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CSCMP may have just reached its 60th anniversary, but we are more interested in guiding supply chain professionals through the challenges of tomorrow than we are in looking back.
Because of you, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2023. And because of you, we remain more energized than ever with a steadfast commitment to expanding the reach of our vision as we connect and educate the world’s supply chain professionals.
For 60 years, we have been connecting supply chain professionals with a community of peers and thought leaders to help them meet society’s biggest challenges. Our organization has been a living testament to the following principle: Go it alone, and you solve a problem for a day. Go together, and you solve a problem for a lifetime. Why else do the finest in professional sports have multiple coaches? Collaboration is at the epicenter of solving critical problems, improving supply chain leadership skills, and supporting the life cycle of your supply chain career development.
CSCMP's Director of Engagement, Education, and Talent Evolution, Cindy Mebruer, is a contributing author in the upcoming motivational book "G.R.I.T. Tenacity," part of the G.R.I.T. collection (Growth, Resilience, Intention, and Tenacity), set to be released on November 1, 2023.
Don't miss the chance to hear Cindy Mebruer's insights on CSCMP's exciting developments and the inspiring stories of more than 40 women who exemplify fearless courage, bold determination, and persistent self-motivation in their pursuit of personal success.
In an era where food products are distributed globally, the vital need to maintain food safety is increasingly complex. A collaborative effort involving all stakeholders in the supply chain—from growers to retailers—is crucial to ensure the integrity of the food supply. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plays a pivotal role in governing the movement, production, sale, and service of food products, with a primary focus on preventing and mitigating the occurrence of foodborne illnesses. Last November, the FDA introduced the Food Traceability Final Rule (Final Rule), an essential step in enhancing traceability for high-risk food categories historically implicated in outbreaks.
Read the CSCMP Hot Topics today written by CSCMP Strategic Partner Ryan Richard, vice president of community engagement at GS1 US to learn more about leveraging GS1 Standards and 2D Barcodes to Ensure Food Safety Compliance.
Manhattan Associates, Inc.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
Congratulations to our recent SCPro™ Level One Certification recipients: 
  • Matias Pereira, EAE Business School, Spain
  • Mattias Scerra, EAE Business School, Spain
SCPro™ Certification is a three-tiered program that assesses progressive knowledge and skills across integrated supply chain activities. This process validates an individual’s ability to strategically assess business challenges and effectively implement supply chain improvements through the analysis of real-world case studies and developing a comprehensive project plan to achieve results such as a positive ROI.
CSCMP Featured Members
President of the Atlanta Roundtable
"When I started my career, I worked for a company that was a strong supporter of CSCMP. Education and interaction with industry peers provided me a much better understanding of the depth and breadth of opportunities within the supply chain industry, and enabled connections that would become lifelong friendships. Even now as someone with years of experience, I continue to learn about what is relevant within supply chain and glimpses into the future through roundtable discussions and EDGE. I continue to meet new people across the industry and learn from them, especially the next generation of supply chain professionals who bring a fresh and new perspective on the past, present, and future of our industry.
My advice to new CSCMP members is to be present. The most value comes from interacting with peers. In an industry that demands so much of our time and energy, it requires prioritizing and making the time. CSCMP is one of the single best investments you make in your personal and career development. It is your personal networks that you will rely upon when you're ready to transition to the next chapter on your career journey. CSCMP is the best opportunity to build your network and discover opportunities available to you in the supply chain industry. Start by regularly attending roundtable meetings. Find a mentor or veteran member who is willing to introduce you to their network. Become a board member at your local roundtable. Over time you will reap the benefits and discover the positive impact CSCMP will make on your life both personally through friendships and professionally as you build your personal brand.
I attended a CSCMP conference several years ago in Atlanta during a transitional time both personally and professionally. At the conference, I unexpectedly reconnected with someone who had become my friend in CSCMP, years before, while I was a brand-new young professional shortly after graduating college. This chance encounter opened a door that fulfilled my desire to create an employment opportunity which enabled me to continue working in the industry while being at home with my very young children. Although working from home is commonplace today, it was not that long ago that there were very few opportunities like this for young mothers in our industry. It was my attendance at that conference which opened that door and subsequently, opened several more doors, which led me to where I am today. I could not be more grateful for those opportunities."
