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The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) and Supply Chain Quarterly (SCQ) bring you a new series-based podcast filled with more content, SCM exposure, and pinpointed, deep industry discussions with top thought innovators from the end-to-end supply chain. In themed, multi-episode series, the new weekly podcast, Supply Chain in the Fast Lane, fast tracks topics you need to know from leaders you want to know.

In episode 4, Bart De Muynck, Executive Vice President and Chief Industry Officer for project44, joins the podcast to share current and emerging trends in the transportation visibility technology space.
The year 2030 is not a long way off. During the current decade, supply chain professionals will encounter many challenges and rapid change. It is important to assess issues and challenges, capabilities and technologies that will shape supply chains and drive success over the coming years. 
This year’s installment of the multi-year Logistics 2030 (L-2030) study is focused on product manufacturing and assembly.
A team of experts from Auburn University are partnering with premier professional organizations: CSCMP and AGiLE Business Media (publisher of DC Velocity & CSCMP’s Supply Chain Quarterlyto undertake the L-2030 study.
All respondents who complete the survey will receive a complimentary copy of our L-2030 report on Manufacturing. Additionally, the first 100 respondents to complete the survey, will be entered into a random drawing for one of four $100 gift cards.
The resulting information will be disseminated through a CSCMP industry report, a webinar, and articles in CSCMP's Supply Chain Quarterly and DC VelocityView past reports here.
Innovations in transportation management systems (TMS) paired with API connectivity, artificial intelligence (AI), and data analytics will be essential for increasing visibility across the supply chain. That visibility combined with improved customer service and the creation of collaborative opportunities for well-positioned tech companies will help them standout against the challenges of current freight environment.
Thank you to Brian Smith, CEO of Banyan Technology and CSCMP Corporate Member for sharing this Hot Topic! 
For too long, we have been solving supply chain issues with transportation. Unfortunately, this was the only option for many—but that doesn’t mean it’s sustainable and cost-effective. Leading organizations need to change and adopt new best practices to stay competitive and profitable.
John Graham, Strategic Sales Director at BM2 Freight Services, teaches you the basics of working with third-party brokerages in this thought-piece written from his extensive industry expertise.
Thank you to John Graham with BM2 Freight Services, Inc. and CSCMP Corporate Member for sharing this Hot Topic!
We humans live on earth, and everything we do leaves a bit of a footprint just from being here. Sometimes, modern life does not always make us the best of neighbors. That is why ESG, or environmental, social, and corporate governance programs, have become popular for many corporations as a way to claim that they are better citizens than their competition. They do this because multiple studies show consumers want companies to be aware of their environmental footprints. It is popular to be proactive—or at least appear to be.
However, when it comes to the environment, many supply chains are better at "greenwashing" than they are at being good to the Earth. Greenwashing is when companies claim to be more concerned for the environment than they actually are. For example, they may trumpet green improvements in one focused area while ignoring others where they are major polluters. They might promote certain beneficial practices without releasing real proof or quantifiable results.
Some companies buy carbon offsets, such as planting trees to reduce their carbon footprint. But is planting trees where trees were going to be planted anyway really an effective environmental strategy? Backlash is starting to occur, as consumers are beginning to discern between companies merely claiming to be earth-friendly from those actually helping the planet.
Manhattan Associates, Inc.
CSCMP Awards and Recognition
CSCMP is excited to announce Jack Specter as the winner of the CSCMP & Leaf Logistics Young Professionals Video Contest!

Jack Specter has won a complimentary registration to EDGE 2023, hotel lodging, and a $500.00 U.S. travel stipend. Jack will also receive written recognition before and after EDGE as well as be formally awarded during the Future Leaders Reception.

Thank you for your support and involvement!
The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) is pleased to announce Jonathan Porter, Founder & CEO at PorterLogic, and Mukul Parkhe, Lead Industrial Engineer at DHL Supply Chain as the recipients of the 2023 Emerging Leader Award.

