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How will we define 2020 in the future? As a year of change? A year of disruption? A time of innovation? As the decade for supply chain?

Recently, I wrote, “With the pandemic disrupting supply chains, industry professionals have an opportunity to create innovative solutions and rewrite the future supply chain landscape.” We are certainly traveling that path now as we rely upon the perspectives and experiences of those around us. We are creating solutions, some of necessity, some of opportunity, that we will undoubtedly rely on for years to come.

I recall a marine slogan that inspired me years ago, “Adapt, improvise, and overcome.” It was a rallying cry as the supply chain world was turning and focusing like never before on customers and consumers while simultaneously adapting to new technology. My colleagues and I improvised and created solutions that were built into our everyday supply chain execution. This included overcoming all kinds of dynamics like capacity shortages, weather-related disasters, and other types of disruptions that today’s professionals now consider standard operating procedure.

Innovation knocks infrequently, so take this opportunity to welcome it. During the uncertainties in which we find ourselves, we are still facing the disruptions and innovations we have been discussing for years like blockchain, artificial intelligence and deep machine learning, drone technology, and more. COVID-19 entered our reality and our focus immediately shifted from these strategic innovations to the urgent and necessary like securing our supply availability, making massive switches to alternative channels due to the shutdown, and instilling a relentless focus on safety for both our employees and the customers we serve. We’ve altered delivery processes, installed new safety and security protocols, upgraded our technology to support new channels with speed and accuracy. And we did most of this while simultaneously adjusting to working from our homes.

CSCMP’s 31st Annual State of Logistics Report® indicates that 2019 U.S. business logistics costs rose slightly to $1.63 trillion, or 7.6% of 2019’s $21.43 trillion GDP. The report is aptly titled, “Resilience tested.” The “big picture” may be hard to grapple with at the moment as we’re still in our journey through the pandemic, but the report features some of the strengths in 2019, highlights of what we are facing currently, and a lens of what we should consider in the future. Creativity is alive and well, innovation continues to be a foundational element of modern day supply chain management, and CSCMP stays on top of this for you, we care, and we want you to stay connected.

CSCMP’s EDGE 2020 Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition has innovated like never before – for the first time in history we are 100% “Virtual.” EDGE 2020 Live! is where industry meets community in a true commitment to end-to-end supply chain education. Supply chain’s premier event™ has been re-imagined as a virtual experience unlike anything you have seen! Scheduled over three and a half days and featuring even more access to relevant content and industry thought leaders, EDGE 2020 will deliver a digital experience where attendees can learn, interact, and connect with professionals from anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain is still a people business. It’s our people who innovate, together, in our connected and never wavering supply chain community.
Join us at EDGE 2020 Live! Tuesday, September 22 for Re-building a Supply Chain Through Authenticity, Engagement and Problem Solving:
  • Over the past four years, Target has transformed from a bricks & mortar store with an e-commerce side business, into a fully integrated omnichannel retailer that successfully uses stores as local fulfillment hubs.
  • The transformation required massive changes to the company’s supply chain. Inventory management, transportation and automation look much different today, and the company continues making bold moves in emerging capabilities.
Hear about the journey first hand, from Target’s chief supply chain & logistics officer. Learn about pain points and success stories, as well as key leadership lessons in change management, talent development, diversity and inclusion.
Arthur Valdez, Jr. is executive vice president, chief supply chain and logistics officer for Target. He oversees all functions of Target’s global supply chain and logistics network, including inventory management, purchase orders, replenishment, fulfillment, global transportation, logistics and distribution.

He joined Target in March 2016, bringing more than 20 years of leadership experience in the retail supply chain and warehousing industry. Valdez has spent his career building supply chain networks around the world. His prior roles include senior leadership positions at Amazon and Walmart.

He graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in production operations management. The son of Mexican-American and Cuban parents, Valdez was the first member of his family to attend college. Today, he volunteers his time to mentor other first-generation and minority college students. He also serves on the Colorado State University Global Leadership Council and the board of directors for Shipt, an internet delivery service and Target subsidiary.

