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The CMSA 2021 Virtual Conference, held live June 7-10, certainly staked its claim in the new world! We may have not been able to be together in person this year, but that didn’t stop attendees from making the most of it! CMSA 2021 was an engaging, informative, and fun event full of great energy and expertise. With continuing education credits topping out at 77, the conference offered a great variation of topics from many subject matter experts with diverse experience, perspectives and backgrounds.

Several networking events provided opportunities to engage with experienced colleagues sharing their successes and challenges. It is amazing how strangers connect and become trusted peers in a matter of an hour – learning from each other is an important aspect of growth. Several presentations on leadership were available and were geared toward strengthening chapters, developing changes in work practices, and learning to manage conflict. We had the opportunity to hear from individuals living with mental illness on how health care professionals can ‘do better’ when it comes to stigma and how music helps a group learn to live meaningfully. So many current and relevant presentations were and are still available – the Conference is not over... With session recordings, exhibits, and posters available through August 31st, there’s still time to register and benefit from this great program.

Here are some additional highlights of the week as shared by attendees:

  • Valuable information around the huge shift in healthcare practices since the pandemic
  • Sneak peek at what’s in store at CMSA in the coming year, and a new look for the association
  • New trends and insight around diversity, equity and inclusion in healthcare
  • Motivational interviewing techniques
  • The future of technology and AI in healthcare
  • Medical marijuana and potential ethical issues
  • Social determinants of health and the new challenges presented daily
  • Magic, and so much more!


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By Pat Stricker, RN, MEd

Are you ready to answer questions on the 2021 Health Information Technology Survey?  Are you ready to provide your feedback to CMSA about technology, where you think technology is going and how it is affecting the practice of case management? 

CMSA is working on the 2021 Health Information Technology Survey, which will be released soon. It will be a follow-up to a series of surveys conducted by CMSA in 2008, 2010, and 2012. Now, almost 10 years later, it will be interesting to see how much technology has changed over the years and what influence it has had on the practice of case management. However, before I get ahead of myself, let me describe the previous Survey Series to those of you who may not have been members of CMSA between 2008 and 2014.

Chapter Connection

Time to celebrate! Let's honor the hard work and success of our CMSA Chapters by highlighting recent award winners from the 2021 CMSA VIRTUAL ANNUAL CONFERENCE:


Despite the COVID pandemic, Central Virginia Chapter of CMSA was able to deliver an extremely successful annual conference in 2020. CVC had scheduled and planned their annual Spring conference for March 19, 2020, but COVID  had other plans. They pivoted, moving their conference to October 22nd and updating their theme from "Transitioning Patients and Case Managers to Greatness" to "Case Managers can _____" combining their 2020 conference with their Case Management Week Celebration. Going virtual allowed them to expand registration to other East Coast chapters and increase the number of registrations from 51 in the spring to 73 in the fall. Despite the challenge of obtaining sponsors for a virtual event, they secured  sponsors for presentations, CEs, and prizes. And although their income was not as much as in previous years due to the reduced virtual registration fee, their expenses were also much less (no venue/no catering), so in the end, they were able to generate a profit. Congratulations to the Central Virginia Chapter of CMSA on their flexibility and resilience!


CMSA Detroit has organized and presented multiple in-person events for many years. Their Education Committee and Board of Management work diligently to ensure that quality information and educational components are presented, delivering attendees a high level of content year after year. Their goal in 2020 was to bring forth information to influence case management practices across disciplines and improve the ability to coordinate care. In March 2020, the CMSA Detroit dinner conference was a successful event, attributed to an inviting and comfortable venue, an outstanding meal, an excellent speaker on a desired topic, engaged exhibitors, and the combined efforts of the dedicated Education Committee and energetic new Board. Unaware of the impending pandemic, this event was the perfect end before pausing in-person programs. Congratulations, CMSA Detroit – your commitment to education and excellence really shines!

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ROUNDTABLE RECAP WEBINAR – Important Takeaways from the 2021 CMSA Virtual Conference
Aug 2021
A Tutorial for Submitting Professional Presentations
Aug 2021
Earn all the CEs from conference on your own schedule through August 31st.
Sep 2021
Aging with HIV
Oct 2021
Join us in celebrating the immeasurable contributions case managers make and in educating others about just how essential those contributions are across the care continuum.
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ROUNDTABLE RECAP WEBINAR – Important Takeaways from the 2021 CMSA Virtual Conference
Don't miss this opportunity to glean the highlights, tips, and insight gained during the Conference Roundtables on leadership and current/emerging trends.
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