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A Special Message from CSCMP President & CEO Mark S. Baxa
On behalf of a grateful organization, I wish to thank you for your contributions and engagement throughout 2023.
CSCMP celebrated its 60th anniversary this year, a legacy of people coming together to sustain CSCMP’s mission to connect, educate, and develop supply chain professionals throughout their careers. In this year alone, we rounded out the “learning and development” model under the SCPro™ brand, added in new products, including the new CSCMP Executive Supply Chain Leadership Academy, the Executive Inner Circle (EIC), and presented the first-of-its-kind report on the critical to digital success; State of the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain. These are just some of the additions in our member-advantage lineup. We also created the Centers of Excellence platform starting with Transportation and there will be much more in 2024! Above all, membership has grown to new levels, setting the stage for organizational growth and capability into the future.
This holiday season, I wish you the very best and look forward to seeing what we can do together in the year ahead.
Happy Holidays!

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The looming 2024 General Rate Increase (GRI) is almost here. Small package shippers around the United States are bracing themselves for one of the biggest price hikes we’ve seen in years. When it comes to parcel, it's easy to play defense. Carriers make changes, shippers make reactionary moves to help offset said changes. A never-ending cycle. But there's a lot more to this reactive pattern that meets the eye. Shippers, especially in today's parcel market, can play offense. Continue reading and we'll break down the 2024 GRI and uncover what carriers might not be eager to disclose to shippers like you
Thank you to CSCMP Corporate Member JT Nixon, Director of Parcel at LynnCo Logistics for sharing this Hot Topic!
One of today's most exciting applications of technology is in computer vision systems inside warehouses. Smart cameras capturing data and images can improve quality, productivity, and worker safety.
Thank you to CSCMP Corporate Member Holman Logistics for sharing this Hot Topic!
Manhattan Associates, Inc.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Congratulations to our recent SCPro™ Level One Certification recipient, Connor Kelly, Governors State University.
SCPro™ Certification is a three-tiered program that assesses progressive knowledge and skills across integrated supply chain activities. This process validates an individual’s ability to strategically assess business challenges and effectively implement supply chain improvements through the analysis of real-world case studies and developing a comprehensive project plan to achieve results such as a positive ROI.
Award season is just around the corner! The nomination and submission period will run from January 8 through February 9, 2024. Read below for details on each award.
To preserve the history of some of the greatest, life-changing innovations and inventions from around the world and to honor the leaders who have made the supply chain management industry what it is today, we created CSCMP's Supply Chain Hall of Fame. 
The Hall of Fame signifies the lifelong accomplishments of those members of our industry who have truly improved the world we live in.
Congratulations to the 2023 Supply Chain Hall of Fame Inductee Lynn Fritz, Chairman and CEO of Fritz Companies.
The Distinguished Service Award is the industry's most prestigious honor, bestowed upon an individual for significant achievements in the logistics and supply chain management industry. Presented annually, the award was instituted in 1965 as a tribute to logistics pioneer John Drury Sheahan.
Any individual who has made significant contributions to the fields of logistics and supply chain management are eligible to receive the Distinguished Service Award.
Congratulations to the 2023 CSCMP Distinguished Service Award Recipient, Ted Stank. 
The Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award (GR-TEA) recognizes companies or individuals that have excelled in using their knowledge, connections, and industry expertise to educate, support and create long-term impact through excellence in transportation-related fields.
The GR-TEA is named for the former Executive Director of NASSTRAC, Gail Rutkowski who has dedicated a lifetime of service to the trade as a shipper, carrier representative and consultant; also serving as a champion and advocate of the transportation industry.
Congratulations to the winner of the 2023 Gail Rutkowski Transportation Excellence Award, Mike Regan. 
The Supply Chain Innovation Award (SCIA) recognizes teams who have demonstrated excellence, innovation, and return on investment for a significant supply chain challenge.
To participate in this esteemed competition, your team needs to submit a case study on your innovation. If selected as a finalist, your supply chain innovation will serve to educate and provide valuable insights, lessons, and applicable takeaways via a dedicated presentation at EDGE 2024.
Congratulations to the 2023 Supply Chain Innovation Award™ (SCIA) winner, “Global Reusable Packaging Supplier Transforms Supply Chain with Roambee's AI-Driven Asset Intelligence” – presented by Vidya Subramanian, Vice President at Roambee. 
CSCMP’s Emerging Leader Award (ELA) recognizes up-and-coming leaders in the supply chain management field for their meaningful contributions to the profession.
To qualify, the nominee must be 32 years-of-age or under at the time of submission and an active member of CSCMP. Help us acknowledge deserving candidates by nominating an outstanding young professional you know!
Congratulations to the 2023 Emerging Leader Award recipients Mukul Parkhe, Lead Industrial Engineer at DHL Supply Chain, and Jonathan Porter, Founder & CEO at PorterLogic.

