A Special Word from Rick Blasgen, President and CEO of CSCMP

Advocacy has been a focus of NASSTRAC for more than 60 years, and while CSCMP has been neutral on advocacy and has avoided taking positions on legislative, regulatory and related issues, we have had a unique position in government by leading the department of commerce advisory committee in supply chain competitiveness since its inception. We have participated strongly by making recommendations on areas like improving the country’s supply chain infrastructure, funding, processes, and other areas of importance. While CSCMP plans to remain neutral on advocacy, the closer ties between the two associations will increase CSCMP’s awareness of governmental actions affecting transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. 

The timing of this merger couldn’t have been better for the industry. Transportation is going through an unprecedented period of volatility, and companies, more than ever before, are laser-focused on transportation. NASSTRAC’s advocacy efforts allow shippers to have their voices heard on the issues that impact their supply chains and specifically their transportation network. Giving our members a ‘one-stop shop” for complete supply chain management issues not only makes their lives easier, but also saves them money. 

Another upcoming benefit of the merger is the co-locating of the NASSTRAC and CSCMP EDGE conferences in September of 2019. NASSTRAC’s exposition historically consisted primarily of motor carriers who will now be joining the EDGE Conference Supply Chain Exchange and looking to make new contacts among the CSCMP membership and EDGE attendees. It also makes it easier for organizations to take advantage of the education and networking of both associations without having to carve out funding for two separate events.

CSCMP and NASSTRAC leadership are excited to advance the focused direction of value created for our members, and we are now offering joint membership packages that create opportunities for organizations to get involved with, and benefit from, both CSCMP and NASSTRAC at lower prices than ever before. Take advantage of our new partnership to get access to best practices, up-to-date trends, challenges and solutions from the people that know is best.

Visit cscmp.org or contact our team today at membership@cscmp.org for more information.