CSCMP’s 31st Annual State of Logistics Report® was released via a webinar presentation for CSCMP members on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. The 2020 report, written by Kearney and presented by Penske Logistics, highlights several wins for the industry in 2019, and shows that while supply chain has been battered, it is not broken.

For more than three decades, the report has offered a snapshot of the American economy through the lens of the logistics sector in the overall supply chain. It is a rigorous compilation of leading logistics intelligence from around the world, shines a spotlight on industry trends, and offers key insights on the ever-evolving industry supply chains.

Want to go more in depth? The Annual State of Logistics Report® along with its supplements are a CSCMP member benefit (valued at $495). Become a CSCMP member today for the professional membership price of $325 and gain complimentary access to the report and many other member only benefits.

Join us for the report presentation during CSCMP's EDGE 2020 Live! Conference and Exhibition September 20-23, 2020.

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Written by CSCMP Corporate Member Erik Olson, Managing Director, Strategy & Consulting, Supply Chain & Operations, North America Lead, Accenture. Thank you for sharing this Hot Topic with CSCMP.
Supply chains have traditionally been linear and inflexible, built to support multiple segments at scale with single products. With the onset of digital technologies and the COVID-19 crisis, this scenario has shifted. Customers and consumers are now in the driver’s seat, demanding tailored, customized products, services and experiences in real time.
Written by CSCMP Corporate Member, Lorin Seeks of Convoy. Thank you for sharing this Hot Topic with CSCMP.
Convoy recently announced their new predictive crash capability that uses machine learning and automation to qualify safe drivers into their freight network, yielding 16% fewer accidents versus the industry average. This not only helps keep the roads safer, but it also increases on-time deliveries and cost savings for shippers, with lower claim rates and fewer cargo incidents. Commercial crashes are one of the major contributors to cargo loss, which is estimated to exceed $50 billion globally every year. Today, Convoy experiences a cargo claim less than once per 2,000 loads, whereas the industry experiences a cargo claim about once per 100 loads.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Matthew A. Waller, Ph.D., will receive the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals' (CSCMP) 2020 Distinguished Service Award during the CSCMP EDGE 2020 Live! Conference and Exhibition Opening General Session, September 20, 2020.