CSCMP presented the 2023 Supply Chain Sustainability Award to Pasha Hawaii at the EDGE 2023 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition.
The annual Supply Chain Sustainability Award honors an individual or team who exemplifies significant, positive, and genuine impact in advancing environmental, social and/or economic sustainability in the supply chain.
Watch the webinar on-demand now, featuring Edward F. Washburn, Senior Vice President, Fleet Operations of Pasha Hawaii, and Matthew S. (Matt) Mallard, Head of Transport Flow Optimization Americas within Service Market Logistics of Volvo Group. 

Watch the presentation on-demand today!

CSCMP presented the Bernard J. LaLonde Best Paper Award to Ellie C. Falcone, Brian S. Fugate, & David D. Dobrzykowski, from Texas Christian University and Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas, for their paper titled: “Supply Chain Plasticity During a Global Disruption: Effects of CEO and Supply Chain Networks on Operational Repurposing” during CSCMP's Academic Research Symposium. 
CSCMP presented the Bernard J. LaLonde Best Paper Award to the most valuable paper published in the Journal of Business Logistics. To be considered for this prestigious award, papers must be published in the Journal of Business Logistics. The JBL provides a forum for the dissemination of original thoughts, research, and best practices within the logistics and supply chain arenas. 
CSCMP presented the 2023 Doctoral Dissertation Award to Nicolò Masorgo, University of Arkansas, for his doctoral dissertation titled: “Sharing Economy Last Mile Delivery: Three Essays Addressing Operational Challenges, Customer Expectations, and Supply Uncertainty” at CSCMP's Academic Research Symposium.
The Doctoral Dissertation Award (DDA) is for doctoral students who demonstrate significant originality and technical competence in any supply chain function. The DDA is open to all who will have completed their doctoral work in a field related to functions within the supply chain.
CSCMP presented the 2023 E. Grosvenor Plowman Award to authors: Jason Miller, Michigan State University; Jonathan Phares, Iowa State University; Stephen Burks, University of Minnesota – Morris for their paper titled: “Job Creation and Job Destruction Dynamics in the Truck Transportation Industry in Online Retailing” during CSCMP's Academic Research Symposium (ARS).
This award is presented annually to one of the papers accepted for presentation at the Academic Research Symposium. Among the papers that are presented, the best research is selected by the Editorial Review Panel and awarded the distinguished E. Grosvenor Plowman Award. The Plowman Award is given in honor of E. Grosvenor Plowman, a lifetime supporter of both CSCMP and the logistics profession. Since its inception over 30 years ago, the award has been offered annually.
CSCMP awarded the 2023 Teaching Innovation Award to Michael Haughton, Wilfrid Laurier University, for the submission titled: “Consultants’ success story case studies and post-secondary SCM/logistics pedagogy” at CSCMP’s Academic Research Symposium (ARS). 
Within CSCMP’s Academic Research Symposium (ARS), organizers devote an academic track to supply chain management teaching innovation and pedagogy. From these submissions, the Editorial Review Panel awards the submission with the largest impact on students and instruction within the field of supply chain and logistics. CSCMP is honored to present the Teaching Innovation Award to faculty members making a difference in the next generation of supply chain professionals.
CSCMP presented the 2023 Distinguished Fellows Program and Honors Academic Partners for sustained contributions to Supply Chain Management at CSCMP's Academic Research Symposium.
The Academic Strategies Committee (ASC) is a formation of an honorific society that recognizes outstanding, sustained contributions to Supply Chain Management (SCM) scholarships, particularly, for individuals’ demonstrated contributions to and through the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals. The CSCMP Fellows group are recognized and honored as academic members of CSCMP who have made significant contributions to the science and practice of supply chain management, and to provide opportunities for fellowship and a forum for discussion among persons recognized and honored.
The inaugural group of Fellows inducted this year includes six designated as in memoriam and 14 active.
2023 Distinguished Fellows Inductees
  • Donald J. Bowersox, Professor Emeritus of Marketing & SCM, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
  • John J. Coyle, Professor Emeritus of Logistics & SCM, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
  • Bernard J. LaLonde, Professor Emeritus of Marketing & Logistics, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
  • John T. (Tom) Mentzer, Chancellor’s Professor and Harry J & Vivian R Bruce Chair of Excellence, Haslam College of Business, University of Tennessee
  • Richard F. Poist, Professor Emeritus, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University
  • Thomas W. Speh, Professor Emeritus of Marketing, Farmer School of Business, Miami University
  • Patricia J. Daugherty, Emeritus Professor, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University
