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Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) TL 9000 Supply Chain Webinar Series

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Webinar #1: TL 9000 Overview & Certification

April 30, 2019 // 1:00 PM EST

Presented by: Ashok Dandekar, Fujitsu & Rick Hill, NQA

This webinar will provide an overview of TIA’s Business Performance Community and its products with an emphasis on the TL 9000 Quality Management System. It will also present a primer on how to get certified to the TL 9000 standard and the associated effort and cost.


Webinar #2: TL 9000 Requirements
May 7, 2019 // 1:00 PM EST

Presented by: Sheronda Jeffries, Cisco Systems

This webinar will provide an overview of the TL 9000 requirements framework, its basic concepts, and what TL provides over the ISO 9001 quality standard while expounding specifically upon supply chain related requirements.


Webinar #3: TL 9000 Measurements

May 14, 2019 // 1:00 PM EST

Presented by: Tom Yohe, TL 9000

This webinar provides an overview of TL 9000 measurements, definition, computation, and product categories. It will also provide a high-level view of the TL 9000 Measurements Repository System.


Webinar #4: TL 9000 - How to Use Measurements & Testimonials

May 21, 2019 // 1:00 PM EST

Presented by: John Wronka, TL 9000; Beth Ford, AT&T; Ken Koffman, TIA

This webinar provides insights into how TL 9000 measurements can be used by organizations to benchmark their performance against competition and how to manage their supply chains. It will also present testimonials from several organizations who have successfully implemented TL 9000 and how they have benefitted from it.


About TL 9000
Developed in 1998 to meet the supply chain quality requirements of the worldwide communications industry, TL 9000 is a quality management system built on ISO 9001 and the eight quality principles, but designed specifically for the communications industry. The purpose of TL 9000 is to define the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and service. In addition, it specifies measurements for companies to help evaluate the effectiveness of quality implementation and improvement programs. TL 9000 provides value and benefits across the total spectrum of disciplines (Buyers, Suppliers, Service Providers) by providing a consistent set of quality expectations that parallel rapid technology changes and customer expectations.
About TIA
Poised at the intersection of the network and communications technologies, the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) brings together communities of interest across Technology, Government Affairs, Standards, and Business Performance to shape solutions, facilitate programs, and provide products and services that enable high-speed networks and accelerate next-generation ICT innovation across all markets. With a global membership of more than 400 member companies, TIA is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of companies delivering technologies and services that is revolutionizing the way the world communicates. Our members include ICT manufacturers and suppliers, network operators and service enablers, distributors and system integrators.