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Healthcare providers started off the new year with the daunting task of rolling out the COVID-19 vaccination program. Optimism lies within its efficacy and decreasing mortality yet equitable distribution, logistics, staffing, storage and adverse reactions stay at the forefront as well. Many of our patients are eager to roll up a sleeve and receive their first dose, yet hesitation does exist. Case managers can provide tools and resources for the COVID-19 vaccine, but they also are an integral part of addressing vaccine hesitancy. Bruce Berger, Ph.D, a distinguished Pharmacy Educator, offers his insight and expertise to caring for patients with vaccine hesitancy.

 "It's such a critical time for healthcare professionals to be able to show empathy and respect for vaccine hesitant patients. The focus should not be on convincing patients to take the coronavirus vaccine but to listen..."
Kindred Healthcare, Inc.
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Plans are underway for the 2021 Conference that’s full of diverse education sessions, leading industry experts, and valuable networking opportunities to allow case managers and allied healthcare professionals to come away informed, motivated, and empowered to stake their claim in the new world. Registration opening soon!
Each year CMSA recognizes case managers that have demonstrated exceptional service to the case management profession. Perhaps you know a case manager who exemplifies the spirit of case management? Are they a candidate for the Award of Service? We encourage you to nominate a colleague who is well-deserving of this honor
"Writing is not something that came naturally to me, but it is something that I have learned over the years as a way to express my thoughts, experiences and views of the practice. Writing as a professional nurse case manager is a way for me to motivate my colleagues to be the best that they can be. We all have a story to tell, a tip to share. and an experience that allowed us to grow. CMSA Today is a perfect medium for you to put pen to paper! We have editors and support staff who will polish your work."  

Anne Llewellyn, RN, CCM, CMSA Today Editorial Board 

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Naylor Association Solutions
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Pat Stricker, RN, MEd Former Senior Vice President TCS Healthcare Technologies

The January article is usually focused on looking at the predicted healthcare trends for the coming year, but this year’s trends and goals are distinctly dependent on what happened last year.
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Our Mission Is Mutual: Helping Your Patients
Allsup Inc.
Allsup is a valuable, free resource for case managers who counsel and manage care for patients unable to work at least 12 months due to an acute medical condition or injury.
We provide a free eligibility review anywhere nationwide. Our Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) experts have helped 345,000+ former workers obtain:
 ·      Monthly income
·      Medicare, including prescription drug coverage   
·      Dependent benefits and more
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The ICM program provides multiple strategies to engage clients, stratify risk, and develop care plans to mitigate risk and help clients achieve improved health and well-being. 
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