Matthew A. Waller, Ph.D. is Dean of the Sam M. Walton College of Business. He is also Professor of Supply Chain Management and holds the Sam M. Walton Endowed Leadership Chair in Business at the University of Arkansas.
CSCMP is excited to announce Cisco and Raymond as winners of the Supply Chain Innovation Award™ (SCIA) Video Contest!
The SCIA recognizes teams who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and return on investment for a significant supply chain challenge.
Cisco and Raymond beat out four other semifinalist teams who submitted videos on their latest innovation. These are the winning case studies:
  • Cisco Factory Quality Automation: Exceeding Customer Expectations and Streamlining Operations
  • Raymond's Virtual Reality Helps Solve a Real-World Labor and Skills Challenge
Cisco and Raymond join DLT Labs (ft. Walmart Canada), FourKites (ft. Land O’Lakes) and Intel (competing with two different studies) as the six SCIA finalists that will compete at EDGE 2020 Live! by presenting their innovation to a judging committee and a live audience.
Thank you for your support and involvement!
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"Get involved and get excited about what CSCMP can offer to your professional growth. It became evident to me early on in my career that a company can have the best of products, but if their strategy does not incorporate an integrated supply chain and logistics strategy, the concept will fail. Supply Chain is about the DNA and integration to excellence in execution."
"Originally joined CSCMP after college over 20 years ago for career networking. Rejoined in 2013 after founding Ten Count Consulting to get better connected with peers and trends in supply chain. Have joined several other professional organizations, but found the networking, information, events and overall membership to be much more engaging in CSCMP."
Experts in frictionless supply chain execution and global trade, BluJay Solutions is helping companies worldwide move goods efficiently, safely, and on time through the fastest-growing collaborative network in the industry. BluJay’s innovative supply chain software and services are trusted by the world’s most progressive retailers, distributors, freight forwarders, manufacturers, and logistics service providers.
FourKites has pioneered the industry shift to real-time supply chain visibility, enabling shippers to improve on-time delivery and orchestrate their supply chains based on actionable data and predictive intelligence. With the largest visibility network in the world, which includes more than 380 of the world’s largest shippers and coverage in more than 80 countries, FourKites uses market-leading machine learning to track nearly 1 million shipments at any given time. 
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Written by Donna Palumbo-Miele, CSCMP Board of Director/Chair, Sustainable Supply Chain Committee & Alexis Bateman, Director, MIT Sustainable Supply Chains. 
What does supply chain sustainability mean to you or your organization? How has your supply chain evolved from 2019 to 2020 and what may that trajectory be in 2022?
CSCMP and MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics (CTL) teamed up to explore how sustainability practices are being implemented in global supply chains and what that means for companies and professionals. This first annual edition of the report addresses numerous dimensions of supply chain sustainability and provides a snapshot to inform both supply chain professionals and future business strategy.
As your professional association, CSCMP is committed to both developing and arming supply chain professionals to be successful in their pursuit of excellence throughout their careers, as well as advancing our discipline and accomplishing CSCMP’s mission of a truly integrated, end-to-end supply chain. To that end, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) has partnered with MIT CTL to produce the first annual report. This year’s study tackles the pressure to act, how goals and investments are aligned (or not), corporate preferences for reporting mechanisms, as well as the role of the supply chain professional in sustainability. Insights were brought together from across industries, geographies, and roles to understand what supply chain sustainability looked like in 2019 at a high level to enable more informed decision making.  
The State of Supply Chain Sustainability 2020 Report research approach had three pillars: an anonymous survey of supply chain professionals, cross-industry executive interviews, and a systematic review of media coverage and corporate social responsibility reports. We believe that this approach will underpin a report that meets demands for information on supply chain sustainability that are not being met by current past research in this area.
Commentary supplied by CSCMP Corporate Member, Cybeta/Liberty Advisor Group
Beginning in September 2019 and announced in mid-June 2020, a team of Israeli security researchers began investigating the code of a little-known Cincinnati-based software company called Treck, Inc. Treck is a leading provider of high-performance TCP/IP solutions for today's embedded applications. These products affect more than a dozen industries from industrial devices and power grids to home devices such as printers and IoT-enabled refrigerators.
At the same time, an Israeli company known as JSOF discovered more than 19 zero-day vulnerabilities in the networking layer of the TCP/IP protocol which is the backbone of internet-based communications. The team dubbed the group of zero-days Ripple20. The JSOF team came up with the name as they realized the magnitude these vulnerabilities will have on the global software supply chain if left unpatched.
These zero-day vulnerabilities allow for remote code execution (RCE). Given that the affected products can be found in the millions operating online, the attack surface for anyone exploiting Ripple20 is enormous.
Training and Development
Join us 12 PM CDT, Wednesday, July 29, 2020 for The New Normal of Teaching Supply Chain Management – Tools for Classroom Success.
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the face of higher education, especially in the area of teaching. At most institutions, course delivery models have shifted to include the integration of online and distance-based formats, requiring new and innovative ways of engaging and educating students. This webinar brings together a panel of SCM scholars to discuss issues involved in teaching SCM topics in this new reality. The panelists will draw on their accumulated experiences and expertise in the area of online instruction to provide participants with a set of tips and techniques to consider when preparing for teaching in the Fall, and beyond.
Webinar hosted by Dan Gilmore, Chief Marketing Officer - Softeon
Thursday, July 30 ︱ 10:30 AM CDT
Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are very mature, but continue to reinvent themselves to meet changing market needs.

This fast-paced broadcast, with Softeon's Dan Gilmore, will look at five key recent developments in WMS technology that are taking the category to whole new levels of performance after nearly 20 years of mostly incremental progress. Not to be missed by anyone interested in Warehouse Management solutions.