"I joined CSCMP on September 30, 2022. At the time, so many things caught my eye around professional development (SCPro Certification), community involvement (mentorship programs), and networking (CSCMP EDGE) which today seems like just a portion everything that CSCMP offers. Having access to leading technologies, speakers, and connecting with the individuals that are leading the world's supply chains around the globe is truly amazing.
Put yourself out there and make the most of every opportunity afforded. Learning from your peers and exposing yourself to new technologies and trends through reports, conferences, and events are essential steps to your development throughout your career, regardless of where you are. While I'm still rather new to CSCMP, it's been rewarding to connect with other professionals and discuss best practices of often disparate, yet applicable, solutions to common business problems."
Vice President of Membership of Ukraine Roundtable
"I joined CSCMP in the spring of 2020 inspired by the idea of Vira Dobachevska to set up the Ukrainian roundtable of the worldwide respectful organization—CSCMP. At that time, I was working for CS Johnson company as a strategic sourcing manager. Having big international experience, I felt a big gap in connection between the local supply chain community and the international one and wanted to establish a bridge UKR-world in the supply chain. As a CSCMP member, I found infinite sources of information. I appreciate annual reports and research. It helps to complete the picture of global and local changes in the supply chain. Having comprehensive information, I can proactively build a risk response plan.
I enjoy staying connected with the global and local CSCMP community by having monthly meetings and actual challenging hot discussions. It benefits each member to find support and solutions in professional directions. Each connection is valuable and solves particular needs, but, I must admit the value of the mentorship program I participated in as a mentee and got a lot of useful reflection in the professional sphere. In the time of war in my country (Ukraine), we have received huge support through the CSCMP community: donations for humanitarian aid and logistic services, special conditions for Ukrainian members, and plenty of kind words and warm attention that supported those, who are working constantly in a condition of war. I do appreciate it."
A pioneer in the industry, U.S. Bank processes more than $46 billion in freight payments annually for corporate and federal government clients. Through a comprehensive online solution, organizations can streamline and automate their freight audit and payment processes and obtain the business intelligence needed to maintain a competitive supply chain.
U.S. Bank is a Corporate Member because they appreciate the broad industry perspective that CSCMP represents. "We’re just a piece of the puzzle and our membership enables a fuller picture of the end-to-end supply chain landscape." - Tiffany Anderson, vice president, freight payment product manager
CSCMP offers multiple membership options depending upon where you are in your career journey. Whether you are an individual or part of a corporate membership, student or retiree, we’ve got you covered. Learn about CSCMP membership benefits and tap into the resources and network of supply chain’s largest community today.
CSCMP's new Enterprise Corporate Members Baylor University and Wayne State University and new Corporate Members Avetta, Veyer LLC, Cuesta Partners, Bricz, Netlogistik, Rapyuta Robotics, Nexterus, Valoroo, Dexcom, OPEX, Mercer, Crescent, and 123 Loadboard are taking advantage of CSCMP's corporate membership opportunities to develop and grow their supply chain teams.
CSCMP's corporate membership, education, and event opportunities help develop your team, so you can remain competitive in today’s disruptive supply chain industry. Get access to thought leadership, best practices, up-to-date trends, and solutions to challenges from the people who know it best. Improve productivity, build skills, network, and increase your team’s supply chain knowledge.
We are excited to re-launch our mentorship program with the Fall 2023 edition, and we are recruiting mentors! Building and maintaining a culture of mentoring is important to CSCMP because:
  • Employees who participate in mentoring programs are 5x more likely to get promoted and advance in pay grade
  • Mentoring programs improve promotion and retention rates for minorities and women by 15%-38%
  • 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationships and have developed greater confidence
With an outstanding approval rating of 90%, our program stands as a testament to its effectiveness, echoed by participants who consistently champion it for its value. We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to positively impact the career path of a young professional in our community.
