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Supply Chain Trends to Watch by Rick Blasgen

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CSCMP strives to provide information, education and services that are universal to our members no matter where in the world they live or work. Below are a few of the industry trends that are capturing our attention:

- E-commerce continues to grow as a percent of total sales. This makes supply chain management (SCM) professionals think about their future supply chain design. Supply chain costs for e-commerce are as high as 25-30% of sales.

- We are watching the Trump administration for impacts to supply chains. Will we produce more products in the US? If in fact regulations are diminished, that might bode well for supply chain transportation, for example.

- Is a strengthened infrastructure plan in the works? Every $1 billion of infrastructure spend equates to 13,000 jobs, according to the DOT.

- Talent remains a focus at all levels. CSCMP is working to get SCM as a destination career choice into lower levels of our education system.

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