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Virtual meetings have allowed us to stay connected and continue learning when in-person was just not an option. The boundary-free reach of virtual engagement has also offered a unique opportunity to broaden our connections beyond the usual scope. We saw this first-hand during last month’s CMSA Virtual Conference (held live online June 7-10) with 79 international attendees representing 13 countries joining us to stake their claim in the new world. With access to current trends and innovations, industry vendors, and case managers from all over the world, attendees learned new approaches to care management, including proven ways to excel at their profession. And with an educational line-up and virtual platform that 96% of attendees ranked as excellent/good, these international guests experienced an amazing program that was easy to access and well-organized. Both Canada and Singapore were represented by large contingents of case managers, along with attendees from South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Spain, Japan and more. CMSA was also honored to include educational sessions presented by international speakers within the meeting agenda, furthering the ability to learn from each other.

CMSA keynote speaker Marvelless Mark left a lasting impression on one attendee. Mirjana Adzija, MEd, from Ontario, Canada shared, “For me, the CMSA conference provided a dose of inspiration and moments of reflection to consider how am I showing up – leading through agility – and how are we going to be brilliant today.”

Long-time attendee and educational session presenter Johann Achim Beissel, MA, from Germany shared, “Being ‘live in the Conference Hall’ for the 2021 Virtual CMSA Conference was close to perfect. You could chat with attendees from around the world, ask questions at the help desk, and drink coffee with friends. #CMSA2021 was well organized and, in true CMSA style, offered good networking and some fun and entertainment. I am looking forward to hugging all my CMSA friends face-to-face during next year’s annual conference!”

To further explore the viewpoint of an international case manager, read "Staking A Claim In The New World: Global Perspectives" featured in the conference issue of CMSA Today and written by four case managers from around the world including Brazil, Canada, Germany and South Africa.

Stay tuned for a special announcement regarding the 2022 CMSA Annual Conference coming soon!

Did you miss the 2021 CMSA Virtual Conference? You can still register for the event for access to all recorded sessions offering more than 60 CEs. All sessions will be available for viewing through August 31st. Don’t delay! Register today.



The Case Management Society of America (CMSA) is pleased to announce that Amy Black, Executive Director of CMSA, has earned the Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation.

Awarded by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the CAE is the association industry’s highest professional credential. The rigorous process of Certified Association Executive certification requires a minimum of three years’ experience in nonprofit organization management, at least one hundred hours of specialized professional development, and passing a stringent examination covering all aspects of association management.

The CAE stands as a mark of excellence in the association industry. This accomplishment, combined with Amy’s expertise in association growth and almost twenty years of experience in association leadership, highlights the incomparable vision and determination driving CMSA forward. “In less than a year, Amy’s expertise, experience and impactful performance have steered CMSA in new directions and allowed the organization to stake a fresh and innovative claim in an ever-changing healthcare landscape,” said Melanie Prince, President of CMSA. “Amy’s certification is a hard-earned distinction, and she demonstrates her competency as a premier executive every day!”

The Case Management Society of America is honored to have Amy Black leading the way in its mission to elevate the case management profession.

Improve Outcomes: Key Post-Acute Trends in 2022
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Succeed in 2022 by knowing these 4 key healthcare trends and how post-acute care partnership can help improve outcomes.  As healthcare demands shift, due to demographic changes and the COVID-19 pandemic, post-acute care providers can support payers and providers in responding to needs in the New Year and beyond.
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Member Announcements
CMSA members set the standards for case management across the care continuum. We are excited to welcome this new group of case managers into the fold.

CMSA is pleased to sponsor the 2021 Health Information Technology (IT) Survey.

The healthcare system as we know it today is undergoing rapid transformation. A major driver of change is the introduction of new health IT solutions that cover applications such as electronic health records, decisions tools, patient engagement programs and care management software solutions.

The primary goal of this survey is to better understand how various health IT applications are impacting those that work in the field of medical management. This survey builds upon three earlier surveys starting in 2008. The results of this survey will be compared to the earlier survey results to help identify trends impacting the practice of case management, among other issues.

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Pat Stricker, RN, MEd

2020 truly was a transformative year for telehealth! Telehealth visits had been gaining a little momentum over the past decade, but it was growing at a very slow pace. The rapidity, interest, expansion and innovation provided by the immediate needs that COVID-19 introduced provided the impetus to drive the process. It was simple: The goal was to find a way to handle more patients while reducing office hours, maintaining social distancing and making sure that providers would be reimbursed for all the telehealth visits. Other factors also included the need to reduce healthcare costs and manage an increasing number of patients with chronic diseases.

With all those things in place, it was time for telehealth to step to the forefront. Telehealth visits had already shown that they could generate costs savings of $19-121 per visit by re-directing patients away from expensive ER visits, shortening hospital stays, transitioning care, and reducing readmissions, while at the same time offering improved patient care and outcomes. Now it was time to prove it... 
Chapter Connection

Let's keep honoring the hard work and success of our CMSA Chapters by highlighting two more award winners from the 2021 CMSA VIRTUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE:

The Phoenix Award pays tribute to the CMSA Chapter that has come close to closing within the last two-three years but through hard work and dedication has breathed new life into the chapter and made it sustainable once again within the current award entry year.

In April 2019, CMSA Central New Jersey, due to a myriad of contributing factors, was on the brink of closing. In an effort to prevent that outcome, several former New Jersey chapter presidents met with CMSA National at the June 2019 National Conference to discuss their chapter’s status and plan a revitalization/reorganization strategy.

At the end of that meeting, all those present agreed to commit to the outline that was constructed, including becoming members of an interim board to ensure the implementation of their new business plan.
This award pays tribute to the CMSA Chapter offering the most outstanding public policy and advocacy program.

The primary focus of the CMSNE Public Policy Committee has been working to get the Nurse Licensure Compact passed in MA, RI and VT. To that end, the CMSNE Public Policy Committee has initiated letter-writing campaigns and encouraged phone calls and e-mails to legislators as well as collaborated with lobbyists, the ANA, the MA Hospital Association, AARP and Fresenius.

Other initiatives the CMSNE PPC has been tracking in each of the New England states include Telehealth and the Caregiver Act. Part of the mentoring and education that they practice includes helping individuals become more comfortable with the legislative process by tracking bills as they move to various committees.
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ROUNDTABLE RECAP: Important Takeaways from the 2021 CMSA Virtual Conference
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You are invited by CMSA, the Federal COVID Response (FCR) Team, and the HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness & Response to be part of an important live update on monoclonal antibody treatments for high-risk patients with COVID-19. Join Dr. Michael Anderson MD, MBA (HHS/ASPR) for an up-to-the-minute review on the role these therapies will continue to play as the COVID-19 pandemic shifts to an epidemic.
ROUNDTABLE RECAP: Important Takeaways from the 2021 CMSA Virtual Conference
CMSA’s 2021 Virtual Conference offered participants the opportunity to share with and learn from the nearly 1000 attendees on various topics.
Roundtable discussions were facilitated with specific agendas to initiate conversation and collaboration on leadership, volunteerism, dealing with conflict and emerging trends in telemedicine, social work and integrated case management to name a few. If you missed these events, please join us as we bring you the latest and greatest from your peers to support the profession of case management and your professional growth.