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The Elves of Supply Chain
...How Santa really delivers holiday cheer
It’s that most wonderful time of the year
Holiday magic is spreading with cheer
With all of the joy a question arises     
How does Santa get everyone so many surprises?
The reality is that Santa has elves     
That take on the load of filling the shelves
They toil over packages with tape, paper and tags
Wonderful things going to homes via boxes or bags
Whether assembling or packing or loading or driving a truck
These helpers deliver without reindeers or luck
They analyze, forecast, calculate and plan
To coordinate magic all over the land
From the top of the North Pole to your humble abode
These ladies and gents have a lofty goal
Utilizing resources acquired from CSCMP and EDGE
Efficiently delivering your presents they make good on their pledge
When toilet paper is barren try not to scream and shout
Know that supply chain is working to get some enroute!
So please thank them with cards, a wave, or a nod
If you knew all they did, you’d truly be awed
CSCMP’s Elves understand supply chain’s blight
“Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night.”

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