  • Martin G. Christopher, Emeritus Professor, Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University, UK
  • Douglas M. Lambert, Raymond E. Mason Chaired Professor Emeritus, Academy Professor, The Ohio State University
  • David Closs, John J. McConnell Chair Emeritus, Broad College of Business, Michigan State University
  • Martha Cooper, Emeritus Professor, Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University
  • Mike Crum, Emeritus Professor, Ivy College of Business, Iowa State University
  • Lisa Ellram, University Distinguished & James Evans Rees Distinguished Professor of SCM, Farmer School of Business, Miami University
  • Stan Fawcett, John B. Goddard Endowed Chair of Global Supply Chain Management, Goddard School of Business and Economics, University of San Diego
  • Britta Gammelgaard, Professor, Copenhagen Business School
  • C. John Langley, Clinical Professor, Director, Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University
  • Dale Rogers, Professor & ON Semiconductor Professor of Business, W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University
  • Theodore P. (Ted) Stank, Harry J. & Vivienne R. Bruce Chair of Excellence, Haslam School of Business, University of Tennessee
  • James R. Stock, Frank Harvey Endowed Professor of Marketing, Muma College of Business, University of South Florida
  • Matthew A. Waller, Ph.D., Dean, Sam M. Walton Leadership Chair, and Professor of Management, Sam M. Walton College of Business, University of Arkansas
The first annual Outstanding Women in Supply Chain Awards honored powerful women with extraordinary leadership in the supply chain industry at CSCMP's EDGE 2023 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition during a presentation at the Ask the Experts theater in the Supply Chain Exchange.
Awards went to Jackie Sturm of Intel, Meredith Westafar of Tesla, and Ammie McAsey with McKesson. Together, they possess a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will foster innovation and growth within the supply chain industry.
At EDGE 2023, CSCMP and CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterly launched an Innovations Awards Contest: The 3 V’s Business Innovation Award & Best Startup, which was presented at CSCMP’s EDGE 2023 Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition in the exchange’s Innovation Theater.
In honor of CSCMP’s 60th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of Art Mesher’s 3V’s Framework, the new contest complements the association’s foundation and mission to educate and develop supply chain professionals throughout their careers.
The impact of Mesher’s 3 V’s Framework on the supply chain discipline has been immediate and lasting. The 3 V’s principles teach us to harness visibility, embrace variability, and compete on velocity. Over the years, these principles have been updated based on new developments to help guide companies worldwide. Mesher has also published numerous definitional structures of the concepts which have become industry standards.
Congratulations to the 3V's Business Innovation Award winner, Cole Jones, Founder and CEO of Local Line Inc.
Congratulations to the Best Overall Startup Winners: Brian Cristol, CEO and Co-Founder, and John Stauffer, COO and Co-Founder of Isometric Technologies.
Congratulations to Katherine Sizov, CEO and Founder of Strella, for winning the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Award. 
CSCMP Featured Members
"Since the start of my career (back in the 80´s), I joined CLM working together up to the opening (and later on closing) of the Mexico City Chapter. Networking, without any doubt, is my advice for new members since you can validate updates with real practitioners and real companies (out of the theoretical matters of books, paper, webinars and alike). Getting to know some real leaders from successful companies and from the CSCMP itself is impactful."
GLT Logistics is a third-party logistics company founded in Miami, Florida in 2002. The company focuses on developing logistics and transportation solutions to simplify the inland freight shipping process, helping their customers to reduce costs, enhance carrier service, and improve auditing practices to ensure correct freight bill charges.
"Who wouldn't want to be a CSCMP Corporate Member? CSCMP is one of the elite organizations in our industry. We are convinced of the necessity of being surrounded by prestigious professionals who belong to this industry, allowing us to continue building a community of individuals focused on contributing to Logistics and developing new ideas, networks, and projects. GLT feels that CSCMP's network serves as a great window for this purpose." ─ Dan Kubart, Director of Market Development at GLT Logistics 
CSCMP offers multiple membership options depending upon where you are in your career journey. Whether you are an individual or part of a corporate membership, student or retiree, we’ve got you covered. Learn about CSCMP membership benefits and tap into the resources and network of supply chain’s largest community today.
Would you like to be showcased on the CSCMP website as a “featured member”? Each year CSCMP selects 24 members to take advantage of this highly visible member benefit. It is a great opportunity to share your background, build your profile in the CSCMP network, and grow your own network.

