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The Anaheim Convention Center is the site of EDGE 2019 Conference, and your hotel room is just steps away!
CSCMP has negotiated a discounted rate of $234, plus applicable taxes, and secured a limited number of guest rooms at the Anaheim Marriott and the Hilton Anaheim. Discounted rooms are sold on a first-come basis. You must be registered for EDGE 2019 to utilize the discounted room rate. These rates will be available until August 20, 2019.

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Have you considered earning an industry credential? The purpose, process, and preparation involved with certification examination will be discussed as we share CSCMP’s levels of SCPro Certification available to supply chain professionals.


In this presentation, you will discover why adding a credential to your name can enhance your career and open doors.


We will also discuss the different levels of SCPro Certification as well as the education and experience requirements for each. The examination process itself will also be explained. Additionally, preparation opportunities, guidance, and tips will be shared to enable you to take the exam with confidence.


Date: Mon., Mar. 25, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST 

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The Kansas City Southern Team shares it's case study that helped earn it's second place finish in the CSCMP 2018 Supply Chain Innovation Award™:


On Aug. 17, 2017, Kansas City Southern (KCS), U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Mexico’s Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT) launched a new Unified Cargo Processing (UCP) program at the international rail bridge between Laredo, TX and Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas. Instead of processing rail cars with separate non-intrusive inspections (NII) scans on both sides of the U.S. and Mexico border, the new program allows for the scanning of northbound rail cars on the U.S. side of the bridge only with a single scan shared between CBP and SAT for review by each of the respective Customs organizations.


Primarily funded by KCS, implementation of the UCP included construction of a new facility for two SAT workstations and a cable connection from the CBP-owned NII machine to the SAT facility via the CBP facility. An agreement on the new operations concept was established during several months of collaboration between KCS, the CBP Laredo Field Office and their SAT counterparts in Nuevo Laredo. As another key stakeholder at the rail crossing, collaboration with Union Pacific Railroad was also necessary. A strong working relationship between all parties was the necessary foundation for implementation. 

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Don’t look at expedited shipping as a cost center and a necessary evil. Instead, learn how to leverage technology already being used to move freight on the spot market as a benchmarking and analytics tool. Savvy shippers are using this innovative and unorthodox practice to arrive at competitive real-time freight rates, transforming costs into savings.


About the Author: 

UltraShipTMS VP of Sales & Marketing, Anthony Vitiello, is a veteran of the enterprise automation technology industry with a 25-year record of success marketing enterprise software solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. Anthony has held marketing leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies and agencies serving Silicon Valley companies through the heyday of the dot-com boom. 

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Logistics Services (Panama) S.A.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Congratulations to Jeff Belcik of Geodis for achieving SCPro™ Level One Certification: 


SCPro™ Certification is CSCMP's supply chain certification developed by and for the industry's thought leaders.


Ready to join their ranks? Click "Learn More" for information on CSCMP's supply chain certifications or email us at

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"I earned my SCPro™ Level One exam in January 2018 through the Bridge Exam. The SCPro™ Level One was very similar to other certification exams I experienced, and I leveraged that experience with the SCPro™ Level One Interactive Learning Exam to help prepare. After successfully passing SCPro™ Level One, I wanted to continue and began preparing to take the SCPro™ Level Two.


CSCMP’s materials for SCPro™ Level Two were quite different from what I had previously experienced. I used the SCPro™ Level Two Study Materials that represented 65 articles and seven knowledge areas and the practice case study. The study materials were excellent and provided fine references, and I supplemented the material with textbooks that I already had. Being able to reference literature does not hurt when dealing with an industry constantly changing and in flux.


However, studying the articles and experience is not enough to pass the SCPro™ Level Two exam.  This is a case study. Having been out of school for some time, it took some effort to get into the mode to work a case study effectively. You need to be able to address intelligently all seven knowledge areas in about 1,000 words with the key emphasis on integration. You need to be able to pull all seven areas together in your recommended solution. This is far beyond your normal multiple-choice exam format and is much closer to real life where you must justify your recommendations to your board and customers. You also need to have a good grasp of the DuPont Analysis.


