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2020 has been yet another year of change, innovation and growth for Supply Chain. The COVID pandemic has lasted longer than anyone could have imagined only six months ago, and as we begin to look ahead to 2021, it is undoubtedly shaping how organizations and professionals alike are planning for the year ahead. Savvy professionals reflect on learnings from the past to prepare for events in the future, and 2020 certainly provided opportunities for learning and improvement. Even for humor – remember toilet paper shortages? Though the shortages had nothing to do with demand planning or inventory management and everything to do with consumer behavior, the much-publicized toilet paper shortages managed to do a couple things. 1) Everyone in the world is now aware of supply chain as an industry, and our friends and families FINALLY have some insight into what we do for a living! And 2), the way supply chain professionals pivoted and responded to those very publicized shortages demonstrated the resilience of modern supply chains. As demand shifted, resulting from millions of people staying home who would otherwise be on the road, in office or at schools, our supply chains shifted as well. Talk about unforeseen forecasts!
So what are the lessons I take away from the last year? Well, the professionals in supply chain know they need to be ready for the unexpected, to prepare for scenarios that are unlikely, and to respond with agility and flexibility to ensure our customers are served, and yes, at the lowest possible landed cost.
Together as we look to 2021, look at your supply chains and the magnificent people who lead and manage it each and every day. It might make sense to sit down and highlight what you learned over the past year. Were there unique opportunities and ways of serving customers, born out of necessity this past year, that can now be employed and leveraged? I’ll bet the creativity of your supply chain professionals resulted in innovations as a response to what was bestowed upon them in 2020. Maybe, just maybe, you created a new way of doing business. So take a look back, take the good things from it, and look forward to a wonderful future. Remember, people are the most important aspect in any supply chain.

The results are in: 75% of supply chain and logistics professionals surveyed said their companies will be making changes to supply chain practices based on lessons learned from the pandemic. Explore this and so much more in “Creating Resilience Amid Disruption,” the 2020 Supply Chain Market Research commissioned by BluJay, conducted by Adelante SCM, in partnership with CSCMP. The study explores how supply chains will change to become more resilient and which capabilities become more important moving forward, along with revisiting trending questions on customer experience and innovation from the past two annual surveys. The online report launched today – view it here

Loadsmart has quickly established itself as the leading experts and standard for freight integrations amongst enterprise shippers. By hiring an army of data scientists and engineers and putting product first, Loadsmart has developed a suite of products that connect via Loadsmart Link, a technology agnostic integration platform which supports API and EDI integrations with shippers, carriers and partners.

With this integration, shippers are accessing dynamic, real-time pricing and guaranteed capacity backed by their network of more than half a million trucks. This is allowing shippers to move with the market, no matter how volatile it may be. Listen to CSCMPodcast today to learn how Loadsmart Leads in Freight Integrations.