Training and Development
October 17, 2023 | 5:00-8:00pm | Redwood HQ - Chicago, IL 
Join us for a dynamic and inspiring event celebrating the achievements, innovations, and contributions of women in the logistics industry. This event brings together leaders, professionals, and advocates to share their experiences, insights, and strategies for advancing gender diversity and excellence within logistics.
October 18, 2023
Learn about member-to-member relationship building, professional development, local Roundtables, the annual EDGE Conference, the Career Center, how to access the Member-Only directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.
October 24 - 25, 2023
A seat at the table, a voice in the room. Now more than ever, supply chain is on the agenda and business leaders have a chance to transform their organizations. Seize the opportunity to learn from the best.
At Supply Chain Europe 2023, you will be shoulder-to-shoulder with Europe’s top supply chain professionals. Thought leaders and business titans will convene in Brussels this October 24-25 to confront the year’s biggest challenges. Join this exclusive community and discover how you can be the leader to drive pivotal change in your business.
October 26, 2023
Join us as we get together to learn about how corporates integrate Supply Chain and Finance to tackle sustainability and resilience challenges in their global supply chains. The SCF Corporate event will take place at Rutgers University in Newark on Thursday, October 26, 2023 from 10 am to 3 pm ET, including a provided networking lunch. The event is organized in collaboration with our Knowledge Partner Rutgers Business School. Get a chance to network with the best in the industry.
Our Young Professionals Committee are leading the CSCMP’s Mock Interviews to help students improve their interviewing techniques. We will match students with young professionals to practice their interview skills and receive constructive feedback after the mock interview. Just in time to land an internship this fall!
This is what the timeline looks like:
  • October 20 – 30: Registration Period
  • October 31 – November 8: Matching + Scheduling
  • November 9: Orientation (11:00 am CT)
  • November 14 – 22: Mock Interviews
Whether you are a student keen on being interviewed, or a professional willing to help students by interviewing them, fill out the form to participate.
October 27, 2023
Join us on Friday, October 27, as experts from multiple areas of the supply chain discuss how the fashion industry can be more transparent. This panel, organized and brought to you by CSCMP’s Sustainable Supply Chain Committee, will explore the significance of brands disclosing their products’ impact. Within the fashion industry, these effects are felt at each stage of the supply chain and have wide-ranging consequences on both the environment and the people involved with production.
November 16, 2023
After COVID, supply chain risk and resiliency became top of mind for all firms managing a global supply base. While COVID brought visibility to the vulnerabilities of global supply chains, impactful and unforeseen disruptive events are not going away. Risks such as geopolitical tension, natural disasters, ageing infrastructure, and IT attacks have escalated significantly over the past 10 years and will continue to increase in frequency and scope for many years to come. According to McKinsey, events “that affect global production are growing more frequent and severe…companies can expect to lose more that 40 percent of a year’s profits every decade.” With this magnitude of financial impact, it is imperative that companies anticipate and plan for black swan events.
Join us for this November 16 webinar to learn how decision Intelligence can help organizations plan and respond to black swan events.
The Executive Supply Chain Leadership Academy is a unique, collaboration-based executive leadership program designed to build executive presence, leadership skills, and fluency with next-generation technologies. Built in partnership between the Council for Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Chi Studios, the program places participants in small peer groups and surrounds them with a team of proven industry leaders, front-runners in innovation and technology, leading investors, and renowned thought leaders—as they work together to build an approach to specific challenges.
In September the Logistics Manager’s Index read in at 52.4, up (+1.2) from August’s reading of 51.2. This is the second consecutive month of expansion following three straight readings of contraction from May-July. While this is the fastest rate of expansion since February, a reading of 52.4 is still well below the all-time average of 62.9 and represents a very moderate level of expansion.
Inventory Levels:
Inventory metrics were a somewhat mixed bag in September. Inventory Levels declined (- 0.5) at a rate of 47.4, marking the fourth consecutive month that inventories have declined. There is some nuance to this, however, as large firms with over 1,000 employees actually saw inventories increase in September, while smaller firms saw them contract. Many firms struggled with having too much inventory over the last year and a half, and some smaller firms may be reticent to build them back up again for the fear that they would not be able to financially absorb another large overage.