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CSCMP's new Enterprise Corporate Members Anderson University, Appalachian State University, Mattel, Swire Coca-Cola, and W.R. Grace, and new Corporate Members C.H. Guenther & Son, DropIt, Relex Solutions, and Reveel are taking advantage of CSCMP's corporate membership opportunities to develop and grow their supply chain teams.
CSCMP's corporate membership, education, and event opportunities help develop your team, so you can remain competitive in today’s disruptive supply chain industry. Get access to thought leadership, best practices, up-to-date trends, and solutions to challenges from the people who know it best. Improve productivity, build skills, network, and increase your team’s supply chain knowledge.
Training and Development

CSCMP's Executive Supply Chain Leadership Academy is a unique, collaboration-based executive leadership program designed to build executive presence, leadership skills, and fluency with next-generation technologies. Built in partnership between the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Chi Studios, the program places participants in small peer groups and surrounds them with a team of proven industry leaders, front-runners in innovation and technology, leading investors, and renowned thought leaders—as they work together to build an approach to specific challenges.
Hear from Morris Morrison, CSCMP's EDGE 2023 Closing Keynote Speaker, as he talks about all the incredible opportunities that CSCMP's Executive Supply Chain Leadership Academy has to offer. 

Learn more today!

Watch the report presentation by Dr. Zac Rogers, Lead Author of the Monthly Logistics Manager's Index.

Dr. Rogers is an Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Colorado State University. His primary research interests include supply chain resilience, supply chain sustainability, emerging logistics technologies, supply chain cyber security, and various other emerging purchasing and logistics issues. Dr. Rogers is the lead author of the monthly Logistics Manager's Index and his work has appeared in multiple academic journals, corporate white papers, trade publications, and conference proceedings.

Watch the presentation on-demand now!