The SCPro™ Level Two format and requirements really sets it apart from other certifications. This is for senior practitioners or leaders. You won't be able to succeed in this exam without experience and some scars. If you are successful, it really does indicate that you have demonstrated knowledge that can be applied to real-life situations and that you can provide an effective solution. SCPro™ goes well beyond the usual multiple-choice exam and will truly test anyone's supply chain knowledge."


Robert Semethy, SCPro™ Level 2
Managing Director-Procurement Services GmbH
Chief Procurement Officer-Erste Group


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Reduce Transportation Fuel Reimbursements
Breakthrough Fuel
Join the ranks of leading shippers utilizing a market-based approach to reimburse their carriers for fuel. Breakthrough will mobilize your lane-level data and provide market insights to remove distortion, achieve transparency, and establish fairness in your transportation network.
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The Raymond Corporation
It takes a lot to be a global leader. It takes a proud history of engineering material handling solutions that lead the way in innovation. It takes skilled and talented people committed to constant improvement. It requires a level of service that offers end-to-end solutions that anticipate customers’ needs.
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CSCMP Corporate Memberships allow companies to provide access, insight and perspective to their entire team. Corporate members receive all the benefits of a Professional Membership, plus special pricing and exclusive services tailored to meet your specific needs and create value for your organization.

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CSCMP and NASSTRAC Joint Members gain a community of 6,000+ global members, 75 percent of whom are director-level or above. Connect through 60+ global roundtables with 250+ annual events from tours to educational sessions. Receive access to NASSTRAC’s Fast Lane Content Hub for the latest transportation news attend key executive briefings and conferences produced by CSCMP.

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A special thank you to CSCMP Corporate Member, University of Tennessee, for contributing this white paper.


Integrating a supply chain under one executive can drive value but may come with its own challenges. Solutions may be found in redefining the concept of supply chain integration, which is what the Global Supply Chain Institute at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business tackles in its latest white paper.


In the course of its research, the GSCI team uncovered more than 100 best practices and culled them down to eight actionable ones. Supply Chain Integration Strategy: Best Practices provides details on the implementation of each along with examples of success stories. The study seeks to answer the question “Is end-to-end supply chain integration the right strategy for your business?” It details why leadership is critical to success in this endeavor at any level and is supplemented with an integration tool kit.


“Integrated structures are an important step in the right direction, but driving a sustained competitive advantage requires a data-based approach towards end-to-end integration of the supply chain, and that’s what this paper seeks to redefine,” said Mike Burnette, associate director of the Global Supply Chain Institute and an author of the study.

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Training and Development
Learn more about CSCMP’s SCPro™ Certification. Alison will explain how to utilize an industry certification like SCPro™ to advance in your career, and she will explain the steps you need to take to get started. This webinar will provide an in-depth overview of the entire SCPro™ Certification process and help you take the first steps to start your SCPro™ journey.


Wed., Feb. 27, 2019

noon - 1:00 PM CST

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NASSTRAC, CSCMP and TranzAct Technologies bring you part five of the Perfect Storm webinar series: “Rebuilding after the Storm: How Reviewing Practices and Procedures Can Help You Cut Costs.”


This installment will be moderated by Mike Regan, Co-Founder and Chief of Relationship Development at TranzAct and NASSTRAC’s Advocacy Chairman. Mike will be joined by another outstanding panel of industry experts who will share their insights and provide ideas that you can apply to your transportation strategy in 2019 and beyond.


After one of the most tumultuous years for transportation in decades, logistics professionals are wondering: What’s next? What has changed? And most importantly, what do I do about it?


While capacity has eased and rates have stabilized somewhat, it is clear that there is a new normal. How should shippers reassess their operations and rethink their transportation strategy in this environment?


Wed., March 6, 2019

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST


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Whether you are just starting to expand the information (attributes) you share about your products or looking to start a data clean-up effort, in this webinar GS1 experts will walk you through the principles of successful approaches to establishing data accuracy and completeness. Join GS1 to hear how you can: 

•  Learn on the basic tenets of data quality, from governance to certification
•  Advocate for the importance of treating your product data as a strategic asset
•  Establish the right foundation with unique identifiers and key attributes
•  Implement the key principles of data governance to prepare and ease data sharing with consumers and trading partners


Wed., March 6, 2019
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM CST

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Edge Conference

Get the latest Logistics Manager Index (LMI) for January 2019. The LMI is calculated using a diffusion index, in which any reading above 50 percent indicates that logistics is expanding; a reading below 50 percent is indicative of a shrinking logistics industry.


