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As you are likely aware, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and the National Shippers Strategic Transportation Council (NASSTRAC) announced earlier this year a partnership merging the two associations. 


Both CSCMP and NASSTRAC have been around for a long time. The association world is changing rapidly and has become crowded with associations representing overlapping issues. Meanwhile, companies have fewer discretionary dollars to spend on training and education. Given CSCMP’s unique focus as the one, true, end-to-end supply chain association and NASSTRAC’s in-depth focus on transportation, the partnership is a good fit benefiting both associations and, more importantly, continuing to drive value and relevance to our members.


There are significant synergies between CSCMP and NASSTRAC, and we can help each other in very meaningful ways. As this partnership deepens, our goal is to take a comprehensive look at the transportation function as it exists within the supply chain today, identify current needs in terms of education and skill development, and together generate more relevant content and education, more advocacy, and more opportunities to engage locally and through the annual EDGE conference. 


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There are countless examples of companies that were once industry leaders, but today are either laggards or out of business completely. Kodak, Polaroid, BlackBerry and Blockbuster are just a few.

Considering the pace at which industries—including ours—are being disrupted, it’s not surprising that innovation and improving customer experience have become key points of discussion for all businesses.


In this Hot Topic authored by BluJay Solutions, learn about the drivers behind supply chain innovation, barriers to innovation, companies that are prioritizing customer experience, and what that means for you.


About the Author 

BluJay Solutions delivers supply chain software and services to the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers. Transforming supply chain logistics with the BluJay Global Trade Network, we enable customers to unlock the power of more than 40,000 universally connected partners. With BluJay, companies can achieve greater trade velocity, transform their supply chain economics for disruptive advantage, and see beyond the horizon to optimize their future in the global economy.

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Your entire team needs to be aligned to deliver the best results. Get them access to today’s trending supply chain management topics, strategies and best practices with an enterprise membership with CSCMP and NASSTRAC.


Join today and give your entire team access to members-only perks, networking opportunities, education and exposure for your entire organization. Your entire team needs to be aligned to deliver the best results. Give them access to today's trending supply chain management topics, strategies and best practices with a joint membership with CSCMP and NASSTRAC.


•   Unlimited individual memberships within both associations
•   Gain access to the CSCMP and NASSTRAC communities of 7,000+ global members
•   Stay abreast of trends and best practices
•   Retain and develop your talent

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CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Congratulations to the following professionals for achieving SCPro™ Level One Certification, CSCMP's supply chain certification developed by and for the industry's thought leaders. 


Molly Rammel, Ellery Homestyles

Ryan Conner, Deposco Inc.

Taylor Tillinger

Tai Boon Tan, Malaysia Institute for Supply Chain Innovation


Ready to join their ranks? Click "Learn More" for information on CSCMP's supply chain certifications. 

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CSCMP is proud to announce that we have been honored by Camcode in their Top Supply Chain Management Conferences: 50 Events on Supplier Management, Risk Mitigation, and More to Attend in 2019.


Camcode chose CSCMP as a top supply chain conference due, in part, to the CSCMP EDGE Conference addressing some of the most pressing challenges facing supply chain management professionals today, including inventory management, supplier management, safety and quality maintenance, risk mitigation, and more.


The CSCMP EDGE Conference features keynotes from distinguished experts, ample networking opportunities, robust tracks, and access to the expertise and actionable advice for supply chain leaders.

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Please join CSCMP in giving a warm welcome to the following new Corporate Members:


• Echo Global Logistics 

• Uber Freight


CSCMP Corporate Memberships allow companies to provide access, insight and perspective to their entire team. Corporate members receive all the benefits of a Professional Membership, plus special pricing and exclusive services tailored to meet your specific needs and create value for your organization.

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Have you ever wondered how you could be featured on the CSCMP homepage, gain exposure to thousands of other supply chain professionals instantly and become the face of CSCMP members?


Apply today and be featured as one of CSCMP's "Meet a Member" and if chosen, not only will you be featured on the CSCMP homepage, but you'll be able to provide your valuable insight to other prospective members in the supply chain community on how CSCMP and CSCMP membership shaped you.


You must be a CSCMP member to be considered. CSCMP is accepting applications until November. 30, 2018.

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Training and Development
As 2018 winds down as being one of the most volatile in recent memory, transportation professionals are attempting to catch their breath, knowing that while they may have been given a “pass” for 2018, 2019 will not be as forgiving. 


We have heard the stories of larger shippers citing rising freight costs as a reason for not meeting their earnings forecast. In fact, 148 S&P500 companies mentioned “freight”, “shipping”, or “trucking” on their earnings calls. Many CEO’s are reaching out attempting to finally understand what all this “freight stuff” means to their company and their bottom line. For those companies who view freight as simply a cost of doing business a severe paradigm shift is in order. 


Now that freight has entered the board room, what does the transportation professional need to do to ensure; 1) transportation gets and keeps a seat at the table, and 2) how to speak to C-level management in terms they understand about how transportation can be a driver of customer satisfaction and increased profitability. 