November’s Logistics Manager’s Index read in at 49.4, down (-7.1) from October’s reading of 56.5. This dip back into (very mild) contraction ends what had been three consecutive months of expanding rates of growth. The 7.1-point drop is the largest since the start of the ongoing downturn back in April 2022. However, the reason behind this decline is much different than the one from 19 months ago. November’s dip was largely triggered by a decline in Inventory Levels (-9.1) which is attributable to Q4 holiday sales and the subsequent dips in Warehousing Capacity (+3.6) and Transportation Capacity (+5.2) and slowdown in Warehousing Utilization (-14.0) and Transportation Utilization (-10.7). We saw a similar decline in utilization metrics back in April 2022, but in that instance, it was because inventories were holding still.
As with every report chronicling the month of November, we should begin the discussion with “Cyber Week” – the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday that has often functioned as the true kickoff to holiday spending. According to the National Retail Federation, 200.4 million shoppers made purchases between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday. This was significantly higher than the predicted turnout. Consumers spent $12.4 billion on Cyber Monday and $38 billion in online sales across Cyber Week which is up 7.8% from 2022. The jump in sales at the end of the month is a potential explanation for the increase in activity we see in the second half of November.
January 17, 2023
Learn about member-to-member relationship building, professional development, local roundtables, the annual EDGE Conference, the Career Center, how to access the Member-Only directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.
February 5 - 7, 2024
Manifest Vegas is the premier global gathering for industry leaders, innovators and investors that strive to find solutions and cutting-edge logistics & supply chain technologies. Join over 4,500 of the most influential leaders in logistics technology to forge new relationships and foster new strategies to help move your business forward.
Edge Conference

Congratulations to all of our EARLY BIRDS who will receive a copy of the book PROXIMITY - How Just-in-Time Everything Transforms Business, Society, and Our Lives by Robert C. Wolcott & Kaihan Krippendorff (upon its Spring 2024 release).
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Mark A. Romero ─ Corporate Transportation Manager at NCH Corporation will receive a brand new iPad!
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CSCMP’s EDGE Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition™ is THE place where 2700+ end-to-end supply chain professionals unite to connect, solve supply chain challenges, and collect innovative ideas from industry experts that deliver results.
Network and join forces with your supply chain peers in Music City Nashville, Sept. 29 – Oct. 2, 2024. 
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Hosted by San Francisco Roundtable
January 12, 2024
Great Lakes Roundtable presents Hockey Night with the Grand
Hosted by Great Lakes Region Roundtable
January 16, 2024
Supply Chain Information Excellence
Hosted by Cleveland Roundtable
January 17, 2024
US Cold Storage Facility Tour
Hosted by Atlanta Roundtable
January 18, 2024
CSCMP Twin Cities Round Table presents Tennant Facility Tour
Hosted by Twin Cities Roundtable
January 18, 2024
McMurray Stern Tech Center Facility Tour
Hosted by Southern California Roundtable
January 18, 2024
A Chartered Tour of Port Tampa Bay
Hosted by Central Florida Roundtable
January 25, 2024
Trane HVAC Plant Tour - Columbia SC
Hosted by South Carolina Roundtable
January 30, 2024
CSCMP-CLE Networking
Hosted by Cleveland Roundtable
February 08, 2024
2nd Annual Charlotte Supply Chain Sustainability Summit
Hosted by Charlotte Roundtable
February 20, 2024
Fostering the Future of Supply Chain Professionals
Hosted by Lehigh Valley Roundtable
CSCMP Center for Advancement of Talent & Training (CATT)
In April 2022, CSCMP and the CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable established the CSCMP Talent Center (recently renamed CSCMP's Center for Advancement of Talent & Training or CATT) Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund to support the collection and distribution of medical and food relief to the millions of people affected by the war in Ukraine. The CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable is made up of supply chain professionals who invest their volunteer time in promoting and delivering educational events. With the war in Ukraine, they turned to serving the needs of people by collaborating with pre-qualified logistics service providers delivering food, clothing, and medicine.
We stand with our CSCMP Roundtable community in Ukraine, our members, friends, and colleagues and support their right to live peacefully in a sovereign, free country without the threat of coercion. The CSCMP Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund remains open for ongoing tax-deductible contributions to support the logistics relief operations in war-ravaged Ukraine. Contribute to the fund today.