Economic Impact:
Feelings of optimism continue around the U.S. economy as indicated by the University of Michigan’s consumer confidence measure reading it at 68.1 in September—up 16.2% from this time a year ago. When combined with the “Current Economic Conditions” reading of 71.42, it is clear that consumers are optimistic about the state of the economy. This optimism is partially due to the continued slowing of inflation. Personal consumption expenditures were up 0.4% in August due to energy and fuel prices. Core inflation rose by only 0.1% over the same period. Wall Street is not quite as confident, as the S&P fell more than 4% in September, making it the worst month for stock prices in 2023.
Warehousing and Transportation:
The largest contributor to September’s expansion is our three warehousing metrics. The rate of expansion has slowed for Warehousing Capacity (-3.4) while rates of expansion for Warehousing Utilization and Warehousing Prices (+3.1 and +7.9 respectively). We also observe Transportation Utilization moving from no change to expansion (+3.5) and a slight slowdown in the decline of Transportation Prices (+0.6).
October 19, 2023
Acme Corrugated Box Facility Tour
Hosted by Lehigh Valley Roundtable
October 19, 2023
Kansas City Industrial Real Estate Market Update
Hosted by Kansas City Heartland Roundtable
October 19, 2023
CSCMP Supply Change Exchange Italy 
Hosted by Italy Roundtable
October 19, 2023
The Future of Supply Chain is Now
Hosted by Charlotte Roundtable
October 23, 2023
DFW CSCMP Annual Golf Tournament
Hosted by Dallas/Fort Worth Roundtable
October 24, 2023
Smart Warehouses, Smarter Security: Balancing AI and Cybersecurity
Hosted by Columbus Roundtable
October 25, 2023
Virtual - Best of EDGE 2023 Recap
Hosted by Cleveland Roundtable
October 25, 2023
Logistics Market Updates with FreightWaves Dir. of Freight 
Hosted by Atlanta Roundtable
October 25, 2023
Smith Drug Company DC Tour
Hosted by South Carolina Roundtable
October 26, 2023
24th Annual St. Louis Roundtable Seminar
Hosted by St. Louis Roundtable
October 26, 2023
Annual Technology in Supply Chain Summit
Hosted by Southern California Roundtable
October 26, 2023
Artificial Decision Intelligence is here. Now What?
Hosted by Ozark Roundtable
October 26, 2023
Fall Networking Night
Hosted by Lehigh Valley Roundtable
November 02, 2023
Newark Airport FedEx Facility Tour
Hosted by New York City / New Jersey Roundtable
November 02, 2023
P&G and Kroger on Preparing for Supply Chain Disruption
Hosted by Cincinnati Roundtable
November 09, 2023
Transportation with a Tech/AI Focus; What's Coming Next
Hosted by Charlotte Roundtable
November 10, 2023
DHL Supply Chain and Mann + Hummel 3PL DC Operations Tour
Hosted by South Carolina Roundtable
November 14, 2023
Virtual Lunch and Learn: China Supplier Audit and UFLPA
Hosted by Cleveland Roundtable
December 07, 2023
CSCMP Charlotte Holiday Social
Hosted by Charlotte Roundtable
CSCMP Center for Advancement of Talent & Training (CATT)
In April 2022, CSCMP and the CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable established the CSCMP Talent Center (recently renamed CSCMP's Center for Advancement of Talent & Training or CATT) Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund to support the collection and distribution of medical and food relief to the millions of people affected by the war in Ukraine. The CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable is made up of supply chain professionals who invest their volunteer time in promoting and delivering educational events. With the war in Ukraine, they turned to serving the needs of people by collaborating with pre-qualified logistics service providers delivering food, clothing, and medicine.
We stand with our CSCMP Roundtable community in Ukraine, our members, friends, and colleagues and support their right to live peacefully in a sovereign, free country without the threat of coercion. The CSCMP Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund remains open for ongoing tax-deductible contributions to support the logistics relief operations in war-ravaged Ukraine. Contribute to the fund today.