To do that a few questions need to be answered. First: does your company have a written transportation management plan? Second: are we willing to bust internal silos that are preventing dialogue required to address transportation issues? Third: how do we get C-level engagement to view the allocation of resources to transportation as a critical priority? Fourth, and most important: are we willing to ask for help?


When we look at ever increasing customer requirements transportation can no longer be treated as an afterthought. Freight will impact your operations and profitability. Any changes in service level capabilities will impact inventory and procurement models. How do decisions made here impact our transportation costs? Does transportation have a seat at the table when determining this impact?


Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2018
noon - 1:00 p.m. EST

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Organizations that invest in the training and development (T&D) of their employees at all levels benefit by having strong talent pools, increased retention, lower turnover, higher employee satisfaction rates and, ultimately, healthier and strong organizations.


Interesting facts:
•    More than 70 percent of organizations cite "capability gaps" as one of their top five organization challenges
•    94 percent of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development
•    56 percent of employees say that they would spend more time learning if their manager suggested a course to improve skills
•    Top companies (defined as "mature companies") spend 34 percent more on T&D than their less mature counterparts


Attend this webinar to learn more about the professional development opportunities that exist through CSCMP.


Thursday., December 6, 2018

1:00 PM. - 2:00 PM EST

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Studies show that people who feel unhappy at work experience more stress and conflict, they are less productive, and they tend to get sick more often. But when you're happy at work, you're more collaborative, creative, motivated and life.


Research also shows that happy work environments do much better than unhappy ones, as employees are likely to be more productive, achieve overall goals and manage change and innovation with ease.


This session brings you one of the world's leading experts in happiness, Alexander Kjerulf, Woohoo inc. Learn the key to being happy at work, learn exactly what happiness is, why it matters and how to get it.


As a CSCMP member, you have exclusive access to view the replay of Alexander's keynote address during the 2018 CSCMP EDGE Conference. Use passcode "edgenashville" to watch now! 


To learn more about the CSCMP EDGE conference, visit us

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Edge Conference

Get the latest Logistics Manager Index (LMI) for September. The LMI is calculated using a diffusion index, in which any reading above 50 percent indicates that logistics is expanding; a reading below 50 percent is indicative of a shrinking logistics industry.


The LMI score is a combination of all of the other components that make up the index including inventory levels and costs, warehousing capacity, utilization, and prices, and transportation capacity, utilization, and prices.

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The CSCMP's EDGE 2019 Call for Sessions is an opportunity to educate and engage an audience of nearly 3,000 supply chain professionals from more than 30 countries and industries. You are invited to submit an education session proposal for the 2019 EDGE Conference in Anaheim, CA. If your session is selected, you will have the benefit of connecting with other conference speakers and attendees, and a chance to reinforce your reputation as a thought leader in supply chain management. All submissions must meet the requirements outlined and are due no later than Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019 by 11:59 p.m. CST. The online system must be used. Submissions sent via email will not be considered.

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In Georgia, we’ve taken advantage of our strategic location to become a global hub for trade, with the fourth busiest port in the nation, the most utilized airport in the world and two Class One rail lines. Named the best state in which to do business for four years in a row, Georgia is centrally located in the fastest growing region of the United States. Savannah’s position as the westernmost port on the Atlantic Coast provides shorter transit times and greater efficiency for American exports destined for markets overseas. This tour will give you a front row seat to see how the port moves 20,000 TEU’s per day!  It will begin with networking and lunch while hearing a brief overview of the port and how they are growing.  We will then move by bus around the port to tour the terminal, see a Crane Simulation and hopefully…get on board a vessel!


Date: November 30, 2018

Time: 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM EST

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CSCMP's SoCal Roundtable will be holding its Seventh Annual Women (and Men) Leaders in Supply Chain on December 5 at The Grand conference facility in Long Beach, CA.  Our speakers represent an excellent cross section of expertise, business models and experience. We will explore career strategies for both Women and Men, touching on education, mentorship, workplace bias and how to sustain an upward personal achievement trajectory. The Leaders presentation will be followed by scholarship awards to college students pursuing a career in the Supply Chain field. CSCMP SoCal Roundtable will award $20,000 in scholarships.


Date: December 5, 2018

Time: 2:30 PM - 6:00 PM PST

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How would you respond to a crisis if your business supplied items desperately needed after a disaster? If you worked for a non-profit, could you ensure disaster survivors received everything they needed? What if you were a government employee charged with managing logistics for emergencies? This game-based session puts you in the role of a business, non-profit, or government organization working to deliver critical commodities to a community following a disruptive event. You’ll race against time to keep supplies moving while confronting challenges common to disaster. Performance metrics will be reviewed using data visualizations, and attendees will explore strategies for addressing real world supply chain risks simulated during the session.


Date: December 5, 2018

Time: 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM PST

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The Holiday Season is officially upon us! We’re celebrating the festive season by hosting a social mixer at 730 Tavern! We have reserved a private event space for us to mix and mingle while connecting with other Supply Chain professionals within the Boston-area. Members of the CSCMP board will be in attendance to chat about current supply chain affairs. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity to make new friends in the city!


Date: December 6, 2018

Time: 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM EST

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