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For 58 years, CSCMP has hosted supply chain’s premier event, the EDGE Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition, providing attendees from all over the world with the opportunity to be empowered with new ideas and connections to be utilized throughout their careers.

This year, we will achieve a new memorable event in that EDGE 2021 will be one of the very first, face-to-face events of its kind in the supply chain management discipline post the COVID-19 health crisis and pandemic. The CSCMP staff, member volunteers and expert contributors are working hard to not only deliver the same quality content, access, and value you have known us for, but to also pivot and find ways to bring an appropriate spotlight and opportunity to discuss the trending and important topics that have arisen since we convened last in 2019. Topics like innovation, talent, DE&I, transportation optimization, digitization, supply chain visibility, and so much more. It is simultaneously a tremendous opportunity and a great responsibility.  
Your EDGE 2021 experience will indeed be different than in previous years. There will be moments of social awkwardness as we greet one another. Fist bumps, hugs, or waves, I challenge you to embrace it. Seize the opportunity to network with real people, your professional peer group, face-to-face while doing so, safely.
As an organization, CSCMP exists to CONNECT, EDUCATE and DEVELOP, but we also sit on the leading edge as a witness to and shaper of supply chain history. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn, to lean into the content delivered via the educational sessions and skill up with ideas and resources that you can utilize for your own career development. It is an investment in yourself and your career. Do not underestimate the power of relationships … relationships that matter. That’s CSCMP.
Finally, CSCMP believes that education is the foundation of continuous improvement. We, as supply chain professionals and ambassadors, never stop learning, never stop giving. We care about you; we care about your customers. We are confident that the EDGE conference will provide you with a broader, deeper vision of the profession; the opportunity to participate in relevant learning programs and networking activities; and the inspiration to enhance your personal and organizational development, and I personally hope to see you there.
It's the final countdown to CSCMP's EDGE 2021 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition.

With 500+ companies in attendance, expect to network, exchange ideas, and share best practices as you enjoy the company of our members and supply chain community at large!

Flip through the EDGE 2021 Interactive Guide and visit our online session search tool to plan your EDGE agenda.
You can filter your search by date, track, or speaker. You can even see what sessions will be livestreamed and on-demand NOW! Register for EDGE 2021 today!
Congratulations! Your products have been deemed a good fit for nationwide customers, and your business is worthy of partnerships with giant retail outlets like Publix, Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, Albertson’s, and Aldi.
We know that all the distributors and retailers you sell wholesale to are important, but landing a major “big box” retailer is a bit more specialized. Whether you’ve just started, or have been a supplier for a few years, it’s a different business to the one we all grew up with. While the pressures a big box store faces are the same as the rest of the retail sector, the scale of its operations is much larger and the competition is more intense. Its size is a double-edged sword—its footprint of stores and operations means there are more places to be affected by market disruptions, yet it has the resources to not only weather the storm, but profit from it too.
While there are many advantages to being a supplier to a major retailer, the opportunity often comes with its own unique challenges. These retailers often demand a lot of their suppliers and are quick to issue fees and chargebacks if you don’t meet their demands. To be successful as a big box supplier, you need to spend some time educating yourself about the challenges major retailers face in today’s marketplace and what that means for the companies that partner with them. Additionally, there are some proven tips and tricks to help you navigate these challenges and get the most out of the relationship.
The food industry is undergoing massive changes. Along with shifting consumer preferences, shopping and eating habits underwent a massive change in 2020, markedly accelerated by the pandemic. As those global challenges unfolded, the importance of agility in the food supply chain became clearly apparent as well as the need for the digital modernization of our food system.
Thank you to CSCMP Corporate Member Angela Fernandez, Vice President of Community Engagement at GS1 US for sharing this Hot Topic.
Red Classic Transportation Services, LLC
Vecna Robotics
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the only publication covering the entire global supply chain, announces the winners of its 2021 Women in Supply Chain award.
The Women in Supply Chain award honors female supply chain leaders and executives whose accomplishments, mentorship and examples set a foundation for women in all levels of a company’s supply chain network. This year’s list includes individuals from software and service providers, consultancies and academia, trucking and transportation firms, professional development agencies, sourcing and procurement divisions, and more, all who have helped supply chain clients and the supply chain community at large prepare to meet many of today’s—and tomorrow’s—challenges.
“These women are just absolutely amazing in so many ways. They’ve re-tooled, re-innovated and revamped how the world sees the supply chain and logistics industry. They’ve paved the way for future female supply chain leaders to become a part of an industry that matters. Because women in the supply chain matter. And, some of these women are young, which means, they’re just getting started,” says Marina Mayer, Editor-in-Chief of Supply & Demand Chain Executive and Food Logistics. “I’m honored to recognize and celebrate the achievements of so many female supply chain leaders.”
Visit to view the full list of 2021 Women in Supply Chain winners.
CSCMP offers a big congrats to our recent CSCMP SCPro™ Level One Passers: Sneha Patil, Melany Perez Cortes, EAE Business School (Madrid, Spain), Victor Manuel Pontiveros Bermejo, EAE Business School (Madrid, Spain), and Valentin Moraleda Mesa, EAE Business School (Madrid, Spain)
SCPro™ Certification is a three-tiered program that assesses progressive knowledge and skills across integrated supply chain activities. This process validates an individual’s ability to strategically assess business challenges and effectively implement supply chain improvements through the analysis of real-world case studies and developing a comprehensive project plan to achieve results such as a positive ROI.
How to scale up for peak fulfillment
6 River Systems, Inc®
It’s never too early to start thinking about peak preparation, especially if your business experiences several seasonal spikes throughout the year.