Thank you to IBM Supply Chain Solutions for providing this CSCMP Hot Topic.
A company’s value rests, in large part, with its suppliers. For example, more than 50% of the value creation in manufactured products comes from suppliers.1 Your ability to collaborate effectively with the suppliers you have, while quickly onboarding new suppliers, is essential to driving competitive advantage in good times and being resilient when times are tough.
But there are challenges. The global pandemic is the ultimate example of what happens when companies in certain industries don’t have visibility beyond tier 1 suppliers and can’t quickly onboard new suppliers to address unpredictable but urgent business needs. This new reality is spurring many companies to reassess the balance between globalization and localization across their supply chain ecosystem.
Thank you Kim McQuilken of Spend Management Experts for writing this CSCMP Hot Topic.
There is always an air of uncertainty as a new year approaches. However, with so much change during 2020 one wonders what more could 2021 bring. 2020 will likely be regarded as the year in which the small parcel market was turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, driving a significant rise in e-commerce business, the likes of which we have never seen before.
Shifts from B2B to B2C shipping/residential last-mile deliveries occurred suddenly in March as the pandemic spread worldwide. FedEx and UPS reported more than 70% of total volumes were residential as compared to March when volumes were more evenly distributed between business and residential. As a result, FedEx and UPS had to adapt and readjust their networks quickly. But delays and capacity constraints occurred. To manage the increased residential demand, FedEx and UPS implemented temporary peak surcharges on Ground deliveries.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
  • Wael Qassim, Supply Chain Senior Officer, SWITCH
  • Ariadna Verdaguer Codina, Logistics Planner, Amazon and Candidate for Executive Master’s Degree in Supply Chain Management at EAE Business School
  • Clinton Morris, Warehouse Assistant Department Head, Publix Super Markets
  • Laurel Evans, Global Account Manager, XPO Logistics, Inc.
A special congratulations to John Tevis for his SCPro™ Level One Certification. John was the first participant in the SCPro™ In-Transition Program.
The SCPro™ Level One Certification offers a discounted price on the study materials and certification exam as well as a 6-month CSCMP membership to help those that have been negatively impacted professionally by the COVID-19 pandemic. To learn more and apply, click here.
COVID-19 severely hurt my income, limiting what I could do to make myself a competitive candidate for a new job. Thanks to CSCMP accepting me into the In-transition program I was able to afford the SCPro certification, build my professional network and learn from industry experts at the EDGE Conference to help me be more marketable. Having earned the SCPro™ certification I'm excited to show potential employers that I have the supply chain knowledge they want, along with the project management skills they need. I'm ready to work!” - John Tevis, SCPro™ One, PMP, PMI-ACP 
CSCMP Professional Member, Terri Danz, from Auburn, Washington was the winner of the homemade pizza making kit!
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Cisco is a technology company that believes amazing things happen when we connect the unconnected. Since their founding 35 years ago, Cisco has maintained a keen focus on solving business challenges by developing powerful technology that connects, secures, and optimizes networks across the globe. Cisco’s hardware, software, and integrated solutions empower customers and society to seize tomorrow’s digital opportunities today. 

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Technological advancements have proved to be both a blessing and a curse for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. With no precedent, the world is truly making up cyber rules as we go. And because of the difficulties involved in regulating cyberspace, it has become increasingly more dangerous to access the net without proper security measures in place. Hence the push for greater awareness in the role we all play in protecting connected devices. There has never been a greater need for device protection than now.
Information technology fuels our industries
Today, our economies are driven by technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Every industry relies on some form of information technology (IT) infrastructure. Healthcare facilities, Maritime entities, gas and oil operations, financial institutions, state hydro facilities – you name it. Every sector you can imagine makes use of technology and invariably has numerous connected devices used by employees to get their work done. This dependence leaves these establishments vulnerable and open to attack by foreign threat vectors and other unscrupulous agents.
Training and Development
Learn how leading AI solutions help you drive supply chain resiliency, agility and predictability. Enable intelligent, end-to-end visibility and transparency. Minimize the complexity of supplier onboarding and collaboration. And deliver on more customer promises.

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We are excited to have received such a positive response to CSCMP’s Winter 2020 Mentorship Program, but we need more mentor submissions. We know some of you may feel that you don’t yet have enough experience to be a mentor, but even if you’ve only been in the workforce for a few years, you can teach a lot to a student member or someone with less professional experience Share your expertise, become a role model, and strengthen your leadership skills by participating.
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Tick Tock… Time is running out!
According to the October 2020 Logistics Manager’s Index Report®, the logistics industry continues to grow at a rapid pace. The LMI is at 71.6, up more than 20 points from six months ago when it reached an all-time low of 51.3 in April 2020. The score of 71.6 is the highest score the overall index has reached since June of 2018. October’s growth is being driven by logistics metrics across the board. Firms are reporting increasing levels of inventory, contracting capacity, and increasing levels of both utilization and price.
Global political trends are making foreign exchange rates more vulnerable to fluctuations. These sudden changes can have a significant impact on global supply chain costs. The following principles can help companies create a plan to mitigate that risk.
CSCMP’s Young Professionals Committee (YPC) is organizing a virtual tour of Toyota’s Material Handling production line to provide a behind-the-scenes to students and YPs. The tour features a high-level overview of Toyota Production System/Supply Chain followed by a Q&A session.
Join the tour Friday, December 11 from 12:00 – 3:00 PM EST / 1:00 – 4:00 PM CST.

The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) in cooperation with leading Business Schools Kozminski University, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, and University of Economics in Katowice (Warsaw, Poland) invite you to an excellent opportunity to explore "Sustainable and Resilient Supply Chains" and to learn about the issues of managing global logistics and supply chains at CSCMP CEE (Central Europe) Supply Chain Conference 2020, Tuesday, November 17.

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