The Young Professionals Emerging Leader Award was created to recognize up-and-coming leaders in the supply chain management field for their meaningful contributions to—and future influence on—the profession.
Jonathan Porter is the founder and CEO of PorterLogic, a low-code supply chain operations platform that replaces all the spreadsheets typically used to manage warehouses and inventory. He founded PorterLogic in 2020 to give supply chain teams the systems they need to maintain their competitive advantage without being forced into a box by packaged solutions.
As the lead industrial engineer at DHL Supply Chain USA, Mukul Parkhe has successfully led warehouse management system (WMS) transition projects, optimized operations, and labor management system (LMS) projects for 13 warehouses. Furthermore, Mukul's original contribution to the field includes the development of an Incentive and Accountability Program in association with Account Directors.
CSCMP Featured Members
Baltimore Roundtable
"I joined CSCMP in 2023. I'm always looking to learn more information so that I can be better at my job. I like the information and articles that are provided through CSCMP along with the quarterly magazine which provides relevant information pertaining to the supply chain.

My advice would be to read the articles in the magazine and use the information on the Resources page on the website. There is lots of valuable information there. I find the podcast provides good information, too. I listen to it while I'm driving to work in the morning! Don't just sign up to be a member. Make sure you get value from your membership. Certifications are always good for your resume and job advancement."
United Kingdom Roundtable
"I joined CSCMP in 2014 to grow my professional network and to receive valuable content from CSCMP. As a founder of a supply chain startup, it is necessary to communicate with the experts and learn about the current challenges of the industry.

As an individual, I think all the membership programs are valuable as they offer access to research and publication, networking, and mentorship opportunities. So, I would recommend to new CSCMP members to look at their needs and purposes and choose from the options."
CSCMP offers multiple membership options depending upon where you are in your career journey. Whether you are an individual or part of a corporate membership, a student or a retiree, we’ve got you covered. Choose the membership that’s right for you and tap into the resources and network of supply chain’s largest community today.
The new series releases each Monday on CSCMPtv and across social media with an in-depth discussion where CSCMP members share how our growing association has benefited them on their diverse supply chain career paths.
We're learning so much from these engaging stories and think you will too.
Watch this episode with CSCMP Member Guy Ross today and stay tuned for more Member Mondays!
CSCMP's NEW Corporate Member, Remote Security Solutions, is taking advantage of CSCMP's corporate membership opportunities to develop and grow their supply chain teams.
CSCMP's corporate membership, education, and event opportunities help develop your team, so you can remain competitive in today’s disruptive supply chain industry. Get access to thought leadership, best practices, up-to-date trends, and solutions to challenges from the people who know it best. Improve productivity, build skills, network and increase your team’s supply chain knowledge.
Trax Technologies, the global leader in Transportation Spend Management solutions, recently announced a minority equity investment by TBK Bank, SSB d/b/a TriumphPay, and a strategic relationship with TriumphPay, the premier payments network for freight brokers, factors, shippers and carriers in the North American trucking industry.

The relationship will allow Trax’s leading global freight audit solution to integrate seamlessly with TriumphPay’s payments network, creating a highly secure payments platform for its Fortune 1000 customer base. This integration will provide greater financial flexibility to both shippers and logistic service providers while reducing the risk of fraud within transportation payments.