To get ready for peak season, it’s now time to evaluate processes, from hiring seasonal labor to managing accurate inventory.

Read on to learn how you can:
  • Implement flexible labor strategies to meet demand
  • Stay ahead with “just in case” inventory
  • Achieve customer satisfaction
Learn More
CSCMP Featured Members
"I joined CSCMP in September 2019. I had a background in logistics humanitarian. I had worked for United for Children for 7 years. And I realized that I have a lack of knowledge in manufacturing logistics. When I arrived at the United States of America, I was looking for a group of people that share my passion, make a rational decision, and reflect every day to grow the supply chain and I found it in CSCMP. For the new member, be active. Try to participate to the mentorship program. This program is helpful. You will meet incredible people that will work with you on your journey in supply chain. In addition, there are many workshops that can help a member develop their skills."
"I joined CSCMP in 2008. I was introduced to the organization by fellow CSCMP member Michelle Carroll who invited me to a San Francisco Roundtable event that she was hosting. I thoroughly enjoyed the panel and networking with other local supply chain professionals and up-and-coming students. CSCMP’s mission is to connect, educate and develop supply chain management professionals throughout their careers and that really resonated with me. I wanted a top-notch network I could call on when I ran into challenges, and I found that with my peers at CSCMP. I jumped at the chance to participate on the local board and later became the President. Get involved! The membership benefit I find the most valuable is the networking. The best way to get involved is to attend your local roundtable events in your area and of course the Edge Conference every year. I’ve made long-lasting trusted connects that have truly helped me along my career. It’s reassuring that if I am facing a challenge, I can pick up the phone and have resources at my disposal. The networking coupled with the continuing education opportunities make CSCMP an incredible value."
The Global Supply Chain Institute (GSCI) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville is a hub, a global network of influence where the boldest supply chain professionals and industry leaders connect with the brightest emerging talent.
nVision Global has more than 500 company Associates in 12 countries globally that execute the various supply chain services for their customers ensuring they are provided with immediate response in their language and expected service deliverables. 
Kinaxis Inc.
CSCMP's new Basic Membership for only $179, is an affordable membership option which provides access to a wide variety of member benefits:
  • Preferred pricing at local roundtable events and access to CSCMP research and publications, such as the annual State of Logistics Report™, and more.
  • Access to member-only resources, like webinars and the member directory, career resources, networking opportunities, mentorship, volunteer and leadership opportunities, and preferred pricing on SCPro™ Certification materials.
Basic Membership does not include preferred pricing for EDGE. If you plan to attend CSCMP’s annual EDGE Conference, then Premier Membership will be the best option.
We're happy to welcome new CSCMP Enterprise Member Tech Mahindra and Corporate Members: Generix, Logistics Freight Solutions, Inc., Honeywell, and BlueGrace Logistics.

CSCMP's customizable memberships offer education, access to supply chain research, networking and exposure to elite C-level conversations via members-only webinars, workshops, and the global CSCMP EDGE annual conference. Connect with a CSCMP Account Manager today to build a custom package for your team. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Consumer Brands Association, CSCMP, GS1, Accenture, Coyote Logistics, Vector, and dozens of shippers, carriers, 3PLs, and retailers have spent the past year working together to create an open eBOL industry standard for digital pickup and delivery. We're thrilled to announce a working and proven standard that is already implemented in several supply chain networks.

Learn more today! 

