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Pat Stricker, RN, MEd
Former Senior Vice President
TCS Healthcare Technologies
The March 2020 CMSA newsletter article “Coronavirus-2019 (COVID-19):  Information and Resources” focused on the unbelievable novel coronavirus that was sweeping the globe. As of March 17, it was in 159 countries worldwide, had caused 184,976 reported cases and 7,529 deaths. At that time, the U.S. had reported 3,536 cases with 58 deaths.
Now on July 14, 2020, only 4 months later, COVID-19 is in 213 countries, and the number of confirmed cases has risen to 12,929,306 with 569,738 deaths. The U.S. statistics have also jumped dramatically to 3,286,063 confirmed case and 134,704 deaths. These numbers are just astonishing, and we are still in the middle of a huge resurgence here in the U.S.
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You asked and we listened! In order to finish all the amazing education you've been experiencing, we've extended conference access for another two weeks for all current conference registrants.
Now through July 31, you have full access to all of the concurrent, interactive and even poster sessions to dive back into. You may access the platform by going to Look for the red bar with a blue button labeled "Access the 2020 Virtual Edition Conference Here!" Once you click through, you'll need your last name and badge ID to log in to the event. And remember: the CE manager is still open as well, so right after you've finished, you can file your credits.
We also want to take this time to again thank you for being a part of our virtual conference. We hope you'll join us for future events as well.
Kathy Fraser
CMSA Executive Director
Utilize Machine Learning to Optimize Case Management
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Discover how Indicia for Effective Focus prioritizes the most impactful observation conversion and inpatient denial avoidance opportunities to provide smart optimization while maintaining the highest standards of care.
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Download CMSA's Standards of Practice for Case Management, 2016 revision, which provides practice guidelines for the case management industry and its diverse stakeholders. The impetus for the 2016 revision of the Standards is the need to emphasize the professional nature of the practice and role of the case manager.

The 2016 Standards contain information about case management including an updated definition, practice settings, roles and responsibilities, case management process, philosophy and guiding principles, as well as the standards and how they are demonstrated.

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CMSA and CCMC are working together to continue advancing professional case managers in their career paths. CMSA members receive a 20% discount when applying for the CCM, as well as upon renewal. Those who hold the CCM certification receive a 20% discount for CMSA membership.

If you're not yet a member but would like to save 25% as a newly minted CCM, please contact CMSA Client Services at or 501-225-2229.

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Featured Article
CMSA is proud to partner with PRIME for a new resource for Atopic Dermatitis. This web based app provides essential information, and practical tips and resources to assess and treat patients with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis. We’ve made it easy to help providers and patients navigate the complexity of AD decision-making and treatment. This app is provided by PRIME Education. There is no fee to participate. This activity is supported by an educational grant from Sanofi Genzyme and Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. 
Start exploring here today!
Articles and Links
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the agency’s targeted approach to provide additional resources to nursing homes in coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) hotspot areas.  Specifically, CMS plans to deploy Quality Improvement Organizations (QIOs) across the country to provide immediate assistance to nursing homes in the hotspot areas as identified by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. QIOs are CMS contractors who work with healthcare providers to help them improve the quality of healthcare they provide to Medicare Beneficiaries. In addition, the agency is implementing an enhanced survey process tailored to meet the specific concerns of hotspot areas and will coordinate federal, state and local efforts to leverage all available resources to these facilities. The purpose of these efforts is to target facilities with known infection control issues by providing resources and support that will help them improve quality and safety and protect vulnerable Americans.
Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
We have extensive technology, but our most powerful tool continues to be our human spirit and will to endure. As case managers, we will continue to experience and face new challenges that will allow us to demonstrate our professional commitment and passion to help our neighbors and the global community.
Read the 2020 conference issue of CMSA Today, Case Management Careers, at the link below!
Government agencies and healthcare organizations are providing a myriad of resources regarding COVID-19, assisting healthcare providers, patients and the general public to manage unprecedented health and financial challenges. CMSA has compiled a list of resources on a new page on our website, where members can access important toolkits and websites to navigate care and well-being.
Please visit and check back often for new additions as we receive word of them. Also, please share with your colleagues and communities. Thank you!



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