The LMI score is a combination of all of the other components that make up the index including inventory levels and costs, warehousing capacity, utilization, and prices, and transportation capacity, utilization, and prices.


Key Highlight: 

Transportation Capacity (58.33) is growing at an increasing rate (+2.1) for the third straight month. It had been in a state of contraction from June 2017 to October 2018. This likely reflects the record truck orders that were placed in the third quarter of 2018. As Transportation Capacity has increased, the rate of Transportation Price growth has trended in the opposite direction. The current index score of 69.38 represents the lowest rate of growth since December 2016. The index scores of Transportation Capacity and Transportation Price over the 29 months of the LMI® are presented in the figure below. A clear inverse relationship exists between the two, in March/April 2018, Transportation Prices were 65 points higher than Transportation Capacity. In January 2019 this gap shrunk to just over 11 points.

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Throughout the last few years of economic upheaval, supply chains have proven to be resilient and able to withstand the extreme financial stresses. Supply chain management (SCM) professionals have remained efficient and responsive. Company leaders who are able to communicate their significant and proven achievements can not only positively affect return on investment and performance at their own companies they can also give back to the industry and to their peers by sharing their stories.


For more than 10 years, supply chain teams worldwide have been submitting their cases to the Supply Chain Innovation Award™ for the opportunity to receive recognition and accolades by their industry peers on a global stage.


This award program receives approximately 50 submissions each year. A panel of reviewers, consisting of members of CSCMP's Research Strategies Committee (RSC) and the editorial board of SupplyChainBrain, narrow down those submissions to the top innovative teams who then become the finalists at CSCMP's Annual Conference.


If your supply chain team has been bursting at the seams to share the successes of their latest SCM collaborative innovations, you should consider sharing your story during the next Supply Chain Innovation Award™ competition.

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Naylor Association Solutions
Join the Arizona Roundtable for the 13th Annual CSCMP Arizona Roundtable Symposium, scheduled for Feb. 21, 2019, at GPEC Offices. Highlights of the symposium will include an Economic Outlook for the Region, Recruiting Millennials, and Sweden Case Study on Open Borders, Skybridge Presentation. In addition, learn how Intel has applied Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Analytics for the Digital Supply Chain. The symposium will also a network reception after the closing speaker. This annual symposium is designed to bring together our members and industry experts to discuss current issues in the Supply Chain Industry affecting the region.

Date: Thur., Feb. 21, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM MST

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Join the CSCMP Cincinnati Roundtable and Raymond Storage Concepts for an exclusive event all about innovation in the distribution center. Melinda Laake, Director of Advanced Solutions from The Raymond Corporation, will give a lively presentation on: •Impactful supply chain trends which are leading to vast changes in technology, automation, and general business practices  •The latest advancements in new technology, including Goods to Person automation and robotics •How best-in-class companies are adopting new technology and automation to meet customer needs.

About the Speaker
Melinda Laake is Director of Advanced Solutions at The Raymond Corporation. Her career experience spans all aspects of supply chain, allowing for a unique and holistic perspective on supply chain optimization.
Date: Thur., Feb. 21, 2019
Time: 4:30 PM - 6:30 PM EST

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Is your business driven by economic issues domestically or internationally? What effects are tariff changes affecting your supply chain? Are you interested in supply chain and economic metrics? How can I use economic forecasts to develop strategy and increase value in my supply chain? What does the future of the global supply chain have to do with your business? Want to be a part of this discussion - you will want to attend this New England Roundtable meeting!
Date: Tue., Feb. 26, 2019
Time: 7:00 AM - 9:30 AM EST

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CSCMP Utah/Idaho Roundtable is very excited to have Gail Rutkowski from NASSTRAC (National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council) and Benjamin Hart from GOED (Governor’s Office of Economic Development) come and speak at CSCMP’s February event.
Date: Thur., Feb. 28, 2019
Time:  noon - 2:00 PM MST 

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