Dan Gilmore is one of the most recognized names in Supply Chain, as founder and editor of pioneering on-line publication Supply Chain Digest, and now as CMO at leading supply chain software firm Softeon. He is a known expert in Warehouse Management Systems.
According to June's Logistics Manager Index, the logistics industry continues to recover from April’s all-time low overall score of 51.3, following May’s reading of 54.5, with an overall LMI score of 61.7, the highest reading since February 2019. The reopening of the economy has played a role, with downstream firms reporting a significant surge in retail on-hand.This, combined with the already high levels of stock have driven up inventory metrics. The two readings in inventory and warehousing are continuations of trends observed last month, the major difference in June was the comeback of transportation, with both Transportation Utilization and Transportation Prices up by double digits. With the new round of COVID-19 outbreaks and the potential to re-shutter portions of the economy, whether or not this upswing will continue is anyone’s guess. For the moment however, the LMI is reporting growth levels not seen since late 2018.
Researchers at Arizona State University, Colorado State University, Rochester Institute of
Technology, Rutgers University, and the University of Nevada, Reno, and in conjunction
with the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) issued the June report.
CSCMP will again be offering the SCPro™ Bridge Exam at EDGE 2020 Live! The SCPro™ Bridge Exam was created for professionals that already hold a previously earned credential or advanced degree similar to SCPro™. 
Edge Conference

EDGE 2020 Live! Virtual Experience︱Take the Tour

We’re excited to announce that CSCMP’s EDGE Supply Chain Conference — supply chain’s premier event—has been re-imagined as a virtual conference experience. Scheduled over three and a half days and featuring even more access to relevant content and industry thought leaders, EDGE 2020 will be brought to you via an online events platform where attendees can learn, interact and connect with people from anywhere in the world.

CSCMP’s EDGE 2020 Live! Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition virtual experience features a mix of live sessions, video and chat interactive opportunities, keynotes, fireside chats, and breakout sessions over the course of three days. Learn more about our virtual conference venue in this virtual tour.

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Registration includes complete access to EDGE 2020 Live! and Academic Research Symposium sessions, networking, exhibit hall AND access to all content for 90 days after the event. The Academic Research Symposium will also feature two additional workshops specifically for academia professional development, poster sessions, SIG discussions, panel discussions and research presentations. 
Cleveland Roundtable: CRC Presents the State of Transportation - Learn more and register!
August 5, 2020 | 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm EST | Cleveland, OH
Join Chris Johnson, Cleveland Research Company’s Sr. Analyst – Transportation Sector (air, land, rail, ocean, 3PL), to get ahead of key themes and trends in transportation. The CRC is an independent research firm with a reputation for exceptional ground-level intelligence across the consumer, industrial, agriculture, healthcare, and technology industries, identifying key business inflection points. Their independent research provides customers with the insights needed to gain conviction behind their high-stakes investment and business decisions. They are committed providing the most accurate and reliable research product in the market. Login details will be forwarded to registered attendees. Free to CSCMP Members. Non-Member Price: $15.00.
New England Roundtable: Virtual Supply Chain Trivia Night - Learn more and register!
August 6, 2020 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST | Cambridge, MA
Columbus Roundtable: Forum–Contemporary Issues in Risk and Resiliency - Learn more and register!
August 13, 2020 | 11:30 am – 1:00 pm EST | Columbus, OH
Jacksonville Roundtable: How the World of Cargo Claims Is Changing Post COVID-19
*ON DEMAND EVENT* | Jacksonville, FL
Lina Jasutiene, an entrepreneur and international shipping attorney, is an expert in marine insurance and cargo transportation with strong business acumen. Prior to founding Recoupex to fix the cargo claims refund experience in global trade, Lina worked with one of the biggest shipping lines in the country. She witnessed the implications of unrecovered claims for cargo owners, traders and insurers. Lina is passionate about merging technology and industry expertise to create a radically better customer experience and to substantially reduce losses for shippers globally. The event link will be forwarded to registered participants after registration. Free to CSCMP Members. Nonmember Price: $5.00.