“Combining our data-driven technology with the security of a bank allows us to offer customers the best of both worlds,” said Hampton Wall, Chief Executive Officer of Trax. “As one of the strongest, most reputable, and forward-thinking payment solutions providers in the world, Triumph's relationship enables Trax to increase our significant investment in transportation spend management innovation while providing our customers with payment solutions that are safe, secure, and accepted by tens of thousands of logistics service providers. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with TriumphPay.”
Training and Development
July 19, 2023
Learn about member-to-member relationship building, professional development, local Roundtables, the annual EDGE Conference, the Career Center, how to access the Member-Only directory, volunteer opportunities, and more.
CSCMP's Academic Strategies Committee invites you to hear directly from supply chain educators as they discuss the role of Artificial Intelligence in teaching and learning. The objective of this webinar is to explore challenges and opportunities related to the role of AI in educational settings, as well as its impact on student and faculty life. CSCMP is honored to have three emerging AI experts as speakers offering complementary insights. Join us on Thursday, July 20 at 11:00AM CDT for this webinar you don't want to miss!
For the second time in a row the Logistics Managers’ Index registers as contracting—coming in at 45.6. This is the fourth consecutive month that the index has reached a new all-time low. Our inventory metrics are at the forefront of this decline. Inventory Levels is contracting (-6.5) at 42.9 which is the second fastest rate in the history of the index and the growth rate for Inventory Costs is down (-7.3) to 57.1. 
Economic Impact:
Wall Street is somewhat optimistic about the state of the economy as well as the stock market had its best six months of the year since 1983. However, it should be noted that much of that growth is coming from the service sector—which is less reliant on trucks and warehouses then goods. This dynamic is reflected in the complicated nature of the current economy. While the freight recession has been on for over a year at this point, the overall recession that many prognosticators predicted has yet to occur. 
Inventory Levels:
The Inventory Level value is 42.9, down (-6.6) from May’s value of 49.5. This reading is down 28.9 points lower than the same time last year, and down 24.9 from two years ago—highlighting the dramatic shift in inventories we have seen over the last two years. For the first time, we have separated out the responses from larger vs smaller firms. Small firms had an average response of 38.9, while larger firms had an average of 47.1. It would seem that smaller firms are seeing a larger reduction in inventories than larger firms. Or perhaps larger firms have reached the lowest point of their inventory levels and are starting to rebuild inventories.
Edge Conference

We are thrilled to have Gretchen McCarthy, Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain & Logistics Officer at Target, as the EDGE 2023 Monday Keynote.

Gretchen McCarthy brings a wealth of knowledge, problem-solving prowess, and a knack for nurturing high-performing teams. Brace yourself for an empowering session that will leave you inspired, motivated, and armed with actionable wisdom to elevate your own supply chain practices!
Get ready for a deep dive into the reality of artificial intelligence as out EDGE 2023 Tuesday Opening Keynote, Missy Cummings, Director - Mason Autonomy and Robotics Center (MARC), helps us put AI into context with AI Reality Check: Truth vs. Hype in the Stampede Towards AI.
This year's app, sponsored by Alvys,
allows attendees to: 
-  Create your own conference agenda
-  Discover speakers and sessions
-  View and chat with your fellow attendees
And much more!
Are you intrigued to delve deeper into your local CSCMP Roundtable? Join us at EDGE 2023 and immerse yourself in engaging conversations with our dedicated volunteers who tirelessly contribute towards making the CSCMP Roundtables a resounding success.
July 19, 2023
Spatial Computing for the Global Supply Chain
Hosted by Ozark Roundtable
July 20, 2023
How to Expand Your Supply Chain Ecosystem
Hosted by Cleveland Roundtable
July 20, 2023
Summer Networking Event at BrewDog Cincinnati
Hosted by Cincinnati Roundtable
August 02, 2023
FEMA: Solve Critical Logistics and Supply Chain Challenges
Hosted by Ozark Roundtable
August 03, 2023
UT / ID CSCMP Roundtable Annual Fundraiser Golf Tournament
Hosted by Utah-Idaho Roundtable
August 28, 2023
5th Annual CSCMP Cincinnati Roundtable Golf Tournament
Hosted by Cincinnati Roundtable
August 29, 2023
Ferrara Candy Company Insights from Blue Yonder WMS Journey
Hosted by Chicago Roundtable
September 14, 2023
Halliburton and Crane Worldwide ESG Luncheon at Minute Maid
Hosted by Houston Roundtable
CSCMP Center for Advancement of Talent & Training (CATT)
In April 2022, CSCMP and the CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable established the CSCMP Talent Center (recently renamed CSCMP's Center for Advancement of Talent & Training or CATT) Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund to support the collection and distribution of medical and food relief to the millions of people affected by the war in Ukraine. The CSCMP Ukraine Roundtable is made up of supply chain professionals who invest their volunteer time in promoting and delivering educational events. With the war in Ukraine, they turned to serving the needs of people by collaborating with pre-qualified logistics service providers delivering food, clothing, and medicine.

We stand with our CSCMP Roundtable community in Ukraine, our members, friends, and colleagues and support their right to live peacefully in a sovereign, free country without the threat of coercion. The CSCMP Ukraine Logistics Operations Relief Fund remains open for ongoing tax-deductible contributions to support the logistics relief operations in war-ravaged Ukraine. Contribute to the fund today.