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CSCMP South Carolina Roundtable Presents Ben Cubitt,
SVP Procurement and Engineering at Transplace

Shippers may be tempted to reduce transportation costs by negotiating across-the-board rate reductions. That could work in the short term, due to today's loose capacity environment. The market is changing rapidly, however, and within 18 months, those aggressive cost cutters may wish they had invested more in preserving relationships with their best for-hire carriers. You can have both. By bench marking your company's rate history against prevailing market rates on a lane-by-lane basis, you can reduce transportation spending in a way that supports strategic relationships and ensures access to capacity when transportation again becomes a seller's market. 
Join Ben Cubitt, SVP Procurement and Engineering at Transplace to discuss current market freight conditions and their effects on the North America Trucking market and view of future of truckload capacity and pricing on Aug. 15. Register Now


Jacksonville Roundtable Presents 2017 JOC Logistics State of the Industry Report

Join CSCMP as we host Mark Szakonyi, Executive Editor of (Journal of Commerce), for the fourth year in a row. Mark will present an overview of the state of the logistics industry and major 2017 trends. These trends include: Impact of federal regulation on truck capacity/pricing; prospects for intermodal growth/pricing; East Coast port harbor deepening race and how an expanded Panama Canal will affect freight flows; what to expect out of Washington in terms of infrastructure investment/regulation; container trade trends, including a slowdown in Asian manufacturing growth and near-sourcing in Mexico; how the Northeast Florida logistics industry fits into the international marketplace. Register for this event on Aug. 18. 


Cleveland Roundtable Presents the Great Lakes Brewery Tour, Sponsored by Tazmanian Freight

Beginning in the new Beer Symposium, guests grab their first brew and view displays that showcase Great Lakes heritage and unique company culture. An interactive kiosk leads users through the basics of brewing and the award-winning beers. A short video officially kicks off the tour before guests venture across the street to the production brewery for more beer samples and a fun, in-depth exploration of the brewing process. Tours last approximately 60 minutes. Register for this event on Sept. 7.


CSCMP’s San Francisco Roundtable Predictions Panel

This is the 7th annual “Predictions Panel" event moderated by the dynamic Carl Guardino, CEO of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group. Supply chain leaders from iconic Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area innovators (Flex Connect, Kaiser Permanente & Grocery Outlet are confirmed so far) will forecast what’s to come in the ever changing world of supply chain and defend their predictions from counterpoint arguments from each other and the audience. Audience members and panelists agree or disagree with the prediction by either raising the famous red and green ping pong paddles and red and green cards. We predict you will not be disappointed in this truly exhilarating evening amongst colleagues while Carl engages audience interaction with some fun giveaways. Event Chair, Harry Cameau, is planning a captivating and entertaining event while learning within the SF Bay Area’s growing supply chain community. We will gather for this epic event at the $2.8 million renovated Capital Club in San Jose with its spectacular 360-views. Space is limited; register early