United States.
Indigenous Youth in Cuetzalan, Mexico, are using solar power as a way to elevate and maintain autonomy in their remote mountain community, while also providing meaningful employment for the younger generation.
With the number of bees and other pollinator species dwindling, researchers are looking for new ways to provide them with a safe habitat. In some solar farms, researchers are trying to learn if they can provide a better space for pollinators by replacing the grass and gravel typically found between solar panels with wildflowers.
Graybar Energy Ltd.
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May 2019
Provincial governments and consumers are focusing more on renewable energy in an effort to lower greenhouse gases and utilize more affordable sources of energy. This has created a tremendous opportunity for companies to expand their market presence in Canada. Solar Canada Conference & Exposition 2019 will provide an excellent platform to connect with industry professionals and enter this growing market.

Network with an estimated 2200 attendees and up to 100 exhibitors representing the entire supply chain: solar integration, development, engineering and EPC, equipment manufacturers, utilities, consultants, federal, provincial and municipal governments, communities, and students.
Grasshopper currently seeking to acquire FIT projects to expand asset base.
Grasshopper Solar Corporation
With over $1 Billion in solar assets and projects in various stages across Canada, USA and Japan, Grasshopper has a proven track record of helping developers and asset owners monetize their projects while maximizing value to all. Have a project in mind? Let’s connect! Please e-mail
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Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Ontario families, small businesses, and employers deserve more than high electricity bills and a lack of consumer choice. What if the new provincial government could help provide a real solution that helped you lower your electricity bill while providing you with more energy options?

Join the movement to support lower electricity bills and greater energy independence.
SOLutions digs deeper into key issues on the political and regulatory scene, and is clearly focused on the future of the solar industry. From vision to value, SOLutions engages high-level stakeholders and industry insiders in the solar industry conversations that need to happen.