In a recently published white paper, leading third-party logistics provider The Shippers Group asks, “How does a third-party (3PL) warehousing company thrive during the middle of a global crisis?” Within this publication, The Shippers Group utilizes its 120-year history and years of growth to examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as reimagine the future for 3PL warehouses.
Their first-hand experience in navigating this uncharted territory reveals that 3PL warehouses can not only adapt—but thrive—amidst this rapidly evolving environment. How a 3PL Warehouse Successfully Navigated the COVID-19 Global Pandemic details how The Shippers Group adapted in the face of crisis to ensure continued stability and exceptional service.
“Our ability to manage these high volumes is credited to the fact that we have really zeroed in on sustainable and robust start-up processes,” said Rob Doyle, President of the company. “Organic growth is one of the cornerstones for our continued profitable growth and two of our three start-ups during the pandemic have been from existing customers, which aligns with our strategic plan and allows us to showcase our operations prowess in uncertain times.”
Looking ahead to the future, the white paper shares first-hand details about how 3PL warehouses can adapt to these new realities. Areas of focus include operational best practices, continuity planning, employee training, recruitment, and retention, sustainability, automation, and financial health. Also included is a 3PL start-up checklist. Download the whitepaper today!
Training and Development
If you have been in transportation for a while and are looking to improve your knowledge, this course is for you. In this virtual training, led by Gail Rutkowski, Executive Director of NASSTRAC along with Stephanie Webb, Manager – Sales Planning & Support from Yellow Freight, we'll expand on topics covered in our Fundamentals course, as well as additional topics to improve and expand upon your knowledge of transportation.
Join CSCMP’s Young Professionals Committee for a virtual facility tour with Tompkins Robotics, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solutions, on August 27, 2021 at 12 pm EDT.
You will receive an overview of the world’s first, portable automated sortation system, tSort, and gain a greater understanding of how robotics and automation are being deployed to make supply chains smarter and more efficient for the future. The tour will conclude with a Q&A session with leadership from Tompkins Robotics. *Must be a current CSCMP Young Proffesional or Student member.
According to the July Logistics Manager’s Index Report®, the overall index is 74.5, down from June’s reading of 75.0. The current reading is tied for the third-highest in the history of the index. This marks six consecutive months, and nine out of the last 11, with a reading above 70.0. The average overall reading through the last six months is 73.2 – the highest half-year average through any point in the LMI. High LMI levels have been observed before, but never for this extended period of time. Recent reports of record-high container costs and virtually no storage capacity suggest that this extended burden is beginning to take its toll. 
Are you shopping more online than ever before? So are your customers.
The shift from in-store shopping to a reliance on e-commerce has never been more apparent. Evolving consumer behavior, alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, has forced businesses and brands to accelerate and refine their digital presence, so they can effectively support purchase decisions.
Watch the webinar replay to hear experts from Target, CSCMP's Past Board Chair Brian Gibson, and GS1 US discuss:
  • How to harness precise identity to achieve accurate search results, inventory management, and faster fulfillment as the supply chain evolves
  • The challenges of inventory visibility and fulfillment profitability—for brands, grocers, and mass merchants
  • Tips on how to solve problems with autonomous retail using a "good, better, best" approach
Edge Conference
We're proud to announce our EDGE 2021 Monday Keynote Jim Cafone, Vice President of Network Design & Performance at Pfizer Global Supply (PGS)!

Jim will share Pfizer's journey during his Monday morning session: Light Speed: The Race for a COVID Vaccine.

Jim Cafone is responsible for business development, supply network design, Pfizer’s production system, performance reporting, analytics, and decision science. He is also responsible for the global manufacturing network design for the BioNTech/Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine.

Jim has worked at Ford Motor Company, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and Pfizer. Throughout his career, he has held senior positions within the manufacturing, supply chain planning, customer order management, physical distribution, customs compliance, integrated business planning, information technology, corporate and supply chain strategy and business development.

Jim holds a B.S. in Industrial Engineering, and an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, from the University of Rhode Island. He also holds an M.S. in Technology Management from the University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering and the Wharton Business School. 
Join 120+ exhibitors showcasing the latest and most cutting-edge products, tech, and systems equipment at the Supply Chain Exchange during EDGE 2021. Become an official exhibitor today to position YOUR brand as a global innovator and leader in the end-to-end supply chain.
HURRY: Sign up today before we sell out of premium exhibit space!
The Academic Research Symposium (ARS) is proudly considered the foremost event for research in supply chain management and logistics (SCML). This event was created to bring scholars from around the world and from all disciplines into the SCML discussion.

The ARS begins Saturday, September 18, from 1:00 pm – 8:30 pm EDST and Sunday, September 19, from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm EDST. Your EDGE 2021 registration includes the ARS, however if you only plan to attend the ARS, you can register separately.

Saturday afternoon will kick off with a case study workshop and a practitioner panel and end with the Meet the Academics Reception. Sunday will be full of research, teaching innovation and poster presentations.

Register for ARS only OR Register for EDGE 2021 & ARS today!
Naylor Association Solutions
Cleveland Roundtable: Port of Cleveland Tour
August 17, 2021 | 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm EDT | Cleveland, OH
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Columbus Roundtable: Summer Seminar
August 20, 2021 | 8:00 am – 12:00 pm EDT | Columbus, OH
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Dallas Fort Worth Roundtable: Ulta Beauty DC Tour
August 23, 2021 | 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm CDT | Dallas, TX
Chicago Roundtable: Summer Soiree at Wrigley Field
August 24, 2021 | 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm CDT | Chicago, IL
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